Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Fashion!

Hey dolls! I just want to start out by welcoming all my new followers! I've gone over +100 a few weeks ago and i didn't get a chance to thank you all for reading my blog, commenting it, liking it and following it! It's very exciting to see everyones comments and hearing your ideas and thoughts, i love it. I reply as best as i can and if anyone has any questions im open to answering them =)
I'm also open to any requests if you have any.
Ok, with that said...
It's been really nice weather the past few days here in the windy city. I thought up some outfits that you might like. When i think summer, i think of long summer dresses with bangles, wavy hair, flip flops and crazy summer colors!
Here are three of my favorite outfit ideas i put together.
This one i put together with a lot of FUN in mind. You can wear this during a fun day out and just when you feel like wearing something really summery. You probably know by now im obsessing with corals so i thought this i was super cute. The dress is from Forever21 and all the accessories and shoes are from Aldo. The makeup if just an example of what i would wear but you can mix it up to match the dress, or keep it neutral. Either way i would pair it up with some coral lips!
This one i picked for a nice night out during the hot summer nights. It's very simple yet keeping it classy with black and gold. The dress and jewelery are from Forever21 and the shoes and bag are from Aldo. Makeup wise, i would wear something really simple, neutral but focusing mostly on keeping it golden bronze. You want your face to have that glow, that's why keeping the lips neutral with just a subtle shine would look amazing.
This last one is probably my favorite. You can wear it either during the day or at night. The color of the dress is beautiful, from Forever21. Because it's so simple, you can go crazy on accessories. I believe it's recommended to pick going crazy with earring OR necklace, never both. So because i chose these fancy earrings, i didn't pick a necklace but instead chose a matching ring and a cute bangle, all from Aldo. I kept the shoes and purse white. The makeup should be a subtle blue with some clear gloss to keep the focus on the eyes. I would personally throw in some blue nail polish to spice things up.

What do you like wearing during summer time?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thoughts: Mac To The Beach collection

So the collection came out today online. I was going to place my order last night at midnight but i completely forgot and when i woke up this morning i just jumped on my computer to check it out. As i expected, the Marine Life highlight powder was Sold Out! I was very sad. I was going to wait until i can go to my local Mac counter and look for it but i had little hope to find it and it would've been out of my way anyway. So what i did is i went on because they sell Mac and there it was!!! I quickly grabbed my credit card and got it lol! That's the only thing i ordered from them. I already got an email that they shipped it so yay!
Then i ordered everything else that i wanted from the Mac website. I examined this collection soooo carefully because it's so tempting to get almost everything from it and i didnt want to spend too much money. So here's what i ended up getting aside from the Marine Life highlight powder...
- Refined Golden Bronzer
- Hipness Blush
- Lazy Day lipstick
- Firecracker eyeshadow
- Sweet and punchy eyeshadow

My thoughts on the rest of the products:
Sand and Sun: i heard that it doesn't have a good color pay off. I dont usually go crazy over matte eyeshadows anyway, even as a highlight. I thought its dupe-able and wasn't worth the money just for the packaging
Shimmermoss and Humid: Both of these are permanent colors. They're so gorgeous and i want them but can get them at any time. I also like to depot some of my shadows for the pro palette so it wasnt worth getting it for the package.

I was interested in getting Beachbound but just for the sheerness, to me wasn't that worth it. It wouldnt be something i would be crazy about. I like the more subtle soft shades of color, not so much of a sheen glaze type, so i thought i could pass. The other two, Thrills and Funbathing, are too dark in my opinion and im usually the light lipsticks type of gal.I also read somewhere that a great dupe for Thrills is NYX Indian Pink.

I originally wanted all of them but then i changed my mind. They're a bit too sparkly and glittery for my usual taste and i feel like they're pretty regular. Except Flurry of Fun. Its a gorgeous orange with teal glitters. I just felt like i wasn't going to use it much. I almost got Splashing which is a blue pink, but more of a pinky shade. I read that if you have English Accents from the Liberty of London collection, Splashing isnt really worth it. The packaging is really pretty though.And the other one, Easy Lounger just seemed like the typical pink gloss with glitter.

I dont use lipliners and i have the eyeliners from Urban Decay and i feel like they're good enough when i do use them. I also heard that they smudge quite easily so i didn't feel it was worth it. Loving the packaging a lot though.

Powder Blushes:
I wanted to get both of them. I was torn between the two, but then i saw a swatch of Get-Away bronze which is a mid-tone suntan and wasn't too impressed by it. It's a frost finish and i didn't feel i was going to use a bronzy blush that shimmery so i picked Hipness blush instead which is a coral color with soft pearls. Since im obsessed with corals and this was a pre-release with the Fafi collection, i had to have it.

Creme Bronzers:
I was actually excited about these since they're new release for Mac, but then i saw reviews and swatches and it had chunks of glitter?! I wouldn't even know how exactly to use the creme bronzer LOL! i like sticking with the powder form bronzers, i feel like they're more natural. What do you think about these?

Bronzing Powder:
I know both of these are permanent but i was really loving the packaging too much to not get it. I was going to get Golden at first since it doesn't seem so sparkly but i read a lot of reviews saying that Refined Golden is a gorgeous darker shade and the glitters don't show up as instense as they have it in the pan. I was also in need of a good new bronzer anyway LOL

Lustre Drops/Bronze Body Oil/Nail Laquers:
I wasn't really interested in any of these. The lustre drops i was simply curious about but its too much shimmer for me. I feel like i could find some dupes from Benefit Cosmetics or Stila. The bronze body oil i was just never going to use, and the nail laquers weren't that impressive.

130 and 131 brushes:
I'm actually not ready to spend that amount of money on brushes yet lol they look great and useful but the 131 looks a lot like my Kirkland brush that i already use for foundation and im very happy with, so i passed on these too.

That's basically all my thoughts about this collection.
I'm very excited to recieve my things and post pictures and swatches.
Have you ordered anything yet? What do you like most about this collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

FOTD - Purple Rocks

I've been obsessing with purples for a while now and i always try to find different looks involving purple. Again i used it with Birds and Berries. They go good together since it came out in the collection with a purple (Dame's Desire)
Revlon Colorstay in Warm Golden
Nyc Translucent Powder
Sephora Sculpting Disk
Mac Prim & Proper blush
Mac Rhapsody in Two blush

UDPP in Sin
Ulta e/s in Flirty (all over the lid)
Mac Birds and Berries (crease, blending Flirty)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Lust (below the waterline)
L'oreal intense pencil liner (waterline and above lashline)
Almay e/s in Ivory (highlight and inner corner)
Mac zoom lash mascara
Ardell Demi Wispies

Revlon lipstick in Baby Pink
Narsh Turkish Delight
What are your color obsessions lately?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

FOTD - Simple Foreshadow

I decided these colors go together since they're in the same palette which is my favorite out of all the ones i have, Urban Decays' Foreshadow Palette. You can find the colors in other palettes or get them on their own if you like them but to me this palette is super handy. This look is very summery and the colors are sort of bold so i toned it down with some nude lipies. Hope you like it =)
Revlon Colorstay in Warm Golden
NYC Translucent Powder
Sephora Sculpting disc
Mac Prim and Proper blush
Mac Rhapsody in Two blush

UDPP in Sin
Urban Decay e/s in Flipside (all over the lid/below the waterline in the inner corner)
Urban Decay e/s in Stray Dog (crease)
Almay e/s in Ivory (highlight)
Urban Decay liner in Bourbon (below the waterline, smudged)
L'oreal intense liner (above the lashline)
Mac Zoom Lash Mascara
Ardell Demi Wispies

Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude lipstick
Urban Decay pocket rocket in Max

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My top beauty products under $10!

I love buying products that are amazing in quality and have a reasonable price. I wouldn't mind spending a bit more for something of good brand or quality but if i can find a gloss, lipstick or eyeshadow that i love and works just as well if not better than a high brand, i do not hesitate owning it. Here are just a few that i just cannot live without and i think work just as well as other brands that are more expensive.

1) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - i've tried only a few but i always go back to this. I love how it cleans my face and removes all the dirt and makeup. It's gentle on the skin and the big bottle lasts for a while. It ranges from $7-$8. Some drugstores have it on sale often. For me, this is a must have.

2) Ardell Faux Lashes - I get these at Sally's Beauty Supply store and everytime i go they have it on sale so it's a great deal lol it ranges from $3-$5 depends where you get them from. I think they work great i love them. I dont think i would spend a great deal on lashes so these are my number one choice.

3) L'oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner - I've talked about this in my eyeliner post. It's the best eyeliner for me that's affordable and works just as well as the high brands if not way better than the ones i've tried out. It's very smooth and has a decent lasting power. I recommend it if you haven't tried it out yet. This ranges from $7-$8, depending where you get it from.

4) NYX eyeshadows (singles/trios) - I put these in the same category because no matter which one you want to get, you won't be dissapointed. I love the trios because i can depot them and add them in my Mac Pro palette. The quality is great. Pigmented, smooth and great variety of colors. A lot of them can be dupes of Mac eyeshadows. I believe they range from $3-$5. Check out for great prices on NYX Cosmetics.

5) Wet N Wild Eyeliner/Eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown - I think i've mentioned this in one of my monthly favorites. It's the only pencil i've loved using for my eyebrows. I've used L'oreal pencil, Maybelline define-a-brow and various eyeshadow powders. Nothing works as good as this pencil. It's waxy, so it tames my wild eyebrow hairs, as i fill them in and shape them. It lasts during hot summer days and doesn't fade away. I use it with a brush. You can get it at drugstores or wherever you can find Wet n Wild. It's 99 cents!

6) St. Ives Apricot Scrub - I know everyone raves about this, but it really is amazing. I love to use it in the morning and get that fresh, clean feeling for my face. It's around $4 and the tube lasts me for a good month or two. I know they recently came out with various ones that also contain Green Tea. I haven't tried them yet but i soon plan to do so.

7) Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque - i use this about once a week and i feel it renews my face. It tightens the pores and makes my skin feel super soft and refreshed, i love it. The minty smell and tingly feeling makes it feel like it works LOL! It's about $3-$4 depending on where you get it from.

8) NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder Translucent - this is the only setting powder i love to use. I get it from Ulta and it's around $2-$3. It leaves my skin smooth and doesn't look like i have a pound of powder on my face. It controls the shine all day and sets my makeup the way i want it too. It comes with a slittle pink sponge but i toss it out and use a brush. It is a bit messy since its loose powder but once you get used to using it its no biggie. I highly recommend it. They also have one in Naturally Beige color if you prefer a colored setting powder.

9) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss - i love these glosses. Even though i only own one so far, i really like the consitency and the subtle color pay off. Its shimmery but not over glittery or anything. They're amazing for the summer because they have SPF so its perfect. There's variety for the summer time. I know they have new shades out now so i have to go check them out. They range from $6-$7

10) Sinful Colors Nail Polish - i think these are amazing for the price. They have a great variety of colors depending on where you find them. I have them at my local Walgreens. I know they have a huge variety on They're about $2, and i love them. They have a really good lasting power. I don't like to spend a whole lot on a nail polish since i get bored of the color so fast, so these are affordable and great quality. Highly recommend them.
What are some of your favorites under $10?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

FOTD - Smoke and Berries

So this is my new favorite eyeshadow combo. It's a subtle smokey eye with a pop of color in the crease and below waterline. I've been wearing this everyday for a few days now and i don't get bored of it LOL! I've even gotten compliments on it so i thought i'd share it with you dolls =)
Revlon Colorstay in Warm Golden
NYC translucent powder
Sephora Sculpting Disc (the darker color)
Mac blush in Prim and Proper
Mac blush in Rhapsody in Two (highlight)

UDPP in Sin
Mac e/s in Smoke and Diamonds (all over the lid and on the bottom outer corner below the waterline)
Mac e/s in Birds and Berries (crease and under the bottom inner waterline)
Almay e/s in Ivory (highlight and blending harsh lines)
L'oreal intense eye pencil (above lashline and waterline)
Mac Zoom lash mascara
Ardell Demi Wispies

Revlon colorburst in Soft Nude
Clear gloss

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My 15 must have items for my makeup bag for spring/summer

I never know what to carry around with me in my makeup bag, especially when spring and summer is around the corner. I usually don't mix my everyday products with what i carry with me for touch-ups. Here's my top 15 of what i consider a must have. No matter what i decided to leave out i always go back to putting these back in the makeup bag. Now that summer is coming, i have some essentials that i just have to have with me and are very handy no matter what i end up going. Here's my list
(these are in no particular order or preference)

1) Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing Baby Doll - i love carrying this around for the summer for a pop of color if i need a touch-up. Even though it's a blush, it works great as a contour/bronzer color. It's smooth and doesn't make me look dirty especially when my face gets a bit oily during the warmer days.
2) Nail Files - every girl should carry these around. They come in extremely handy if you have a small accident with your nails, and they happen to me a lot. Definitely a must have!
3) Mini Brushes - i just love my mini brushes LOL! The different sizes are for everything i need. Tiny blush brush, shadow brush and a liner brush. You should have at least one, i just went too far i think lol
4) Hair tie/bobby pins - spring/summer time means warm weather. I wear my hair down most of the time but when it gets hot i cannot stand hair in my face so i put it up or style it with some bobby pins. Super handy.
5) Revlon Lipgloss - i love these for the texture and color variety they have, they're all gorgeous. Best part: it has SPF! that's amazing to find a lipgloss with protection against the sun. Look gorgeous while protecting your lips!
6) Mini eyeshadow Lorac in Serenity - i got this as a sample at Sephora last year and i love it for the summer. It's a light bronze with shimmer, so its perfect. Any mini eyeshadow that you might have would be a must have for your makeup bag.
7) Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero - some eyeliners smudge by the end of the day and its always handy to have a small one in your makeup bag. I still had some left of this so i just put it in my makeup bag.
8) Eyebrow pencil/brush - i keep this just in case my eyebrows get messed up or i sweat and it fades away, which hasn't been a very big problem for me but i keep this with me because you never know.
9) Oral B Floss - i usually like having the spray mint things but i haven't gotten around to buying one yet so the floss works just as fine. When you're out a lot during nice weather you want to be prepared for anything so these come in handy sometimes.
10) Stila all over shimmer sample - i love this because its so multitasking. I can use it as a highlight for my cheekbones, browbone or body. It's always nice to have this and add some glow in the summer time.
11) Carmex/Blistex with SPF15 - Protecting your lips in the sun is very important. These are the ones i have with me that have SPF and they help protect my lips. It's a definite must have in your makeup bag.
12) Band-aids - you HAVE to have some of these lol if you're the one to wear uncomfy yet stylish shoes you want to be ready when your feet start to bother you - ladies we all know this happens - so be prepared
13) Perfume samples - i carry around three LOL! I have Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Chanel and Dior. They're all fresh scents and smell amazing for those summery days that are coming up. Any sample of your favorite perfume is great to carry with you in your makeup bag.
14) Hand sanitizer - i love clean hands lol! you can carry the regular hand sanitizer or you can get those mini ones form Bath and Body Works. They have various scents and are so cute to carry with you. I plan to go and grap a few soon.
14) Brush/Mirror - this completes my makeup bag collection of stuff. It's a compact with a brush and a mirror. It's a great tool to carry around because you carry two important essentials in one little compact. It's a definite must-have.

Let me know what some of your must-haves are for the spring/summer season.
For more ideas check out this website and go through the list of different products you can use and carry around in your makeup bag. It helped me figure out what's essential to carry with me while on the go. If you find it difficult to narrow down what products to take with you grab ideas from the Be in Style Fashion Blog, which makes it very simple and focuses on the important things. Enjoy!
(Click on the picture below)

Lipstick Haul!

Ok so i went a little crazy with lipsticks today LOL! I went to check out the new Revlon lipsticks that everyones talking about. I wasn't sure which one to get so i got the lightest shades, Soft Nude and Baby Pink. I also ended up getting the new Wet N Wild lipsticks which i also heard good things about so i picked up Bare it All and Think Pink.
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick
I absolutely LOVE what Revlon has done with these new lipsticks. First of all the quality is great. They go on smoothly and feels moisturizing. BABY PINK is a pale barbie doll pink which im really loving. It's buildable and it shows up lighter than it looks. SOFT NUDE is a gorgeous nude color. I feel like Mac Peachstock and Creme D'nude had a baby and this it is LOL! They're very soft and the shades i got are really nice. I feel like the color variety is decent. You can find one of any shade you might be looking for. I also think that the packaging is gorgeous. It looks stylish, expensive and of quality. It's very handy how they have the top cap color coordinated so you know which lipstick you're picking up from your collection. I recommend checking these out if you haven't done so already. I got them at Walgreens and they're $8.99. You can look for them at Walmart, Target or CVS. Go on and download the $3 off coupon they offer.

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color
I was a little skeptical about getting these but i did anyway. They're only $2.99 and the quality for the price is pretty decent. THINK PINK is a nude pink, not as pale though. BARE IT ALL is a darker nude color that would work great with tan skintones, but im sure i can top something on top and make it work (LOL). You can easily keep these in your makeup bag when you need a lipstick that you dont really use when you do your makeup but would carry with you for touch-ups. Even though they have a more sleek look than the other lipsticks they have, the packaging doesn't impress me at all. It's very cheap feeling and i feel like the lipstick itself is loose and very fragile. However, the quality and pigmentation is amazing. It's not matte and not too sheer, its a creamy finish and feels great on the lips. The variety of the colors is not too impressive but its ok.
Thoughts? Have you tried any of these yet?