Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mac To the Beach Haul (Pic Heavy!)

I had to wait for my Marine Life to come because i ordered it from somewhere else. lol But now that i have all my items i can make a post. I LOVE everything i got. I'm very happy with it. Im so in love with this collection. It's so pretty and the packaging is super pretty. I did however had a very hard time picking out what i should get. I've never spent so much time trying to decide what to buy from a collection lol. There are a few things i wish i could've picked out but now that i think about it im good without them.
Moving on to my haul =)

Let's start off with the eyeshadows. There were 5 in this collection. I only picked out the two that are limited edition and the most unique. The remaining three are Sand&Sun, Shimmermoss and Humid (both permanent).
Sweet & Punchy
It's a bright yellow green color. It goes on smoothly and i love the bright color for summer. It's a veluxe pearl finish.
It's a frosted mid-tone red orange. The name of the color is perfect because that's exactly what it is. It looks so nice on the eyes, like a bright coral shade. It's a veluxe pearl finish.
There were two powder blushes in this collection. The one i didn't get is called Get-Away Bronze and it's a midtone suntan. I wasn't crazy about it because it's just a shimmery tan blush. I heard it looks like Nars Laguna, so i didn't bother. I got the other one which im loving!
Hipness Powder Blush
It's an intense coral with soft white pearl. The finish is a Frost but it doesn't seem like an intense frosty finish. It's subtle coral and it just gives the cheeks a nice flush. I absolutely love it. It's very pigmented and buildable. I love it.
There are two bronzers, which are permanent. I really love the packaging for these, and i dont own any bronzers from Mac so i got one. I was debating on which one to get because one was light and less shimmery and the other was darker but which chunks of glitter. I'm happy with my choice though.
Refined Golden Powder Bronzer
It's a golden shade with soft pearl finish. It looks really glittery in the pan, but once you put it on your face, they glitters dont show up heavy at all. It's very pigmented so you have to use a light hand and just brush it on and blend softly on your face. I made the mistake of picking up a lot so i had a dark spot on my forehead i had to wash off LOL! I love the bronzer though and the packaging is so cute!
There were four lipsticks and i picked only one which im obsessed with! I want to get a backup before it dissapears.
Lazy Day
It's a light dirty blue pink. Once on the lips it looks sort of pale and very summery. I love that it's a lustre finish so its instantly shinny and gorgeous. It goes on very smooth. I have a feeling im gonna get through it fast so a backup is a must!
And finally!....
Marine Life highlight powder!
Whoever named this a highlight powder is a bit bonkers. No part of this is a highlight. I can see why everyone went crazy over it though. Not just for the seahorse design, which by the way disappears after one or two uses, but for the color and quality. It's a blush that will last a while. It is a bit similar to Hipness blush but a lot more intense in color. The shimmers in it isn't too intense. I've used it today for the first time and it gave my face a summer glow and flushed cheeks. I'm trying not to use it every single day because its too gorgeous to waste too fast LOL! but nonetheless i see now what the hype was about.
The top darker tone is an intense bright coral color, which get toned down by the soft baby pink at the bottom. When mixed together you have a gorgeous coral blush with subtle shimmer. I'm so happy i got my hands on this, its gorgeous.
Did you pick up anything from this collection?
What are your thoughts about it?


  1. I think I'm going to have to track down one of the highlight powders. It is so pretty! :)

  2. Great haul! Mac to the Beach collection is absolutely pretty! I actually purchased Marine Life, Weekend and Lazy Day... and could have bought a lot of things more but had to contain myself! Can´t wait to see some looks of you with these products!

  3. I also got the bronzer and it broke me out!!! :( Do you think Lazy Day is comparable to Creme Cup? I'm waiting for Lazy Day to come in the mail. I'm super excited for the lippie because it's a lustre but I hope it's kind of similar to Creme Cup because that's my favorite color but I'm not a fan of the finish :/

  4. I was not lucky enuf to even see the marine was sold out!! SUCKS!!

    I like that lipstick too....