Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Current Face Routine...

I thought i would dedicate a post about what i use on my face on a regular basis. Even though i do mention the products in my FOTD's, i thought i'd go in fuller detail.

Before i apply anything on my face, i make sure it's clean. You want to start off with a clear canvas so the makeup you put on doesn't look ugly. You can check out my post on the products i use to keep my face clean and clear HERE.
Most people start off by applying moisturizer but i like to mix it with my foundation lately, so i don't bother adding some before and OD my skin with too much moisture because i already have oily skin. I use the back of a CD and add a pump of moisturizer. The one i love using is the Biore Dual Fusion with SPF30. It's two different creams in one. One green one, and one white. It's oil free and the spf protects the skin, in case you want to wear it on its own. Moisture and sun protection, all in one tube. For me it works great. I've been using a new one lately and its the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin (more on this in another post).
To the one pump of it i add my foundation. The one i love using is the Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation in the shade Warm Golden. I use the one for oily/combination skin. By mixing it with the moisturizer, it becomes a lot lighter and buildable in my troubled spots. It's a very long lasting foundation that doesnt fade by the end of the day, even in this terrible heat. I mix the two and apply it with my Kirkland Signature brush. This is from a set that i got in December from Costco.(see the review HERE). The one i use is the flat top brush. It's small enough to get foundation around my nose, and it blends it easily without streaking. I pick up product, stipple it on my face and then go back and blend it. I go back and apply more foundation under my eyes and in my troubled spots with my finger, instead of going back and apply more all over my face.
After the foundation is on my face and i have that flawless finish i want, i set it with my favorite setting powder, the NYC Translucent loose powder. I've been raving about this a bunch of times and i still think it's the best one. It can get a bit messy though since it is a lose powder but i dont mind it much anymore. It sets the foundation and leaves my skin matte and soft. I like my face matte because i usually add shimmery highlights and blushes that brighten up my face.
The last thing i do to my face is filling in my eyebrows. I only love using my Wet'N'Wild brow pencil in Dark Brown. I've talked about this multiple times. I've tried powder and the famous maybelline define-a-brow but i still end up going back to my wet'n'wild. It has a waxy consistency, so it automatically tames my eyebrows while i shape them and color them in. It's only 99 cents at any local drugstore. I use the angled brush from the Kirkland set. It's amazing for it.

That's basically all the products i use for my face everyday. For my eyes it varies depending on what i feel like doing that day and i match up the blush with it. Same goes for my lips. If you want more detail on what i like to use and how i use it let me know and ill make a seperate post about each.
What's you current face routine?

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