Friday, May 7, 2010

April Favorites!

I'm always so late with posting my monthly faves but here they are =)
Not too many but ive been using these A LOT since i got them the pass month.

1) Queen Helene Cocoa Butter - this is my solution for dry skin. Ive had such dry hands lately, like they crack and its gets very uncomfortable. I've been using this at night and during the day and it leaves my hands so soft and it smells really good. Its a pretty big bottle i got from Walgreens for a little under $4. I put some in one of those little containers to carry in my purse and i love it.
2) Crystal Light iced tea packets - i've been trying to eat healthy for a few weeks now and the first thing i did was eliminate soda from my lifestyle. After a week of just drinking water it started to taste weird so i decided to try these crytal light packets and im hooked! they taste amazing and they're a healthier choice. If im on the go i just have a few in my purse and they come in very handy i love them!
3) Mac English Accents Lipglass - i think i mentioned before that this was my favorite gloss out of the three i got from the Give me Liberty of London collection. It's a minky mauve and i love how it looks when i pale out my lips. It gives a hint of the color without making me look washed. I love it i've been using it the most this past month.
4) Mac Peachstock Lipstick - officially my favorite lipstick. I used to be hooked on my Creme d'nude but this one kinda beats it. It's so soft and goes on smoothly and doesnt dry my lips if i moisurize before hand (because it's a satin finish it might dry your lips so make sure to moisturize). It matches my skintone perfectly without making me look like a zombie. Im so happy its permanent in mac pro stores!
5) Mac Birds and Berries - ive been wearing this a lot. I try to match it up with everything i own or even use it on its own. Im very happy i decided to purchase this eyeshadow after seeing a lot of peoples reviews and thoughts on it. I will try to be careful not to finish it too fast though (LOL!). Also i refuse to depot it because the packaging is too cute to be tortured like that haha
6) Carmex Lip Balm - so i moved aside my usual tube carmex and settles for the jar one which im so in love with. The taste and smell is a bit weird but doesnt bother me that much. Its very moisturizing and i feel it works as a moisturizer for the lips better than the one in the tube, which tends to acts more of a uncomfortable gloss that runs. (or at least that was my experience last time i used it). Lovin my carmex!
What are some of your favorites of the past month?


  1. Everybody raves about English Accents! I should have picked it! Great selection of favourites! I am planning mine, so I will hopefully post it this weekend :)

  2. I drink Go lite Crystal Light, the ones that come in various flavors..and man, I have to go to restrooms like gazillion has some diuretic!!

  3. @Catanya - i recommend getting English Accents its worth it =) i know they still have it excited to see your favorites =)

    @Resham - i love that it works for that purpose! haha great yummy method to cleans lol

  4. Great post! I'm also loving Crystal Light iced tea packets and English Accents lipgloss. =)

  5. the crystal light is such a smart move! Soda is addictive. Evil stuff :)
    resham- the diuretic thing... happens to me too. But it's still better than cola

  6. Coco butter is the truth I put it on several times a day and can't survive without it!

    True Queen

  7. Carmex lip balm is my must have! And yes, the tin works much better on the lips! :D

  8. @Zerin - im officially addicted lol!

    @Mischievous Mack - definitely evil lol im loving these yummy packets

    @Empress - its like my HG i love cocoa butter!

    @Ki - it really does i love it a lot more