Sunday, June 24, 2012

FOTD using the Naked Palette 2!

 So i'm still trying to adjust to this palette and figure out different looks with it that i like. The colors work really well together and they end up blending together nicely on the eyes. Here's a more simple bronzy look that i came up with. Very simple yet has that smokeyness that i always like. I find this palette to be more summery due to all the bronze and shimmer that is in it. So here's one look out of the many others that will be up in the future. 
Revlon Colorstay in Early Tan
Mac Blot powder in Medium Dark
Mac concealer in NW25
Mac bronzer Refined Golden
 Mac Melba Blush
UD e/s Blackout - in the crease
UD e/s Tease - blending the crease
UD e/s  Chopper - all over the lid
UD e/s Bootycall - highlight 
Tease and Chopper - below waterline
Mac Blackstrack fluid line
L'oreal Voluminous million mascara

Mac Blankety 
Mac Perennial High Style Lipglass

Monday, June 18, 2012

Believe it!

I will confess that i am a Justin Bieber fan. I think hes just so adorable, great singer and has potential. I preordered his album and it came in a special bundle with a tshirt and a poster. I got the package this morning and Ive been listening to the cd all day, its really good i love it.

Random post i know but i hope all you dolls are doing great and thanks for reading my blog its good to be back :)

Favorite Hair Products

I always like to try products for my hair but there are just a few that i keep going back to and like to use a lot. I have crazy wavy frizzy natural hair so i have to take care of it and use certain things to protect it and make it look somewhat normal and avoid the whole cave woman style. I don't tend to use a ton of products but these are some that are my current everyday uses, also given the very hot muggy weather. 

Start off

So here's my list:

 When it comes to washing my hair, i like to switch up my shampoo every so often once my hair gets used to a certain type. I always seem to come around to using Tresemme shampoo and conditioner whether it's for volume, heat protector or naturals. I feel like there's always a type of shampoo for how my hair tends to feel. This is the one i'm currently using and likings a lot. I will admit that the idea of Natural organic ingredients made want to try and i really like it.
Again going with Tresemme products, a very popular one that i'm sure you may be familiar with is the heat tamer spray that protects against heat damage. Since my hair has a mind of its own, i have to keep it under control with lots of heat. I like to spray a little all over my hair but mostly focusing on the ends since they show the most damage when using hot tools. Smells flowery to me and leaves my hair soft and shinny. 
Speaking of shinny hair, i love running Got2b Glossy anti-frizz serum to make sure my hair stays in place giving the weather these days. It adds a nice shine to my hair and i always love the smell of Got2b products. You only need to use a little bit, and run it through my entire hair making sure i dont touch my roots or bangs because it is somewhat oily so it would just make my hair look dirty.
Herbal Essence hair sprays are my favorite ones to use. They don't have that terrible hair spray smell that a lot of other brands do. It's always fruity or flowery and nice and they work great without it leaving my hair dry or heavy with product. I don't always use hair spray but when i do its this one. 
Lastly the tools that i use to control my hair are both CHI products. My blowdryer is sort of falling apart at the moment. I've had it for a while now but it's a favorite of mine. Dries my hair quickly and the heat doesn't seem to make full damage. I love it.
My hair straightner i recently got and i love it. CHI never lets me down. It's a ceramic straightner, which are the best types. CHI was the brand i love because it was my first hair straightner brand that i got back in high school, so i've been loyal ever since. This one that i got has curved edges so it works great to curl your hair. 
Here's a picture of my hair using all the products mentioned. I had curled my hair using my hair straightner and used the hairspray to bring it all together.
I'm also looking into getting some hair treatments and masks to use, so ill make a post in the future when i find a few to try and talk to you about.
What are some of your favorite hair products?

Friday, June 8, 2012

What's in my makeup box?

 I mentioned in my last post that i will talk separately about what i carry in my makeup bag that i carry in my purse. Technically it's a box but it works to fit all the essentials that i feel are necessary for me to take around. Even though i don't tend to fully touch-up my makeup throughout the day, aside from maybe lipstick or gloss, i still like to keep these things just in case. Sometimes at work the girls ask me to put makeup on them randomly and so these things are just the right products to use to give someone a makeover. Everything is somewhat packed tightly together but they still fit just right.
So here's everything spread out...
(from Left to Right in to particular order)

Lorac e/s mini in Serenity - this is a bronzy shade that i rarely use but i threw it in here because its so cute and small
Mac Togetherness Trio - this is one of the favorite shadow combo. I rarely use it so i threw it in here because i know i would for sure use it in any case.
NYC e/s in Nutty - this is a really nice neutral shadow, i really love it. 
Too Faced - blush brush 
Nivea Lip balm - love this stuff, very moisturizing
Mac Myth - one of my favorite lipsticks of all time
Three lipglosses from Bath and Body Works - Vanilla Mint (my fav), Mocha, Candy Cane
Nars Orgasm Illuminator mini - i'm really considering purchasing the full size i really love the glow it adds to the cheeks
Nail File 
Eyeshadow brush
Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero 
Mini Mascaras - Mary Kay and Mac Zoom Lash
Perfume samples - Juicy Couture and Marc Jacobs

What do you carry in your makeup bag?

Update - What's in my bag?

 The purse that i'm currently using is the Michael Kors large Greyson satchel. I've been lusting for this handbag for a very long time and i finally got my hands on it. I spend a good 20 minutes deciding between this color and the brown one, and finally making up my mind to get the Vanilla. It's a beautiful creamy color that looks really summery and goes with any outfit anytime. 
Here's some information about the bag itself: 
MICHAEL Michael Kors styles the classic purse in super-soft leather and adds bold hardware for a chic, modern finish.

  • MICHAEL Michael Kors bag
  • Leather
  • Double handles with 5" drop
  • Top zip closure
  • Pyramid studs and buckle details at handles; detachable logo charm
  • Interior features signature lining, zip pocket, 4 open pockets and key keeper hook
  • 14" W x 10" H x 7-1/2" D
 Satchels are probably my favorite style of bags and this is my baby right now. The leather feel and beautiful spacious inside made me fall in love quickly. It has tons of space and various pocket room where you can store anything you want. One downside about a bigger bag is the possibility of overfilling it with unnecessary things, but then it wouldn't be a girls world would it (LOL). My dad likes to call my bag "the luggage'', and it has the tendency to feel like that sometimes but it's my favorite bag in the world. So with that said, here's everything spread out. 
(from left to right, in no order)
Keys - these are my house keys with a bunch of keychains. They feel so heavy i dont know why i carry so much LOL
Pens and Pencils - i dont understand why i need all of them but i carry it anyway
Post - it notes - in case i need to write things down to remember
Aruba Coconut lotion - this is my current go-to lotion. It's so summery and coconuty i love it 
SG Salon Grafix mini hairspray - every girl should have this handy for wild hair 
Axe mens body spray - my brothers gave this mini sized one, knowing i carry everything in my purse, they thought this would just add to it - so thoughtful LOL!
Perfume samples - One is my favorite Lolita Lempicka perfume and the other is the Justin Bieber - love them both.
Mini highlighter - its just too cute
Mini stapler - no purpose for this again but oh well hah
Floss - this is just necessary 
Tide To-Go - haven't used it too much but it totally works!
Hand sanitizer Strawberry - smells so good and has little sparkles!
Blue travel size container - i put some coconut body spray in it because i just love the smell
Scope - i should get rid of this and just carry gum lol
Kleenex tissues 
Wet ones 
Little coin purse - i keep first aid things in there like band- aids and neosporin 
Blue brush/mirror compact
Juicy Couture box - this is my current makeup bag i carry with me
Pandora catalog - since i started working there, i like to carry a catalog with me, not sure why exactly LOL
My little pharmacy - i keep advil, tylenol and midol in here
Coach wallet 

In my makeup bag i carry possibly too many things that i don't really use. I don't tend to touch-up much of my makeup throughout the day, but i carry it all for "just in case" moments. It's just a little of everything that i would use if i was stuck somewhere for a day and i needed to completely re-fresh and beautify a messy face, i would have the necessary tools for that. Plus how can i not use the cutest Juicy Couture box, which came in a set when i got my perfume a little while back. I will write a separate post on what i carry in my makeup bag.

But that's pretty much all i carry in my "luggage". It's just basic things that i like to carry with me, most for just in case purpose. Best part - they all fit! 
Hope you liked this updated post!
Thoughts? :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!

 If you're a long time follower of my blog you are familiar with my obsession with Urban Decay palettes. I have a few palettes from them and they never disappoint me. When they came out a little while ago with the Naked 2 i did not think i needed it since i have the first one. After seeing it in person and swatching some of the shades i knew i needed to have it. The Naked palettes are so worth it and a great success. All colors are mostly on the warm- toned neutral side which is amazing to use everyday and create various looks, anything from really simple to smokey eyes. Below in included a picture on my poor overused Naked Palette and how i hit pan on a lot of the shades that i use almost every single day. So it felt like the right time to get the second one and give it a chance. After trying it for about a week now i will admit i am head over heals in love with it. I feel like for some reason these sets of colors suit my skintone better and my taste at the moment. They did include a lot more shimmers in this palette, which i don't mind at all, especially for the summer. The colors are again neutral, although i feel like they are darker which to me is heaven for my smokey eyes. The palette includes:

Blackout (blackest black with matte finish), Booty Call (shimmery cork), Busted (deep brown with shimmery finish), Chopper (copper shimmer with silver micro glitter), Foxy (cream bisque with matte finish), Half Baked (golden bronze with shimmery finish), Pistol (light greyish brown with shimmery finish), Snake Bite (dark bronze shimmer with metallic base), Suspect (pale golden beige with shimmery finish), Tease (creamy pale brown with matte finish), Verve (oyster with shimmery finish), YDK (cool bronze shimmer with metallic base), and Lip Junkie Naked (sheer shimmery pinky neutral) and Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush 
All comes packed in a metal tin that seems more durable that the first magnet packaging. I prefer the fact that it came with a good brush instead of a double ended eyeliner. The one thing i wish they did was include a travel sized primer instead of the lip junkie. I dont care so much for the shade or the looks of the gloss itself. But that's asking too much isnt it (LOL). Though i will give them credit for finally including a matte black eyeshadow. This palette pretty much has it all, you wouldn't have to reach out for other eyeshadows if you are to take it with you anywhere. You have your shimmers, your highlights and black eyeshadow to line your eyes. All-in-all i feel like it's the best summery palette and the best one that Urban Decay has right now. Both Naked palettes are worth it, i just feel like if you have the first one and don't use it as much you wouldn't need the second one necessarily. Unless you collect these palettes like i seem to be doing.  Either way i recommend checking it out because it's a really great value palette and it is worth having at some point. 
 P.S. - Expect tons of FOTDs with this gorgeousness! =) 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Haul - Mac "Hey, Sailor!" goodies

 So i went ahead to my local Mac counter to check out the new Hey, Sailor! collection that they recently launched. If you don't know this about Mac, they like to have a huge collection every summer where they release a ton of stuff - some permanent, some new, some repromotes. Last time i was really into these huge collection was about two summers ago when they came out with To The Beach collection. I completely passed last years Surf Baby collection since nothing really tempted me, including the packaging. Speaking of packaging, because it's specialy packaged for these huge collections, the price is increased by at least a dollar. That's why i was a bit careful as to what i choose because of the price and it not really being worth it for the packaging, since it's a so-so style. To me personally the bronzer and blush packaging is worth it, and sometimes the eyeshadows, because you can keep using the packaging after the product is finished so it's something nice to have. Seeing the collection in person gave me the instinct to go crazy and buy one of everything but i had to stick to a budget - so hard to do! 
Personal opinion: The collection is extremely cute to me. I absolutely love the whole sailor nautical design and theme to this. The packaging is a nice navy blue with the white stripes and very sailor looking. The shades and products include all from shimmer, to neutral shades to bold bronzes and reds. I love these huge collection because they include something for everyone. We have blushes, highlight powder, lipsticks, lipglasses, lipliners, bronzers, bronzing oil, pigments, eyeshadows, nail lacquers, eye pencils, lip balms, mascara and a brush. You can also purchase a themed tote and makeup bags - very vintage sailor style, super cute! Out of all the cute things that i swatched and stared at for about half hour, i decided on a bronzer, a blush, a lipstick and a lipglass. 
You're probably thinking "Really that's it from such a huge collection?!". After much debate and researching reviews and actually seeing the products i contemplated whether the product itself was worth it to me or not. As cute as the packaging it and as much as i like having the fancy ones, i found a lot of the things either dupe-able or just something that would probably sit in my drawer unloved. So i will stop babbling now and on to my personal review. 
 Mac Nude on Board Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder - $28
I was really excited to try this formula out since it's limited edition. As soon as i swatched it and felt how smooth it was i knew i had to have it. It's a soft golden tan shade and i like it to add that subtle golden warm glow to my face. My HG bronzer is Refined Golden, which they have and wanted to get but they ran out - boo!. I'm happy i got this one though and im excited to see how it works for me in a couple of tries to see if its worth getting a backup since it is limited edition and im really in love with the smooth formula of this product. I recommend checking them out. The other shade they have is Sun Dipped and to me it seemed a bit more beige so i didn't feel like that was for me.
 Mac Fleet Fast Blush - $21
I was debating if i should get this one at all just because i already have a bunch of blushes that keep piling up and i haven't used one up yet. But since im really hooked on corals and pinks right now i figured why not. This particular shade caught my eye first because of the slight sheen it adds to the cheeks. It's described as a pinky golden coral and to me that's what it is. I love the little specks of gold it adds to the cheeks for that nice glowy sheen for the summer. To me it applies softly and it can definitely be buildable to your liking. I'm glad i got it to satisfy by blush addiction. 
Mac Orange Tempera Lipglass - $15.50
Of course i had to get this one. The pinky coral shade screamed at me - LOL. The consistency of this lipglass is pretty milky and it settles in the lip lines if worn by itself. It pretty opaque so it works really nice for a nude lip or a more bright lip shade that needs to be toned down a bit. Like any of the glasses, this one is pretty sticky so if that bothers you i wouldn't really recommend it but i don't really mind that so it works fine for me. 
Mac Salute! Lipstick - $15.50
 Like i don't have enough pale nude lipsticks in my collection. Since nude lips are what i like to wear most of the time i had to have this. This shade is really creamy peachy beige with a lot of yellow tint to it. It looks very pale and funny by itself and seems to settle in the lip lines again so im not sure how i feel about how it looks when i apply Orange Tempera lipglass on top, but it would work nicely with another lipglass that compliments it - im still working on what to combine it with. But i really love this shade its different because of the shade of yellow in it and not so peachy. 
P.S. Please excuse any weird quality of the pictures, i still haven't found my camera 
and I tried my best to make use of the camera on my iPhone
That's about all that i grabbed from this collection - for now (uh oh!)
What did you dolls think of this collection? 
Any other recommendations for what else i should check out?!