Sunday, January 3, 2010

December Favorites!

I've been using a lot of new things that i feel in love with in the month of December. Starting with things from my birthday, to Christmas, to just random things i got.
Anyway... here are my top picks =)
1) Got2b Smoothing Lustre Lotion - i really love the products from Got2b. They smell amazing and really do what they say. I used this one a lot in December because i've worn my hair naturally curly/wavy. My natural hair is very frizzy and it poofs up and always end up looking like a lion (lol!). So thank goodness for this product. I use it when my hair is dry. It works like a mousse/gel but doesn't leave my hair dry or hard and annoying. My hair is tammed down, looks shinny and the smell is amazing. I really love this product and would recommend it.

2) Kirkland Signature Large Powder Brush - I've done a review on these brushes. If you haven't seen it click HERE. This brush though has to be my favorite one. It's the softest brush i've ever used. I use it to set my foundation with translucent powder. It evenly distributes the powder on my face and blends it without smudging anything. It's the best brush ever

3) Kirkland Signature Flat-top bronzer brush - I originally wanted to use this as a foundation brush. I changed my mind though since its purpose was to be a bronzer brush. I actually use it with my Sephora Sculpting Disk. I use it to contour and to highlight. It packs on just the right amount and i can easily blend it in. It works amazing.

4) Sephora Sculpting Disk - This is all i've been using lol I contour, set with the powder and highlight. Its amazing i love it. I've done a long review on it; check it out HERE

5) Revlon Diamond Grip Tweezer - I got this because i lost my other tweezers and im glad i did lol i've been very happy with these. They do a very good job plucking those pain in the butt hairs that are too small or can't be seen. I also use it to put on my falsies and it makes my life a lot easier.

6) Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect 257 - I've talked about this lip gloss when i got it for christmas. It's only a sample size but its enough to make me consider buying a full size. It's my to-go lip gloss. I carry it in my purse in case i need a pink gloss that needs to be re-applied.

7) Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Butter - Im so glad i got this. I love the taste and how soft it makes my lips. My favorite part about it is that it adds a subtle gloss. If im in the cold i make sure i have this in my pocket so i can quickly aid my cracked lips and add a little shine too. I end up eating it off my lips because it tastes like dark chocolate and peppermint...yummy lol

8) MAC Creme D'Nude - Need i say more lol its the best nude lipstick i've tried. I have so many pink lip colors because i can never find a good nude till i finally got my hands on this lipstick. It's a cremesheen so the feel is so smooth. you can wear it by itself, with a clear gloss or what i like to do is combine it with nars turkish delight. It's my top favorite lipstick.

9) Juicy Couture Couture Couture Body Lotion - i got this with the perfume set that i got for my birthday. I absolutely love it. I've been using it a lot because i love the smell of the perfume, and since this smells just like it, i constantly put it on. Smooths my dry hands and makes me smell great all that time. I put some of it in one of those containers from Mac samples (the little sample jars) so i can carry it in my makeup bag in my purse and have it handy. its perfect lol

10) Juicy Couture Couture Couture Perfume - I love this fragrance. I've been smelling like this the entire month lol I absolutely love the scent. Its like a spicy floral scent. I read what it has in it and here's what i found: "This scent opens with a top of succulent pink grape accord frolicking in a field of natural orange flower and mandarin. A heart of blushed plum and honeysuckle flirts with bold star jasmine. At back, creamy sandalwood lazes with moist amber in a haze of rich vanilla. Mix it with love and make the world smell good."... Pretty cool right =)





  2. I want the Kirkland brush set so badly! Unfortunately I don't have a costo(?) membership card, so therefore I can't buy it :(
    Do I even need a card?

    the sculpting disk looks like a good deal!

  3. Got2b smells amazing i agree!

    And about the Costco i think u do need to have a card. its like a membership to be able to get in..its like a $15 charge a year or something not sure...but yea u need a card =/