Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Nail Combination: Pale Glitters

I wanted something really simple to wear on my nails for New Years. I decided to combine this Essie nail polish i have (i dont know the name because it doesn't say on it and i forgot). The shade is a pale pink, almost white but not white. It's very simple and matches my skin tone very nicely. Over it i added Opal Glitter by Sinful Colors. It's just a clear nail polish with multi colored glitters. I really like this spontaneous combination lol Simple, yet festive and appropriate for the occasion with lots of sparkle!
(Please excuse my nails for being so weird looking im trying to grow them and they're growing very not lucky with pretty nails lol)

(The sparkles are a lot prettier in person, my lighting is super bad)

What nail polishes are you wearing?