Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Fashion!

Hey dolls! I just want to start out by welcoming all my new followers! I've gone over +100 a few weeks ago and i didn't get a chance to thank you all for reading my blog, commenting it, liking it and following it! It's very exciting to see everyones comments and hearing your ideas and thoughts, i love it. I reply as best as i can and if anyone has any questions im open to answering them =)
I'm also open to any requests if you have any.
Ok, with that said...
It's been really nice weather the past few days here in the windy city. I thought up some outfits that you might like. When i think summer, i think of long summer dresses with bangles, wavy hair, flip flops and crazy summer colors!
Here are three of my favorite outfit ideas i put together.
This one i put together with a lot of FUN in mind. You can wear this during a fun day out and just when you feel like wearing something really summery. You probably know by now im obsessing with corals so i thought this i was super cute. The dress is from Forever21 and all the accessories and shoes are from Aldo. The makeup if just an example of what i would wear but you can mix it up to match the dress, or keep it neutral. Either way i would pair it up with some coral lips!
This one i picked for a nice night out during the hot summer nights. It's very simple yet keeping it classy with black and gold. The dress and jewelery are from Forever21 and the shoes and bag are from Aldo. Makeup wise, i would wear something really simple, neutral but focusing mostly on keeping it golden bronze. You want your face to have that glow, that's why keeping the lips neutral with just a subtle shine would look amazing.
This last one is probably my favorite. You can wear it either during the day or at night. The color of the dress is beautiful, from Forever21. Because it's so simple, you can go crazy on accessories. I believe it's recommended to pick going crazy with earring OR necklace, never both. So because i chose these fancy earrings, i didn't pick a necklace but instead chose a matching ring and a cute bangle, all from Aldo. I kept the shoes and purse white. The makeup should be a subtle blue with some clear gloss to keep the focus on the eyes. I would personally throw in some blue nail polish to spice things up.

What do you like wearing during summer time?


  1. Congratulations on getting 100+ followers and i so love all the summer ideas you put here... i love the blue and peach dress and the accessories a lot. :)

  2. even if black is my favorite color, I like the blue XD
    thx a lot for sharing

  3. wow like the choices, love your blog kip it up :)