Monday, August 30, 2010

Hair - Lets do the twist!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you may or may not know that this weekend i lived with no electricity in my house. You can email if you're curious as to why it happened lol... but it was a nightmare! I could write a long list of things that went wrong and how bad my weekend was LOL On top of everything, today i started school and i was freaking out because of how i'm going to fix my hair - NO hair straightner and NO blow-dryer... So if you happen to find yourself in awkard situations like i did... don't panic! ...There's a solution and i think i discovered my "in case of emergency" hairstyle lol!

Here's the breakdown of what i did:
  • Washed my hair like i regularly do it (shampoo/conditioner)
  • After you towel dry it, apply some anti-frizz or tamers - I used Garnier Fructis Style Fiber Gum Putty - and work it through your hair, focusing on the front because that's the part that needs to be in place.
  • I wanted to make my natural hair look like a headband, so i started from my right year and twisted it inward, working it in sections until i got to my left year and kept going until the middle of my back.
  • I used bobby pins so secure the braid in place.
  • I put up part of my hair with a clip and brought it up to make a mild poof LOL

-You can also part your hair and work them to the right and the left and meet them in the middle and tie them up in a pony tail and work from there.
I let my hair air dry and made sure i put enough product, so it wont frizz up and give me a hard time. I've gotten a lot of compliments for my hair and i was very surprised it came out this nice, knowing i had no other choice LOL!
Do you have any emergency hairstyles?

Wish List! - Britney Spears Radiance perfume

If you don't know by now, i will inform you now that i am in LOVE with all of the perfumes that Britney Spears came out with. Out of all 8 that came out so far, i've owned and used about 4 and would definitely repurchase them over and over again because they're amazing. It's exactly my time of scent.

This new one is set to come out in September 2010 (soon!). This will be Britney Spears' 9th fragrance. It's a blend of "feminine blend of red berries, delicate flower petals and soft musk, packed in a bold and girly, light blue and pink bottle, decorated with fake rhinestones." Seriously ladies how adorable is the packaging?!?! I can't wait to actually see it and smell it. I hope i wont be disappointed, but by the description, it seem pretty promising.
The fragrance is already available to purchase online at the Elizabeth Arden website, so you can check it HERE if you're interested in getting it early. Personally, i want to wait and actually see the bottle and i have to be able to smell it and then decide.'s the commercial for it=)
Britney Spears Radiance Perfume commercial
I will let you all know what i think of it as soon as it comes out in stores and if i will purchase it or not =)
What do you think about Britney Spears fragrances?
Are you looking forward for this one?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Ins and Outs...

I haven't done one of these posts in a while and it just seems appropriate since i feel like i have an entire list of things that i could talk about. So here it is...


So summers finally over and i go back to school. I'm mainly excited because i get so much closer to graduating and i cannot wait! Plus back to school means supplies yay!

I've been obsessed with pink blushes. At the beginning of summer it was all about corals, now im really loving the whole pink flushy cheeks. I find myself reaching for the pink ones more often so its so in!

I've been literally OBSESSED with anything coconut. I'm not even sure how this whole thing started to be honest lol I'm even drinking coconut smoothies LOL! My next goal is to go by Bath and Body Works and find coconut scented lotions and such.

I recently did my very first swap and its super fun! I love getting things that i can't find here and to send things that others dont have somewhere else. It's like Christmas morning when i get packages LOL!

I recently joined it and its so much fun! Even though i don't have it on my phone and i can't update it on-the-go, i try my best to be on entertains me lol

I'm lovin my hair with bangs recently. I've always parted my bangs to the left. Now i do them to the right, and i'm loving them soooooo much better. Curling my hair has also become something i love doing. I make my hair have more volume, since keeping it straight makes it look flat and limpy. Hooray for good hair days!


There was a time where all i did was go on Facebook and harvesting my crops on Farmville LOL! Now i don't feel the need or the want to be on it, it's too overrated nowadays.

I've had this time when i did my nails all pink everytime i had a chance. Now i'm really into more lavender shades and darker colors for fall. Mushroom by Barry M will be my all time favorite i can tell u that now lol!

I haven't worn jeans this summer much and i have to say it i love it so much better. It's more fashionable and comfortable to wear various pants and focus on accessories and such.

I kinda gave up on looking for a different job or working at all for the rest of the year. I have so many hard classes that im taking and if i dont focus, all the money i would be earning would go to school to re-take classes lol It's focus time!
What are some of your Ins and Outs?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

HAUL - Target and Office Depot

I went to Target today to just look around and see what new things they have. They usually have great bargains and i LOVE a good bargain LOL! I had to get new makeup removers...again, since both my mom and i use them lol they have them on sale now for $4.47 so it was super worth it.

I found AMAZING deals.
First thing i went for was a new shampoo and conditioner. I found these on a savings rack and they're basically sets of shampoo that came with a hairspray and a conditioner that came with a mousse. Each was $3.99! I was super excited. The shampoo and conditioner are Herbal Essences Moisturizing that smells amazing - orchid and coconut milk. My hair has been super dry lately and this always helps out. The mousse and hair spray have a lily bliss fragrance.

Then i spotted this great deal from Rimmel London. They had the Stay Matte pressed powder in a deal of Buy one Get one. I always wanted to try this powder out and heard a lot of good things about it. I got it in the shade Sandstorm and it works great. I love the quality, and how it makes my skin super soft and doesn't even look like i have powder on. It is matte so it has the tendency to look too dry if you have dry skin, or if u don't use a highlight (which i do) then it looks a little drying. It says its shine control, but i have oily skin and by the end of the day my T-zone does still get shiny. I love the quality though. It's not powdery, so it's not messy if you use a brush. The one thing im not a big fan of is the packaging. It feels tacky and awkward LOL. All in all though im happy about it.

I had to pick up a few things before school starts on Monday. I got a white-out because i always use this LOL, this super cute tiny stapler and this set of marker pens that i heard about by watching DulceCandy87s' "What's in my school bag?" video, and i REALLY liked them. I always take notes in colored pens so i can organize myself easier, and me being super artsy, i fell in love with these lol

I absolutely LOVE shopping for supplies and i get anything cute i can get my hands on LOL. Hence this super cute pink stapler, which i absolutely love! School starts Monday so i'm ready to go =)
Do you find good deals at Target?
Are you obsessed with school supplies as much as i am?

Monday, August 23, 2010

How i organize my makeup brushes!

I thought i would dedicate a post to makeup brushes. I rarely talk about brushes because i don't really spend a lot on them, since i spend too much on makeup. Having good brushes is very important. They can make makeup application a lot easier if they're good quality. If you're just starting out with makeup and don't know where to start, try to focus on getting good brushes. Drugstores have cheap sets. Or you can check out Target, they have a great variety. If you're looking for good quality and decent price, i highly recommend the EcoTools brushes, they're very good. Those are the first brushes i ever got. Other places you can get good brushes is online at either or (i plan to look into these soon). I think so far i have a pretty descent collection of brushes. Most of them are from the Kirkland set i got the past winter from Costco. If you want to see a more details see the full review HERE.

I keep all my full sized brushes in a round glass container, which is like the Sephora style brush holder. If you're familiar with the style, you know that it can have a bow tied around it. Instead of that, i just bought some butterfly stickers and added them all over the container. They're not actual stickers that peal off; i had to scratch them onto the surface so they look really nice.

Inside i have these clear beads to help hold the brushes up straight and in place. All of these i got from Michaels craft store. I think you can also find them at a Dollar Tree store if you're looking not to spend too much on things like these.

For my little mini brushes i use a smaller jar, which is from a candle lol! The candle burned out so i washed the jar (pain the butt btw) and filled it up with the small beads and its perfect for the few tiny brushes i have =)

Please excuse the dirty brushes, i really have to make time to clean them up lol
(here's how i clean my brushes)
How do you organize your brushes?
Do you recommend any specific brushes that are a MUST-HAVE for my collection?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swap Haul- UK Goodies! (Pic Heavy!)

So i recently did a swap with a gorgeous follower of mine, Sonia. She sent me so many awesome goodies i was very excited. All these products cannot be found in the US, unfortunately. Barry M, Gosh and Sleek makeup. I absolutely love every single thing i got and cannot wait to be able to use them all. So lets get started on each product and what i think of them.

She sent me this really nice quad. I actually really love the colors and the quality. There's a sticker on the name so i dont know what its called but it says Q35, i just don't have the name of it. The colors are very nice and can work all together or just in pairs. The quality of the shadow is very soft, not too pigmented but buildable. There's a combination of satiny and semi-matte finish. It also comes with a double ended sponge applicator.

Also from Gosh, she sent me two nail polishes which im really loving. One color is 086-Rose, which is a nice creamy pale pink with a sort of sheen to it. It's going to be perfect for the holidays. The other color is 63-Sunset and i REALLY love this one. It's a nice orange sheen and i couldn't help but think Halloween lol!

I got a blush from Sleek Makeup. It's so cute! The packaging is so small and adorable and perfect to carry with you. It has a mirror too. The shade is in Pixie Pink 936. It's a gorgeous hot pink with a matte finish. Even tough it looks almost scary in the pan, it comes off very soft with a light hand. However, it is buildable if you desire a more dramatic cheek color. I think these are definitely worth checking out in other colors the quality is amazing.

I saved the best for last! She sent me four nailpolishes (Mushroom, Strawberry, Pink Flamingo, Berry), two lipsticks (129 Palest Lavender,101 Marshmallow), two lipglosses (12 Strawberry Milkshake,4 Pastel Pink), seven dazzel dusts and two glitter dusts.

I'm abolutely in LOVE with the nailpolishes. I can't wait to fix up my nails and wear them LOL! Mushroom is the darkest out of all of them and perfect for fall. Berry is a gorgeous lavender and i've been looking for a nice lavender and i finally have it lol. Strawberry is a gorgeous pale pink and it's just my type of shade, girly and gorgeous. Pink Flamingo is absolutely beautiful. It's a coral pink that basically has summer time written all over it lol I think this will be the shade i will make much use of for the rest of the summer.

The lipsticks are amazing yet different from each other. Marshmallow is VERY pale. Like the most nude lipstick i have in my collection. Im talking concealer nude. It seems a bit dry so you have to moisturize very welll beforehand. I definitely love the paleness to it though. Palest Lavender is a gorgeous color. It looks purple in the tube, but when applied it comes off as a soft pinky lavender. The consistency is extremely soft and moisturizing. It's super creamy so it might have the tendency to break easily or melt. It reminds me of the lustre finishes from Mac.

I love the lipglosses. Strawberry Milkshake is a creamy gloss with subtle sheen to it and it really smells like strawberries! Pastel Pink is more opaque than the other gloss, with more subtle shimmer which reflects blue/silver. This one smells like cotton candy! I love the consistency of both glosses. Very creamy, very soft and looks gorgeous.

These dazzle dusts are probably my most favorite. Im absolutely in love with the quality and pigmentation of all the shades she sent me. All the colors are gorgeous. They have a lot of sheen and shimmer to them. I haven't used them yet on my eyes but just by swatching them i can tell they're very easy to work with and to blend. Also the two glitters i got i didn't swatch because they're just basic glitter in two different shades, though they're both soft glitters, not hard chunky messy ones.

So this concludes my amazing swap haul. Thank you soooooo much Sonia for all these goodies, i absolutely love all of them and cannot wait to try them out. All of these makeup companies from the UK are amazing and worth getting your hands on if you have the chance. I will definitely be looking forward to trying out more from all Gosh, Barry M and Sleek.
Thoughts or recomendations?

HELP! - Color in eyebrows BLACK, or stick with BROWN?

(here im wearing the Black pencil)
I decided to try out coloring my eyebrows black. My natural eyebrow color is a very dark brown, almost black in real life, but not thick so you can't really tell that they are black. The pencil i've been using, as you all might know by now is the Wet'n'Wild eye/brow pencil in Dark Brown. Of course i have an unconditional love for this pencil, but i was just trying out a darker pencil. The one i used today is from L'oreal Brow Stylist Custom brow shaping pencil. It comes with two pencils (one brown and one black), but i only use the black one so i can have no brown mixed and see how it turns out.
Personally i don't really know what to think about it. I kinda like it but i'm not sure if it looks as good as brown, that's why i NEED your opinion lol! So i know if i should go ahead and buy black eyebrow pencils or stick with my usual color.

Please leave me a comment below and help me out with this decision i would really appreciate it lol and you can be as honest as you want, i would appreciate it a lot more =)
(Can you tell the difference? lol)

So tell me dolls:
or Brown?

Friday, August 20, 2010

A simple piece of me...for YOU!

I recently reached 200+ followers and i wanted to dedicate a post to all of you that follow me! I absolutely love you guys and appreciate sooooo much that you're interested in what i have to say in this blog. I love all your comments and all the questions you email me that im able to answer and help out with. If you have any requests, questions or concerns feel free to email anytime, drop a comment in a post or follow me on my Twitter which has been super fun to have and to connect with a few of you =)

Since i reached a very high number of followers (at least to me its high LOL!) i decided to share one thing about me that maybe you didn't know....I LOVE to draw. It relaxes me, lets me be creative and put a little piece of me out on a blank piece of paper. I got this "gift" from my dad, who also loves drawing and has a very artistic eye for things. This is one of my most recent drawings that i've done.

Hair routine!

A lot of you were asking me and messaging me about my hair, so i thought i would talk about what i do and the products i use to tame this mess on my head LOL. My routine always changes, so this post is what im using at the moment depending on my mood and that of my hairs.

This is the one step that never ever stays the same. Whenever i finish a shampoo bottle, i go buy another one...literally a different one every single time lol The one im using at the moment (which is about to finish!) is Dove...BTW im fully aware that the shampoo and conditioner are for different things but that's how i wanted them lol. I've been loving Dove shampoo for about a year and a half or so. They have sooooo many different types of Dove and i can say i've tried almost every single one. You can find the one that fits your type of hair best. The shampoo im currently using is for Intensive Repair, because i use hot tools to style my hair and it damages it. I feel that Dove REALLY helps it out. The conditioner is for Volume Boost to give my hair a little umph...doesn't really work that well but oh well, it smell nice lol

Comb from Sallys Beauty Supply
I keep this in the shower to brush my hair when i apply the conditioner. It spreads it evenly throughout the hair and smoothes it out so you can brush it easier later on. (I make sure to just brush from the top of my head, down. I avoid adding conditioner on my bangs because it leaves it oily and gross)

Leave-in Conditioner
Sometimes if im in a hurry and don't bother with conditioner in the shower, i have this handy leave-in conditioner that detangles my messy hair. The one i like using it by Aussie - Hair Insurance. I just spray it all over my hair before i brush it, and it makes it a lot easier, instead of bulling the hair out of my head.

To style my hair i use different products depending on how my hair is after i blowdry it, or how the weather is outside. My natural hair is very wavy and frizzy...picture Tina Turner LOL! These are all the products i use, depending whether i want to keep my hair naturally curly/wavy, straighten it or style some curls.

Got2B - Wavy Hair
I can't believe i almost have the whole set of this Smooth Operator thing lol! I use these when it's not so humid outside and i can leave my hair out and about because it makes it look really nice. Before i blowdry my hair i use the Smoothing Luxury Mousse so it tames down the hair while drying it. Then i apply the Smoothing Lustre Lotion which is like a cream that keeps the hair together. It looks wet when u apply it but then it dries and leave the hair looking shinny and smooth. Sometimes i use the Smoothing Hairspray when i want to just wrap up the hair after using so many things lol It's not a sticky hairspray so it just adds help to keep the hair tamed. All of these products btw smell AMAZING. It's that that regular product smell, its very fresh and it lasts like all day. If you don't like hair smell to follow you all day then maybe you have to skip this.

Garnier Fructis
I use this when my hair has a good non-frizzy day. I smooth it out with this Anti-Frizz serum, that is leave-in. It's a bit oily so make sure you don't touch bangs, if you have any, or anywhere that you don't want it to look too oily. This serum smooths the hair and protects it so it won't get frizzy. It smells really nice too. I always spray the hair with hairspray and i love using this Sleek and Shine spray with the serum. The spray isn't sticky so it won't leave your hair dry or crunchy hard.

Got2B - Straight Hair
Can you tell im like obsessed with Got2B stuff lol For when i straighten my hair i use either one of these things, not both. The Crazy Sleek Hot Smooth Flat Iron & Blow-Dry Lotion is like a thermal protection that protects the hair against the heat of the styling products. It doesn't really make my hair feel any different but it just protects it and makes it look less dry. The Styl-Tini Double Shot 24 hour hair thickner is my favorite product. I apply it on damp hair before i blow dry my hair. It gives my hair some volume so when i straighten it, it doesn't have that limpy look to it, since my hair tends to do that even though it is pretty thick.

Big Sexy Hair Tease
I use this when im in the mood to tease my hair. I think i've talked about these before and how i love using them to give my hair a more pumped look. I grab some hair from the crown of my head, spray some hairspray on the roots of that chunk of hair, then tease it with the brush. The spray dries fast, and is sticky so it basically freezes the hair the way i style it. I do this only once in awhile, not every time because it teasing tends to damage the hair.

That's basically all the products i use. I know it seems like a lot but i don't use them ALL at the same time lol I kinda like my hair because there's so many things i can do with it and all these products help me achieve the look im going for.

These are the only hair tools that i use and i absolutely love them. I would love to try some other ones but for now im happy with these
These are other shampoos/conditioners that i've tried and go back to from time to time

These are some of the products that are on my wishlist at the moment
What are some your favorite hair products?