Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Few current favorites

 I always find myself liking new things to wear everyday. However, i do have certain products that i find that i reach out for no matter which other ones are added on. These are all of them and they products i generally use from my lips to my legs that im just hooked on no matter what. These are what i use everyday if i dont really feel like doing anything too crazy. 
Mac Angel lipstick and Mac Peachstock lipstick
The combination of these two is perfect. I first like to apply Peachstock to kind of tame down my pigmented lips and then brighten it up with Angel, which a frost finish so it ads the little glossier finish without overdoing it. To me it's the perfect lip combo for everyday and matches any look.

EOS Lip Balm 
I absolutely love these little balms. I have tried the Lemon flavor before but ever since the new Strawberry one came out it's the one that im really in love with. It tastes really sweet, just like strawberries and moisturizes the lips really well. Perfect prepping for the lipsticks.
L'oreal Voluminous million lashes Mascara
I always have a hard time finding a good mascara that helps out my small lashes. I haven't worn falsies in about a year now so my natural lashes need all the help they can get. The soft bristles on the brush really defines and separates the lashes and the formula really does help darken them and make them seem longer. I will have a separate post and full review on this one because it really is my holy grail mascara right now.

Mac Blue Orbit 
This eyeshadow recently came out with the "Extra Dimension" collection, which included other gorgeous eyeshadows and highlighter but this is the one that actually caught my eye. The shade is a really gorgeous sheer metallic light purple. I really love using this to add a touch of brightness to my brown eyes and make them stand out more with the purple eyeshadow. It would be really bright using it wet, but works just as beautifully dry.

Mac Satin Taupe
I've had my eyes on this eyeshadow for a really long time. It's everyones favorite and it seems to be the top favorite for an everyday all over color. The taupy color works really well with the Blue Orbit eyeshadow and makes the purple work really well with it. Definitely a must-have in your collection if you dont.
Mac Melba Blush
I talked about this blush in my last post and mentioned that it is my favorite blush. I've been using it every single day since i got it and cannot get enough. It lasts all day and really adds a nice natural flush to my face. It's very smooth and not chalky at all so it applies and looks very natural for everyday. Definitely another must-have in your collection. 

Mac Soft and Gentle Mineralized Skinfinish 
This is the only skinfinish that is a permanent one for Mac. I really wish they would come out with more permanent ones so we can have a variety and more to choose from. However the Soft and Gentle is really pretty and adds just the right glow that i'm looking for to finish up my look. The peachy bronze adds that softness and i love the size of the container also. This might last me a very long time so i love it.
Justin Bieber Lotion
This lotion came with the set that i got with the Justin Bieber perfume which i absolutely love. I love the sweet scent, and the reason i really love this lotion is because it has small sparkles and i love using it on my legs. It adds a really nice glowy shimmer and since im a bit tanner now it looks really gorgeous i love it.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume
I recently got this as a set as a graduation present and im absolutely in love with this smell. I've been using it every single day and the lotion too so this has been my signature scent so far. It's very sweet and warm and also fresh at the same times. If you like that type of scents i highly recommend giving it a try.
What are some of your current favorites?!

Friday, May 25, 2012

FOTD - Subtle Smokes

 I find myself wearing and loving a smokey eye look no matter what season. During the summer or when it's warmer out i dont always feel like wearing a ton of makeup, especially on my eyes. Though as soon as i spend a day wearing the smokey type of look i realize why i love it. You can say it's my signature look and it works to change it up everytime, whether you use more browns, blues or various combinations of light and dark eyeshadows. Here's a subtle smokey eye that i wore the other day that i really love. It's really light though it still looks smoked. 
 The pictures don't really do much justice to the look. I had lost my camera and until i can find its whereabouts im relying on my iPhone camera - boo. I listed all the products i used though if you want to re-create the look. It's been my everyday look for the past three days, i love it. 
Revlon colorstay in Warm Golden
Mac blot powder in Medium Dark
Mac bronzer - Refined Golden
Mac Melba blush

UD Hustle e/s in crease 
UD Toasted e/s on top blending Hustle
UD Mary Jane e/s all over lid 
UD Sin e/s outer corner 
UD Virgin e/s browbone 
Maybelline gel eyeliner 
L'oreal Voluminous million mascara

Mac Angel lipstick
Mac Peachstock lipgloss

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Current Obsession - Mac Melba Blush

 This my current summery blush obsession. Mac's Melba is part of the permanent line and it's described as a soft coral- peach, but i think it has a slight pinky hue to it as well. It's a matte finish, however it doesn't really come off as dry or chalky looking one applied on the skin. It looks like it would be a strong color but once applied it give such a nice coral blush to the cheeks. I love that a little goes a long way. You only need a soft brush with the product and the color applied quite opaque and visible. This is definitely my new favorite everyday blush. You can wear it with any look and it seems to fit depending on how much you apply. It somehow helps with contouring and keeping the cheeks blushed with a beautiful color. It lasts me throughout the day and because it is a matte finish you can feel free to apply a highlight at the cheekbones to give the face a glow. I use Mac Soft and Gentle mineralized skinfinish as a highlight and it works great with this blush. If you haven't tried this blush i highly recommend you check it out it's definitely worth having in your blush collection. 
What's on your cheeks?!

Haul - Mac "Fashion Sets" lip love

 Mac lip products never fail i think we can all agree on that. They recently came out with the "Fashion Sets" collection which included like a mini three-piece collection of lipstick, lip gloss and nail lacquer that match in color. Only about three of the lipsticks are limited edition and all the lip glosses and nail lacquers are limited editions as well. So i visited my Mac counter and purchased a few things that i really liked and that i thought i would wear the most. 
Angel Lipstick - this lipstick has been on my wishlist for a while now and i have no idea why i didnt buy it until now. It is a permanent shade so i can get it anytime which makes me so happy because i am in love. It's a Frost finish so it has a subtle sheen to it. It works amazing just by itself. This is now my go-to lipstick at the moment. It's the perfect soft pink that gives the lips a nice rosebud touch that finishes up any makeup look.

Snob Lipstick - i originally was not going to get this one but i'm really missing a bolder daring pink from my collection. To some this may be an everyday pink lipcolor but to me it's more fun and daring, since im a more neutral type of girl with my lips. It's a great shade for a night out or any occasion wearing a smokey eye color. To me it's one of those fun baby doll colors which i really wanted to try out and im really liking it. I will have a look wearing this shade soon.

Peachstock Lipstick - this has been another recent favorite of mine. I first got this shade with the "Liberty of London" collection last year and only recently have i really used it a lot, since i really like the way it looks with a tanner skin tone on me. When i saw that it came out with this new collection i knew i had to get it. This shade is a permanent one but only at Mac Pro stores. It's a creamy beige peach color with a satin finish.
Angel - Snob - Peachstock
Peachstock Lipglass - it was only natural that i would get the lip gloss for my favorite lipstick..right?! It's still a light peachy nude like the lipstick except it has the glossy finish. It looks really nice combined with Angel Lipstick for a more nude look.

Snob Lipglass - of course i had to get this too. I like combining a more neutral lipstick and this one on top to add that baby pink to the lips. It's a fairly neutral light pink so it would fit with different looks and skin tones i think. It's fairly opaque so you can work with it and add just a touch of pink color to your lips.
Peachstock - Snob
All-in-all i really love this collection i feel like there's something for everyone. Whether you're a lipstick or a lip gloss type, or both, you can find something that fits your personal taste. There were others that i was interested in getting but they are sold out online right now and my Mac counter did not have them in. Personally i did not care for the nail lacquers this time but i will eventually try a Mac one sooner or later. That's all for now though. 
Have you picked up anything from this collection?! Thoughts?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And they sayin I'm back... I'd agree with that!

It has been way to long since I've been seriously missing from the blogger world. I had a lot of personal things going on in my life and had to just take off from a lot of the outside and focus on the inside for once. Many of you follow me on my rarely used Twitter, which i have to get better at using, and on the new popular Instagram. 
With that said I am very excited to return to the blogging scene and update you on so many new things that i've been planning for a little while now. This post won't really be about anything beauty related, just updating on a few things, and what better way to do it then with visuals. So here's my current life and expect more to come! Yay!

(1) I finally graduated college!. (2) The best custom made computer sleeve. (3) New MacBook Pro!. (4) I'm addicted to Mac makeup like no other. (5) My iPhone is my baby. (6) Sparkly cases. (7) Love tanning. (8) Still loving my job. (9) The best snack in this world. 
There are just a few randoms i wanted to share with all of you.
See you dolls soon stay tuned!