Thursday, October 11, 2012

FOTD - Purple Rain

I talked about the new NYX purple eyeshadow that i got and was really eager to try it out. I wore it alone all over the lid with a simple liner and i absolutely love it. I'm excited to try it out with other shades and mix things up a little bit. Hope you like it! 
Mac Studio Fix NC40
Mac Blot powder in medium dark
Mac Blunt - contour 
Mac Melba blush

NYX Deep purple e/s
UD Bootycall highlight
Mac Blacktrack 
Benefit They're real! mascara

Mac Angel lipstick
NYX Sweet Heart gloss


Small NYX haul

Recently dropped by Ulta to check out some NYX products. I was looking for some blushes and lip products, but ended up getting a few lippie goddies and one eyeshadow that i've had on my wishlist for a little while now. With all that said, here's what i got:
Deep Purple single eyeshadow - as soon as i saw this shade and swatched it i knew i had to have it. I probably own more purple eyeshadows than anything else because they work great with brown eyes. This shade is a more black purple and really great for smokey eyes or more dramatic look. Its quite sheer and metallic with tiny silver specks. The slight downside is that there's a bit of fallout so you need to be careful. Other than that its a gorgeous color.

Xtreme Lip Cream in Natural - this is a pale pink beige shade and i love it. Its very soft and pigmented with a glossy finish. Its not sticky so it feels really nice on my lips. Because its so pigmented the color is real nude and it may look like a lot on your lips so a little does go a long way. I like to wear it mixed with a darker lip color, since it lightens it up a bit and gives me a nice shade. One downside that some people might not like it the smell. Its almost like plastic, but it doesnt bother me much.

Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Sweetheart - this is my favorite gloss at the moment. NYX has amazing glosses and the mega shine ones are the best ive tried so far. The shade is a nude peachy shade with slight silver sheen to it. It just brightens up my lips and the fact that its not a sticky gloss is a major plus. I like to pair it up with any lipstick because it compliments both a nude or a pink shade. It smells like cherries which i really like and i do wish that they stay power was a bit longer, but ce' la vie.

Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Clear - because i love the quality of these glosses i figured why not add a clear one to my collection. Same quality as the Sweet Heart gloss and i love it. If i wear a more matte lipstick or color in my lips with lip pencils, this clear gloss is great to just add on to the look.

Have you tried any good NYX products lately?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Current Obsession - Tangle Teezer Original Pink

 First time i found out about this brush is from my fellow bloggers page Zara which you may know as Mouldyfruit! She had only good things to say about this brush so when i saw it at my local Sallys Beauty Supply store i knew i had to have it. I'm so happy that i found it since i thought they had it only in the UK. If you are from the UK and are interested in the brush, you can check out Zaras review on it HERE.

One of the most annoying things to me is to brush my hair after i shower. I have naturally curly hair so its really hard sometimes to tame it down and work with it smoothly. Even if i use conditioner, i still have knots in my hair and using a regular brush just pulls my hair out. First time i used the Tangle Teezer i almost screamed. Brushing my hair has never been so easy and smooth going. It untangles any knots easily without pulling the hair painfully out of my head. The bristles are soft and because of the way that they're arranged and different size it helps work with any part of your hair. Even after i style my hair, using this just makes everything look smooth and put together. I would definitely recommend checking this brush out especially if you have thick curly/wavy hair that gives you a hard time. 
Look for it at your local Sallys Beauty Supply. It's around $12 but i promise its worth it. 
It also comes in purple, but of course i had to have the pink one! 

Few of my September favorites!

I feel like i haven't done a favorites post in a really long time. This year is really flying by and i really dont know where my heads at. I have a lot of posts lined up this month and im hoping i can keep up for all of you. With that said, here are a few things that i've been using nonstop the past month and some even before that. Generally, they are products that i see myself purchasing or using over and over again. 
Bath and Body Works "Sweet on Paris" body lotion - i use this lotion almost every single day. The sweet smell is so addicting and it does leave my skin soft and moisturized. The scent sticks around for the day and i love that. I've had someone say i smell like cookies LOL! The Paris theme is just adorable and its worth checking out as Bath and Body Works has more Paris themed scents and products available.

Bath and Body Works "Falling Apples" candle - i think i have to go back and get a backup of this one, its been lit up constantly. That apple fresh scent is amazing and feels so cozy to me. I love all the fall candles that they came out with but this one has been my favorite so far, until i decide to go back and pick up some more soon.

L'occitane Purifying Rice Toner - i've been using this for a few weeks now and i really love it. It helps clean my face without irritating it like other toners would. This toner is designed for those with oily skin like myself, to help mattify the face and i feel like it really does work. Unfortunately i think they discontinued this product since i can't find it in the store anymore nor online. Boo!

Apple Ear Pods - this isn't beauty related at all i know, but i do use my headphones when i blog so it is relevant in some way. These are Apples new headphones that are possibly the best headphones i've owned so far. They are really comfortable and the sound is amazing. It doesn't feel like i have a concert going on in my own brain, so i can enjoy music comfortably. It's also a mic so i use it when i make a call and need my hands free. I have really small ears so i always need really tiny headphones that actually fit in my ear and i was worried about these at first but when i tried them they fit perfectly. I would recommend these to anyone that is looking for new headphones.

L'occitane Immortale Brightening Moisture Cream - this is my favorite face cream that i've tried and used. I will have a more detailed review post about this product because its worth talking about and letting you know more about it. I will tell you that it's generally designed to correct wrinkles, even skin tone and brighten the complexion. I have noticed a difference in what my skin feels and looks like and i will explain in full details soon so stay tuned.

Victoria's Secret makeup bag - i recently got this when they had an offer not to long ago. It came in a set with two other larger makeup bags with purchase. I love this one though because of the size. It fits perfectly in my purse without taking too much space and it fits a lot of my makeup and other things i like to carry with me. Love it!

Mr. Pumice - this man knows how to take care of my feet. I purchased it at Sallys Beauty Supply and it works wonders. Its basically and two sided bar that work together magically. The coarse side is the darker purple side, which you use first to get rid of any dry skin. The medium side is the lavender which you use after the purple to smooth out the feet. Its not rough on my feet and it really works to leave my feet smooth and looking clean.
What are some of your favorites the past month?