Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ok dolls i've been meaning to write up this post for a few weeks now and never got around to it. Mainly because i was trying to find good pictures of my hair in the past and how it was like. My hair has changed quite a bit in the past 4 years. In high school i had very flat hair when i straightened it. No volume, no body, just limpy hair on my head lol I have done alot of research on how i should achieve more volume and give my hair a more healthy feel to it. I discovered the miracles of Henna. I use it about twice a year to give my hair a fresh start.

What is Henna?
Henna is a plant that grows in hot regions like North Africa and India. It's been used as a dye for hair, skin and fabrics. It's used as a powder mixed with either water or tea, to creat a paste that's pigmented enough to color. Lasting time for the skin and hair are different.
Henna for Hair
The one i love using is called Royal Henna and they come in various colors, depending on what you want to get. There's no chemicals at all, so it's a very safe and natural way to color your hair. It lasts up to six weeks which is about the same time as a regular dye. It gets rid of split ends, conditions the hair, adds body and reduces dandruff. It just feeds the hair natural ingredients and makes it look and feel a lot healthier.

These are the best pictures i found, where you can see the difference in the way the hair looks and the color. In the second photo, the colors are a bit messed around with, but the color of my hair is a redish brown. In the first picture on the left, my hair is naturally brown and i had blonde highlights lol

How i used it
I did it about a weeks ago and i mixed 5 boxes of burgundy and 1 of black. I've done this before so it's not my first time. The black is very strong that's why i only used one. It seems like a lot but there are little powder packets that are mixed together with water until you form a very fine paste. Be careful that whatever the paste touches, will leave a redish mark. It's very pigmented lol. I applied it carefully all over my head covering my entire hair. You don't conver it which means you have to make sure you stay pretty still, so you wont experience any accidents. Now you have to wait until it dries. It took about 3 hours. It's a pain the butt to wash off because you basically have dry mud in your hair. lol
(Click to enlarge)
- Gives you hair a healthy new strat
- Colors it without damaging it
- Conditions the hair
- Gives it a healthy looking shine
- Gives it body and volume

- Dificult to remove from hair
- Can be a bit pricey ($5/box)

Questions? Thoughts?


  1. Yeahhhhhhhh love henna :)

  2. my mum uses this, and it makes her hair amazing! definitely going to give it a try. i hope we can get it in the UK or on ebay.

  3. Henna = LOVE

    Worth getting if you find it