Monday, December 14, 2009

REVIEW - Kirkland Signature by Borghese Brush Set

I got this brush set for my birthday and i absolutely love it! I got it from Costco for $19.99. The collection box includes these things: (8) Professional-Quality Cosmetic Brushes with Soft-touch handles, premium eyelash curler, (4) Premium travel-sized cosmetic brushes and pouch, anti-microbial and Synthetic Cruelty-free bristles, designer cosmetic brush case and a brush collection brochure found inside brush case. ALL this for just $19.99 seemed like the best deal ever! The (8) brushes are: Powder Brush, Flat-top Bronzer Brush, Angled Foundation Brush, Eyeshadow brush, Eye Blending brush, Flat eyeliner brush, Eye smudger, Angled brow brush and a Brow spoolie.

These are all the full-sized brushes (8) that are made of synthetic fibers plus their cruelty free. The brushes are white at the top and black going down the handle. The brushes also come with a full size brush roll which can hold all of the full size brushes that comes in this set. It looks like leather but its just soft black material that doesn't look cheap at all.

The set also comes with an eyelash curler, which also included a plastic replacement when the old one breaks or becomes too old.

In addition to that, the set includes a travel size set of (4) brushes with a small pouch that fits perfectly in your purse. Mini powder brush, mini blending brush, mini eyeshadow brush and a mini flat eyeliner brush. They're the essential basic brushes that are the same quality as the full sized ones.
Now let's talk quality. My first question was of course "are they worth it?". After having some time to try them out i am very confident to recommend them to others. They are full length brushes, the size of Mac brushes, except the handles are a bit thicker. They look nothing like cheap brushes. The brushes are very soft and do the job perfectly. My favorite out of all is the big powder brush. It's sooooo soft and it feels so good on the face. I was a little worried about the angle and flat eyeliner brush being to harsh for my eyes because i've had that problem before with a drugstore brush, but these are extremely soft. They're not harsh at all so it doesn't hurt or "scratch" my eye when i put shadow liner on. I can easily work with the brush to blend the color on the lid. I use the flat top brush to blend in blush or highlight. It's the perfect size for it. The foundation brush works great. Being an angled brush, you can get in various places on the face that would be hard to reach, so that's what i use it for and it works great for me. Each brush basically works perfectly for what it's meant to work for. Love it!

All in all i am sooooo happy i got this set. The full size brushes are all i use everyday. The travel size brushes are in my purse of course. And i love the fact that it came with a little brochure describing everything that was included in the set. Highly recommend this set if you can get your hands on it from Costco please do it.

That's about it =)


  1. Awww you are right, this seems to be the best deal ever! I will have to ask my boyfriend's parents to get me a set like that because I don't have a Costco member card. I'm especially in the need of a blush brush, but everything in this set looks nice! Thanks for sharing =D

  2. thanks so much for your review! I am going to check out costco this week, this would be the perfect xmas gift for my sister and i think ill buy myself one too! LOL.

  3. OMG all of this cost $20 =o
    i need to go get me some =]
    thnaks for the info=]

  4. Im desperate to get this set of brushes, and the only place i found them was in multiply around 200 dollars :S

    Do u know where can i find them cheaper?

    Thanks and i loved ur review, lots of info