Saturday, July 31, 2010

FOTD - Summer Glow (Kim Kardashian inspired)

Here's a look i did today and im really lovin it for the summer. It's very bronzy, very simple and natural. It was inspired by this picture of Kim Kardashian. She wore this look at the Leather and Lace Superbowl Party and i absolutely love it.
Her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, has in full detail what he used for her look, so if you want to check that out click here.
My look is just an inspiration, not an exact replica. My main purpose was to use the UD Naked Palette and have another look using it. Hope you like it =)
Revlon colorstay in Warm Golden
Nyc translucent powder
Mac Refined Golden bronzer (contour)
Urban Decay bronzer in Baked (highlight)
Jane blush in Rose Satin

UDPP in Sin
UD e/s in Sin (all over the lid)
UD e/s in Virgin (highlight and inner corner)
UD e/s in Darkhorse (crease and below the waterline - half way)
Milani eyeliner (upper lashline)
UD eyeliner in Bourbon (waterline)
Mac zoom lash mascara
Ardell demi wispies

Nyx Pumpkin pie lipstick
Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wish List: Mac Venomous Villains!

So pictures of the whole collection was released and now i can finally make my wish list!!!
I'm very excited about it for the whole Disney theme and the slightly childish packaging lol The colors are in general pretty dark and mysterious, so i wont be getting too much of the dark lip prodcuts. Im really into the beauty powders and eyeshadows for this collection. The only thing that bugs me is the price going really?!?! lol
Here's what im thinking of getting:

Cruella De Vil
Lipstick @ $15.00 Innocent,Beware! - light yellow pink (cremesheen)
Lipgloss @ $15.00 Wicked Ways - light nude with gold pearl
Eyeshadow @ $15.50 Sweet Joy - creamy pale gold (frost) - Not sure about this exactly
Beauty Powder
@ $25.oo Her Own Devices - cool nude - I have to see the finish, then decide
Evil Queen
Eyeshadow @ $15.50 Her Alter Image - light violet (veluxe pearl)
Eyeshadow @ $15.50 Vile Violet - deep blue purple (matte)
Beauty Powder @ $25.00 Oh So Fair - mid-tone pink with gold pearl
Maleficent - My favorite villain btw!
Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo @ $21.00 My Dark Magic deep pink/plum with pink/purple pearl
Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo @ $21.00 She Who Dares deep navy/forest green with blue/lime pearl
Beauty Powder @ $25.00 Briar Rose soft violet pink with pearl
Nail Laquer @ 12.00 - I'm not sure which one but they're sooooooo pretty
Dr. Facilier
That's basically what my list contains. Does it seem like it's the whole collection? LOL! Of course it might change when i see more swatches and pictures and what other people say about certain products. As i said, products from Dr. Facilier don't really appeal to me as much as the other ones. They are interesting, but i'm not really sure about them. That's all the list so far, and its too much so i better be saving up lol
(Pictures from Temptalia)
Do you know what you want to get from this collection if anything?

TUTORIAL: How i do my eyebrows!

I've been getting a long of questions on how i do and what i use for my eyebrows. This is one of those posts where im going to feel very naked showing you my eyebrows but im willing to sacrifice lol. My eyebrows are naturally very annoying lol! I've always had thick eyebrows until highschool, when i let my mother pluck them for me....big mistake!... they were good for a while but then they developed a mind of their own and had no shape whatsoever. It takes too long to let them re-grow and re-start the shape, so in the mean time i try to shape them up on my own.

My natural eyebrows
They're not too sparse and not too full either, but very uneven. The reason for that is because my right one has thin blonde hairs so it makes it look bolder and a lot lighter than my left one..(that's how close i've examined them lol!). They're thin because of overplucking and weird shaped because of how im growing them back, they have no definite shape on their own.

Keeping up with my eyebrowsI bought Ardell stencils from my local drugstore. They're the plastic sheet with various shapes of eyebrows. I didn't follow the stencil exactly but i used it as a guideline to at least make my eyebrows even. I don't use this anymore because i know what shape i want. Any little hairs that grow below or above the shape i have i pluck. Since my hairs aren't short, i use eyebrow scissors to cut them a little bit, giving my eyebrows a more tamed look.

What i use
I never used powder to fill in my eyebrows. I have tried the Maybelline Define-a-brow and i really loved it. It filled in my eyebrows perfectly and made them look natural. The downfall about it was that it would finish too fast, so i stopped buying it. I mentioned in various posts about what i use at the moment to fill them in and shape them.And that is the Wet'n'Wild brow/eye liner pencil in Dark Brown. The pencil has a waxy feel to it so it keeps my eyebrows in place and doesn't smudge. I love that especially now that its so hot outside. To apply, i use an angled brush, i don't use the pencil directly because its too dark, and with a brush i can control the intensity.

How i do my eyebrows

I start off where my eyebrow starts, by the bridge of my nose, mark a curved line and draw it along the top, following your shape.
Once i get to the arch, i make sure to curve it to actually create that arch, then continue to draw the eyebrow and finish it.
Then i go back when the eyebrow starts and draw along the bottom, working in a curve upwards until the arch, then bring it back down.
I basically create an outline of my eyebrow, then go back and fill in whatever is left in between.
I always go with a spoolie and brush the eyebrow in the direction it grows, to make it look neat and nice.
Then i draw the other one, and make sure they're even.

Optional step: You can use a clear mascara to tame your eyebrows and keep them in place.
Advice: Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins.... make them look even and similar, so don't get frustrated if they're not identical.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FOTD - Smokey Gunmetal

I thought i would go ahead and do a smokey eye look using the UD Naked Palette. There are tons of looks you can come up with using this palette, so i highly HIGHLY recommend getting it when it comes out in stores like Ulta. I think Sephora stores have it available. Get your hands on it if you don't have neutral eyeshadows like these.
So this is the look i came up with today. Hope you like it =)
Revlon colorstay in Warm Golden
NYC translucent powder
Mac Refined Golden bronzer
Mac Prim & Proper blush
Mac Rhapsody in two blush (highlight)

UD e/s in Creep (upper lashline, outercorner, crease and below waterline)
UD e/s in Buck (crease, blending Creep e/s)
UD e/s in Gunmetal (all over the lid)
UD e/s in Virgin (inner corner and highlight)
Milani eyeliner (waterline)
Mac Zoom lash mascara
Ardell demi wispies

Mac Myth lipstick
NYX Sweet Heart lipgloss


Monday, July 26, 2010

REVIEW: The Makeup Mandate

Ever felt frustrated putting on makeup? Felt overwhelmed with decisions on what products to buy, which are good for you and which aren't? If you find yourself in a dilemma like that, reach out for books that will help guide you and make the makeup world fun!
A book i find extremely useful is called The Makeup Mandate. It is created and written by australian makeup artist Cassandra Rae Ferguson. She specifically created and design this book "to take the myth and mystery out of makeup application, without being dictatorial.

Who is Cassandra?
Cassandra Rae Ferguson is a Freelance Makeup Artist and Beauty Editor with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has worked with some of Australia's best fashion designers, stylists, filmographers and photographers in the Fashion, Television/Film and Bridal Industries. In addition, Cassandra has been consulted for her expert advice in fashion and bridal magazines, ezines and women's forums. Cassandra studies Makeup Artistry in Sydney, before gaining experience throughout Australia. She currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

The Makeup Mandate

This book offers a ton of information to help you create different makeup looks that match you features and accentuate your natural beauty, while you enjoy and have fun with the experience. It's basically like a makeup course that contains expert advice, trade tips, secrets and step-by-step instructions. In many other makeup books, it assumes you already know the basics, but this is easy and comprehensible for beginners and its applies easily to everyone. In the book, Cassandra pays little attention to the labels and stereotypes. She encourages the reader to discover their own style, rather than just following trends dictated by others. The Makeup Mandate offers plenty of useful information to readers of all ages, ethnicity and lifestyles.

My personal opinion...
I think its an amazing book. It's written very clearly and simple. She offers some very helpful hints and ideas that you can use to make other entire makeup experience fun. Cassandra has sketches included that would make it easier to understand her description. There are pictures of products she mentions (eg, brushes, tools, etc.) that help the reader understand better. It offers alot of detailed information that is stretched out in about 22 chapters.

What do the chapters talk about?
  1. Introduction is talking about the madate ideology.
  2. Second chapter is letting you discover your style. It's called Fun,Not Forceful.
  3. Tools Of The Trade offers a basic checklist of equipment that makeup artists often use. She goes on explaining in detail what each product is used for in a kit and offers helpful tips.
  4. Face Facts focuses on facial structure. She basically gives you a "map" to the face, so you can learn to follow instructions later on in the book.
  5. Skin Deep is the chapter that talks about preparing your skin for makeup - very important step.
  6. First Base helps guide you through every form of foundation and powder application, including tips and tricks.
  7. Shape up explains in great detail each facial shape, pictures of models and sketches included, so you know how and what parts of your face to contour and highlight.
  8. Light And Shade teaches you tips on how to highlight and contour your face to make it look natural.
  9. Blushing Beauty helps you enhance your cheeks. She talks about various types of blushes (powder, creams. etc) and ways to make them look natural and gorgeous.
  10. The Eyes Have It. This chapter helps you define your eyes, depending on the type of eyes you have. This chapter is very detailed and includes sketches of different eye shapes and sizes. It goes on talking about eyeshadows and everything that includes eye makeup and eyebrows and eyelashes.
  11. Pucker Up focuses on the low-down on lips. She offers suggestions and hints that are very helpful when it comes to various lip shapes and enhancing what you have.
  12. Balancing Act helps with eye and lip combination. It offers advice and suggestions on how to balance eye and lip makeup to make enhance your unique features. (pictures included)
  13. Tint Test talks about color in makeup. It teaches you to be more confident when it comes to be more dearing and wear more colorful makeup. I personally think this is the most helpful chapter that really explains in detail everything you need to know about using color.
  14. Come To The Surface simply explains the texture of makeup.
  15. Money Talk and it talks about Makeup on a Budget. She kindly gives you advice on what makeup is necesarry to spend more money on than others. This list is very helpful if your on a tight budget and don't know where to spend your money on more.
  16. Speedy Recovery talks about makeup on the go. This chapter gives you ideas on which products you can use to still achieve amazing looks when your time is stretched.
  17. Use By gives you information of the life expectancy of makeup. This guide is very helpful to know how long you can use your products for.
  18. Advanced Adornment is about makeup for mature faces. I think adding this chapter in the book is extremely useful and thoughtful. All makeup books offer modern day makeup for young girls, so this is very nice to have for the more mature ladies.
  19. Fountain Of Youth focuses on makeup for young girls, which basically tells you that less is more for teen makeup.
  20. A Man's World is focused (obviously) on makeup for men. I think this is extremely useful if you plan to be involved in television/film makeup industry. It's basic, but useful.
  21. Perfection V's Picturesque is a very nice chapter talking about your natural beauty and giving you a boost of confidence.
  22. Makeup Method gives you step-by-step guides. It offers details of different makeup looks and ways to achieve them. Includes list of what you need, steps, picture and sketches.

Additional Information
Cassandra Rae Ferguson has two additional books which are Makeup Mandate or Myth? ($9.95) or The Makeup Artists Mandate ($14.95). I think they're very affordable, especially for the amount of great information that you get. The one i mentioned in this post, The Makeup Mandate is $14.95.
You can check out her website
Or visit her blog called Makeup Eutopia

Disclaimer: I was contacted by Cassandra Rae Ferguson and sent a free ebook copy of her first book to review.
My opinion is honest and true about what i think of it.