Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mini Haul - NYX cosmetics!

Ulta has had 30% NYX cosmetics and of course i took advantage of it the last day of the sale lol! I hesitated because i don't really need any eyeshadows, and Ulta doesn't have that big of a selection of this brand. You would get much more variety ordering from, but im waiting for a good sale from them too lol. I did go ahead and pick up two lipsticks, a lipgloss and a jumbo pencil. This is my first time trying out lip products from NYX so its super exciting haul lol

Rea - its a soft taupey nude color. It looks kinda grayish on me, and it kinda swatches so on my skin too (NC35/40). When i applied it on my lips, aside from the texture which is freakin amazing, it looked kinda purpleish. Like i've been in a bathtub full of ice. In order to wear it im going to have to add some pinkish/peachy gloss. I works best on darker skin tones in my opinion.

Pumpkin Pie - i've heard about this lipstick on numerous blogs and i was super curious to try it out. Its so creamy im seriously in love. Its like a peachy nude with some hints of coral and pink. Its like the prettiest combination of colors. To me it feels like a fall color lol i dont know if its the name or the shade. Either way im very happy with this one, its absolutely gorgeous.

Sweet Heart - i heat of lot of people talking about this shade being a dupe for Nars Turkish Delight but its not at all. Turkish Delight is a pale neutral pink, where as Sweet Heart is like a pinky beige color with slight shimmer. I absolutely LOVE the consistency though. It feels creamy, not sticky at all, and gives my lips a gorgeous glossy shine of color. I love pairing it up with Myth lipstick (HG lipstick!). The smell is so strange but i love it lol It's like a cherry vanilla coke lol I don't mind it at all. I want to purchase more of the lipglosses they're amazing quality.

Jumbo Pencil
Milk - everyone is probably familiar with this pencil and im most likely the last person on the planet to own it. But i decided to get it since it was a good sale price. It works great as a base, to make eyeshadows pop more. If you have oily lids you might have to apply UDPP or a primer before it or it will crease because of its creamy consistency. Either way it works great to apply by the tear duct in the inner corner to brighten up the eyes a bit.
What are some of your favorite NYX products that you use?


  1. I have pumpkin pie too and LOVE it! <3
    NYX lipsticks are suprisingly really awesome and creamy despite its really cheap price..^^
    My fav product from NYX? Probably their lip products like those round lipsticks and lipglosses..~!
    That lipgloss looks good. I've nvr tried those ones yet..will do later! =D

  2. Great haul. I love NYX! I own Rea & I like it.

  3. aren't the NYX lipsticks the greatest awesome blog

    please checkout

  4. @aisya De Cullen - i really need to get more lipglosses from them and lipsticks, they really are amazing!

    @Rai - its really pretty i love it

    @the Treat in treating yourself - they really are! amazing for the price...and thank you =)