Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sinful Colors Nail polish Sale!

Go check out your local Walgreens stores if you have one by you. They have the amazing Sinful Colors Nail polishes on sale for 99 cents!!!
NOTE: You have to cut out the coupon for it from the flier and use it otherwise the sale wont apply
!(Offer ends on Saturday, June 3rd)!
I'm going to grab a few, i heard they have new neon colors and it makes me curious to own something like that lol!
Are you going to pick some up?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New HG liner!

The new Milani Liquif Eye metallic eye liner pencil
One word ... AMAZING!
Many of you might be familiar with, now, my ex-HG eyeliner, which is the L'oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner, which is about $8-$9. This new discovery of mine, the new Milani liner pencil is about $5-$6. The quantity doesn't matter as much as the quality. Even though the love of my life, L'oreal pencil is still amazing, i noticed it would make my eyes very itchy by the end of the night. They are very comparable. They're both creamy and soft.
Since i decided its out with the old, and in with the new lets talk about it!

Milani Liquid Eye metallic eye liner pencil... new product from Milani that is definitely worth reaching for and compare to many high brand liners. It feels like a liquid liner and its intense color lasts throughout the day without smudging or fading. It comes in five different shades: Black, Silver, Gold, Aqua and Brown. I want to try the other colors also, because the various shades is like the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, which i like because they give different choices of color you can choose from. The Milani pencils are limited and i really hope they bring out more colors with the same consistancy.
- All day wear
- Smooth application
- Smudge -Proof
- Doesn't itch my eyes by the end of the day
- Great price

- Limited colors
- Needs to be sharpened quite often

All-in-all its an amazing eyeliner and i highly recommend it if you haven't checked it out yet. For it to replace my L'oreal eyeliner which has been my HG for a year almost, it means its really amazing. Love it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Achieving the perfect nude lips

There are so many ways to achieve this look depending on the type of lips you have and color of your skin. You have to find what work best for you, so you don't look like a zombie, unless you're going for that sort of look LOL. If you have a skintone and complexion close to mine, maybe my way will work for you.

The most important part is to moisturize your lips. You don't want your lips to be cracked and dry, so the lip color wont set between the lines. There are so many you can use, depending on what you think works for your lips. There are high brands that work and the one i heard really good things about is the Korres Lip Butter. It has about seven different flavors you can choose from. You can find it at Sephora for $10. If you don't want to spend so much on a lip moisturizer, you can go to your local drugstore and find a lot of good ones that are under $5. My favorite brands include Carmex, Nivea and Burt's Bees. You can find a lot of different ones, so go ahead and pick what you prefer or what works best for your lips.

If you happen to have very pigmented lips, like myself, you want to consider toning down the pigmentation by covering them with a bit of concealer. You can also use foundation if you want. This step is weird if you don't moisturize your lips before, because concealer dries out your lips. Mac had its own Lip Erase if you want to go ahead and find that one, but i dont think its really worth it. You can make your own if you want a moisturized concealer by mixing something like Vaseline and concealer. Check out what i did HERE. The cheapest, easiest way is to use your concealer or foundation. The one i use all the time is the NYC Cover Stick that you can find at Ulta for about $2. It looks like a lipstick so it works perfectly i love it.

This is the fun part! Choosing the nude shade you want to go with. The ones i have are Mac Creme D'Nude, Mac Peachstock, Revlon Smooth Nude, Revlon Nude Attitude. The ones i also recommend looking into getting are from NYX (Circe, Orange Sode, Pumpkin Pie.etc). They have a great variety of nude lipsticks for various skintones. Another one that has a good price that i want to get is by E.L.F and its called Natural Nymph. Also popular ones from Mac are Myth and Blankety. Another one that i REALLY want to get is Belle De Jour by Nars. There are a lot of various brands that have good nude lipsticks, depending on your skin color or what type of nude you're looking for. The ones i mentioned are the ones that i personally love wearing or are on my wishlist.

This step is optional depending on the consitency of the lipstick you decide to wear. If the lipstick has a shine to it and you like it by itself, you can skip adding any type of lipgloss. Of course there are nude lipglosses you can wear by themselves, if you love the shine and want to skip the lipstick step. If you wear a nude matte lipstick, i highly recommend you add some type of shine to it so you dont look dead. Its up to your personal preferance when it comes to lipgloss. You can use a clear one to keep the shade of the lipstick, or you can wear a subtle colored lipgloss, if you feel the "nudeness" is too pale. I love wearing clear gloss with little sparkles to brighten the lips.
What do you do to get the perfect nude lips?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Small Skincare Haul

I decided to try out a few new skincare products that i've had my eye on for a while now. I picked up five things and im still testing them out, so i won't write anything yet. I might make individual reviews for the ones i think it worth talking about.
So here's what i got...
St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub - this is something new and i've been wanting it since i saw it. It says to clear breakouts and reduce redness. It's Oil-Free and contains salicylic acid acne medication with 100% natural green tea.

St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub - i've had the apricot scrub before, but they have different ones. This one is for blemish & blackhead control. It exfoliates to prevent blemishes and cleans pores. It's Oil- Free and contains salicylic acid acne medication with 100% natural exfoliants.

Neutrogena Oil-Free moisture for Sensitive Skin - i needed a new moisturizer and i decided to get this one since i do have sensitive skin and i generally like neutrogena products. It's an ultra-gentle facial moisturizer, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and alcohol free (im going to write a review about this soon)

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash - it's a facial cleanser that soothes redness. I have uneven skintone because of redness on my cheeks. It clears breakouts and reduces redness. Naturally soothing aloe and chamomile. Again it has salicylic acid ance treatment. So far i like it, it leaves my face soft and clean. I'm still testing it though. It does help with the redness a tiny bit.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover cleansing towelettes - no matter what method of makeup removing i use, i always go back to these. With one towelette i remove my eye makeup and my face makeup and it leaves it soft. It gets rid of all the oil and dirt built up from the day. I highly recommend these. There are 25 towelettes in each packet.
Have you tried any of these?
Would you like to see any specific reviews?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Soooooo sorry for my lack of posts lately, my life has been super hectic and im trying to keep up as best as i can. I just wanted to do a quick post, which i was supposed to do a little earlier but it seems appropriate to do it today LOL

I wanted to wish all your fathers and father figures a very Happy Fathers Day. I love my dad with all my heart and i dont know what i would do without him. He's an amazing person and the best dad a girl could ask for. My Baba (dad) taught me how to be the person i am today and for that i am very greatful.

Also a Happy Fathers Day to my Uncle Robert, who i haven't seen in two years but has been an amazing father figure to me and helped me when i needed it most. Thank you.

Check out these cool cakes dedicated to Father's day that make this extra-ordinary day a bit more out of the ordinary. I want one! LOL
(click on the picture to see more!)
What are your plans for this Fathers Day?

Friday, June 18, 2010

FOTD - Firecracker eyeshadow

Just thought i'd try out a combination i did using the new Firecracker eyeshadow from Mac To the Beach collection. The eyeshadow is very bold and works, in my opinion, best with brown or bronze colors. I paired it up with Urban Decays Smog eyeshadow and im loving it. It's very summery and the hint of coral makes it stand out more. Hope you like it =)
Revlon colorstay in Warm Golden
NYC translucent loose powder
Mac Prim&Proper blush
Mac Rhapsody in two blush (highlight)

Mac paint in Bare Canvas
NYX e/s in Black (smudged above the lashline)
Urban Decay Smog e/s (all over the lid and below the waterline in the outer corner)
Mac Firecracker e/s (crease and below waterline in the inner corner)
Almay Ivory e/s (highlight and inner corner)
L'oreal intense eyeliner (waterline)
Mac Zoom Lash mascara
Ardell Wispies

Mac Peachstock lipstick
Clear Gloss

How would you wear Firecracker eyeshadow?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Current Face Routine...

I thought i would dedicate a post about what i use on my face on a regular basis. Even though i do mention the products in my FOTD's, i thought i'd go in fuller detail.

Before i apply anything on my face, i make sure it's clean. You want to start off with a clear canvas so the makeup you put on doesn't look ugly. You can check out my post on the products i use to keep my face clean and clear HERE.
Most people start off by applying moisturizer but i like to mix it with my foundation lately, so i don't bother adding some before and OD my skin with too much moisture because i already have oily skin. I use the back of a CD and add a pump of moisturizer. The one i love using is the Biore Dual Fusion with SPF30. It's two different creams in one. One green one, and one white. It's oil free and the spf protects the skin, in case you want to wear it on its own. Moisture and sun protection, all in one tube. For me it works great. I've been using a new one lately and its the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin (more on this in another post).
To the one pump of it i add my foundation. The one i love using is the Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation in the shade Warm Golden. I use the one for oily/combination skin. By mixing it with the moisturizer, it becomes a lot lighter and buildable in my troubled spots. It's a very long lasting foundation that doesnt fade by the end of the day, even in this terrible heat. I mix the two and apply it with my Kirkland Signature brush. This is from a set that i got in December from Costco.(see the review HERE). The one i use is the flat top brush. It's small enough to get foundation around my nose, and it blends it easily without streaking. I pick up product, stipple it on my face and then go back and blend it. I go back and apply more foundation under my eyes and in my troubled spots with my finger, instead of going back and apply more all over my face.
After the foundation is on my face and i have that flawless finish i want, i set it with my favorite setting powder, the NYC Translucent loose powder. I've been raving about this a bunch of times and i still think it's the best one. It can get a bit messy though since it is a lose powder but i dont mind it much anymore. It sets the foundation and leaves my skin matte and soft. I like my face matte because i usually add shimmery highlights and blushes that brighten up my face.
The last thing i do to my face is filling in my eyebrows. I only love using my Wet'N'Wild brow pencil in Dark Brown. I've talked about this multiple times. I've tried powder and the famous maybelline define-a-brow but i still end up going back to my wet'n'wild. It has a waxy consistency, so it automatically tames my eyebrows while i shape them and color them in. It's only 99 cents at any local drugstore. I use the angled brush from the Kirkland set. It's amazing for it.

That's basically all the products i use for my face everyday. For my eyes it varies depending on what i feel like doing that day and i match up the blush with it. Same goes for my lips. If you want more detail on what i like to use and how i use it let me know and ill make a seperate post about each.
What's you current face routine?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mac To the Beach Haul (Pic Heavy!)

I had to wait for my Marine Life to come because i ordered it from somewhere else. lol But now that i have all my items i can make a post. I LOVE everything i got. I'm very happy with it. Im so in love with this collection. It's so pretty and the packaging is super pretty. I did however had a very hard time picking out what i should get. I've never spent so much time trying to decide what to buy from a collection lol. There are a few things i wish i could've picked out but now that i think about it im good without them.
Moving on to my haul =)

Let's start off with the eyeshadows. There were 5 in this collection. I only picked out the two that are limited edition and the most unique. The remaining three are Sand&Sun, Shimmermoss and Humid (both permanent).
Sweet & Punchy
It's a bright yellow green color. It goes on smoothly and i love the bright color for summer. It's a veluxe pearl finish.
It's a frosted mid-tone red orange. The name of the color is perfect because that's exactly what it is. It looks so nice on the eyes, like a bright coral shade. It's a veluxe pearl finish.
There were two powder blushes in this collection. The one i didn't get is called Get-Away Bronze and it's a midtone suntan. I wasn't crazy about it because it's just a shimmery tan blush. I heard it looks like Nars Laguna, so i didn't bother. I got the other one which im loving!
Hipness Powder Blush
It's an intense coral with soft white pearl. The finish is a Frost but it doesn't seem like an intense frosty finish. It's subtle coral and it just gives the cheeks a nice flush. I absolutely love it. It's very pigmented and buildable. I love it.
There are two bronzers, which are permanent. I really love the packaging for these, and i dont own any bronzers from Mac so i got one. I was debating on which one to get because one was light and less shimmery and the other was darker but which chunks of glitter. I'm happy with my choice though.
Refined Golden Powder Bronzer
It's a golden shade with soft pearl finish. It looks really glittery in the pan, but once you put it on your face, they glitters dont show up heavy at all. It's very pigmented so you have to use a light hand and just brush it on and blend softly on your face. I made the mistake of picking up a lot so i had a dark spot on my forehead i had to wash off LOL! I love the bronzer though and the packaging is so cute!
There were four lipsticks and i picked only one which im obsessed with! I want to get a backup before it dissapears.
Lazy Day
It's a light dirty blue pink. Once on the lips it looks sort of pale and very summery. I love that it's a lustre finish so its instantly shinny and gorgeous. It goes on very smooth. I have a feeling im gonna get through it fast so a backup is a must!
And finally!....
Marine Life highlight powder!
Whoever named this a highlight powder is a bit bonkers. No part of this is a highlight. I can see why everyone went crazy over it though. Not just for the seahorse design, which by the way disappears after one or two uses, but for the color and quality. It's a blush that will last a while. It is a bit similar to Hipness blush but a lot more intense in color. The shimmers in it isn't too intense. I've used it today for the first time and it gave my face a summer glow and flushed cheeks. I'm trying not to use it every single day because its too gorgeous to waste too fast LOL! but nonetheless i see now what the hype was about.
The top darker tone is an intense bright coral color, which get toned down by the soft baby pink at the bottom. When mixed together you have a gorgeous coral blush with subtle shimmer. I'm so happy i got my hands on this, its gorgeous.
Did you pick up anything from this collection?
What are your thoughts about it?

May Favorites!

I feel like not too long ago i posted my April favorites and now im doing May haha! I don't have too many new favorites since im hooked on the same things for more than a month lol! Here are just a few little ones that ive been using alot this past month and are becoming my go-to products.

1) Revlon Colorburst in Baby Pink - i love this lipstick! I would've posted about the Soft Nude but my mom took it from me! LOL! now i have to go get another one. Either way these lipsticks are amazing. The quality is great: they're soft, pigmented and doesn't dry out my lips. Check them out if you haven't.
2) Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin - i would get the full size but i feel like these primer potions are a waste of product because of the wand. So as a primer i stick to my Mac paints but this little travel size primer is great. I've been using it everyday since i got it in the UD Summer Love palette. It makes the eyeshadow last all day in this heat and adds a subtle sheen to the lid.
3) NYC Cover Stick - i think this is either in medium or light im not sure. But i used this to pale out my lippies. Since i use my Carmax, i can easily cover it with this and not worry about it drying my lips. It's very handy because it looks like a lipstick. You can get it at Ulta for only $1.99!
4) Nivea Lip Care in Pearl&Shine - i LOVE nivea products! they never dissapoint me. I've had this for a while but never really used it until the past month. It leaves my lips sooooo soft and gives it a subtle shine. They have one thats a simple lip balm and i think another one that has a cherry color. Check your drugstore for them, they're around $3.
5) Sephora Lip Gloss in Precious Pink - i got this from Sephora as a birthday gift. It came with two other shades but this one has been my favorite. Its a clear gloss with sheer pink shimmer. It's making me think of the new Mac gloss from the To the Beach collection in Easy Lounger. It's super pretty its been my favorite.
6) Mac Zoom Lash Mascara - im in love with this mascara! It does however seem to clump my eyelashes if i dont take my time and apply it. But it makes my bottom lashes look so rich and long. I wear falsies anyway so the top doesnt matter too much but my bottom ones look so nice thanks to this little mascara. I got it for Free when i ordered from Mac online. Use code LASH610
What are some of your favorites?