Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Achieving the perfect nude lips

There are so many ways to achieve this look depending on the type of lips you have and color of your skin. You have to find what work best for you, so you don't look like a zombie, unless you're going for that sort of look LOL. If you have a skintone and complexion close to mine, maybe my way will work for you.

The most important part is to moisturize your lips. You don't want your lips to be cracked and dry, so the lip color wont set between the lines. There are so many you can use, depending on what you think works for your lips. There are high brands that work and the one i heard really good things about is the Korres Lip Butter. It has about seven different flavors you can choose from. You can find it at Sephora for $10. If you don't want to spend so much on a lip moisturizer, you can go to your local drugstore and find a lot of good ones that are under $5. My favorite brands include Carmex, Nivea and Burt's Bees. You can find a lot of different ones, so go ahead and pick what you prefer or what works best for your lips.

If you happen to have very pigmented lips, like myself, you want to consider toning down the pigmentation by covering them with a bit of concealer. You can also use foundation if you want. This step is weird if you don't moisturize your lips before, because concealer dries out your lips. Mac had its own Lip Erase if you want to go ahead and find that one, but i dont think its really worth it. You can make your own if you want a moisturized concealer by mixing something like Vaseline and concealer. Check out what i did HERE. The cheapest, easiest way is to use your concealer or foundation. The one i use all the time is the NYC Cover Stick that you can find at Ulta for about $2. It looks like a lipstick so it works perfectly i love it.

This is the fun part! Choosing the nude shade you want to go with. The ones i have are Mac Creme D'Nude, Mac Peachstock, Revlon Smooth Nude, Revlon Nude Attitude. The ones i also recommend looking into getting are from NYX (Circe, Orange Sode, Pumpkin Pie.etc). They have a great variety of nude lipsticks for various skintones. Another one that has a good price that i want to get is by E.L.F and its called Natural Nymph. Also popular ones from Mac are Myth and Blankety. Another one that i REALLY want to get is Belle De Jour by Nars. There are a lot of various brands that have good nude lipsticks, depending on your skin color or what type of nude you're looking for. The ones i mentioned are the ones that i personally love wearing or are on my wishlist.

This step is optional depending on the consitency of the lipstick you decide to wear. If the lipstick has a shine to it and you like it by itself, you can skip adding any type of lipgloss. Of course there are nude lipglosses you can wear by themselves, if you love the shine and want to skip the lipstick step. If you wear a nude matte lipstick, i highly recommend you add some type of shine to it so you dont look dead. Its up to your personal preferance when it comes to lipgloss. You can use a clear one to keep the shade of the lipstick, or you can wear a subtle colored lipgloss, if you feel the "nudeness" is too pale. I love wearing clear gloss with little sparkles to brighten the lips.
What do you do to get the perfect nude lips?

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  1. unfortunatelly, all of these lipglosses could be hardly bought or if they are in stores they are very expensive in my country:(