Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Makeup Series - Golden Green Christmas

'Tis the season to wear makeup! haha. I love this time of the year after Thanksgiving. My birthday is in a few days and Christmas is coming up! Very exciting. Another thing that is exciting is all the various makeup you can wear! You can wear every color and lots of sparkle because you have a great excuse to look like a disco ball LOL! With that said, i decided to start a holiday series where i will include looks i come up with that are perfect for the holidays. You can use the looks just how i do them, add more drama to them or tone them down its up to you. Now onto my first look to start off my series =)
I was inspired by some christmas tree decorations. Green with gold =). If you would like you can add more glitter on the top lashline. Just have fun with the look! Hope you like it =)

Revlon ColorStay 220 Medium Beige
NYC translucent powder
MAC On a Mission blush
Urban Decay bronzer in Toasted and Baked

NYX Gold eyeshadow (inner half of the eye)
A white shadow from 120 palette (highlight)
A shimmery darker green from 120 palette (outer half going in towards the gold and blending)
NYX Black eyeshadow (outer corner to darken it up)
L'oreal intense eyeliner (waterline, upper lashline, and smudged on the bottom outercorner lashline)
MAC zoom lash mascara
Ardell faux lashes 105

Nars Turkish Delight (of course lol)

Friday, November 27, 2009

FOTD - Face of Thanksgiving Day

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was really nice. Spent it with my family eating dinner, playing some games and dancing! haha! Just wanted to share my makeup that i did for the night =)

Revlon ColorStay foundation - Medium Beige
NYC translucent powder
MAC On a mission blush
Urban Decay Bronzer - Baked and Toasted

NYX eyeshadow trio Golden/Rust/Walnut Bronze
White eyeshadow from 120 palette as highlight
NYX black eyeshadow on the outer corner (v-shape) and under waterline smudging the eyeliner pencil
L'oreal intense eyeliner pencil (waterline and under the upper lashline)
MAC Zoom Lash mascara
Ardell lashes 105

NARS Turkish Delight

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to take the time and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I have a lot of things to be thankful family, friends and special people in my life.
Thank you to all my readers who take the time to visit my blog and read what i have to say =)
Be safe and God bless!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TUTORIAL: How to depott NYX Trio eyeshadow

There are a lot of tutorials on how to depott MAC eyeshadows and its basically the same tactic but used on the trio. It's very exciting that they fit in the MAC 15 palettes! So instead of having 3 or 4 different nyx trios, you can just depott them in a MAC palette and there you have them so much handy and easier to carry with you. I needed to depott this trio so i thought why not make a post out of it right lol Hope i make it easy enough to follow =)

(NOTE: This is MY way of doing it and it works, other people might have another way but this is what i use)


1) MAC 15x palette
2) NYX Trio (white/gray/black)
3) Sharp knife (be careful with it!)
4) Sticker magnets
5) Wax paper
6) My CHI hair straightner
STEP1: Poke the knife in between where there is space and SLOWLY tug it till if comes out of place. Be careful with this step i don't want to be responsible for missing fingers O_o!


STEP2: Turn on your iron, and put the wax paper on the hot plate. Fix the plastic trio with the shadows on it for about 20 seconds, depending on the heat of your iron. You can use the knife to check when the bottom is a bit melted.

CAUTION HOT! - Grab the edge of the trio carefully and turn it around. Poke each individual shadow with the knife and you should be able to push it right out because the glue melted. DO NOT touch the shadow pan! IT'S HOT!

STEP4: Let the shadow pans cool off a little bit while you get your little magnets ready. Mine were too big since they're squares so i cut the edges off. Turn the pans around and stick the magnet on the back

FINAL STEP: Add them to your palette and have fun organizing it =)

Monday, November 23, 2009

aKording to Kim...

So since Kim Kardashian has become the new contributing beauty editor for OK! magazine, i love checking to see what tricks and tips she gives out...This week on her blog she had an article from the magazine on how to get fab lashes! We all know that Kim is known to have amazing beautiful long lashes. Don't we all want that ladies??? I know i do! Aside from enhancing the eyes with falsies, there are ways to keep your natural lashes healthy. Kim has 4 easy steps to take care of your fab lashes to make them look naturally gorgeous!

-Removing all the mascara off your lashes is very important. Use a good eye makeup remover that will get rid of all the residue

- I didn't think this was an important step but i have to go ahead and do this because it would only make sense to use them for making your lashes curl up to make ur eyes look bigger and more "open"

- We all know this is the crutial part in getting amazing looking lashes. A good mascara is important. It is up to your personal preferance on formulation and brush type. Length and volume is commonly desired though. Apply at least two coats of mascara. (My tip: Take your time putting it on and wiggle the wand to get in between every lash)

- I personally dont think this is exactly necesarry especially if you use a wand that already has a comby bristle thing. It is the most important trick though to get in between the lashes and separate them to avoid clumpiness

Friday, November 20, 2009


Im so excited i found tickets for today! I didn't hesitate at all. I got ready and went lol my mom came with me because i forced her to read the books and she is now an obsessed teenager haha it was an amazing movie! A lot better than the first one. I absolutely loved it and fell in love with Jacob like nothing else lol hes SOOOOO cute!!! lol Im very happy with how it came out and im planning to read the entire saga again hah. I can't wait for the third one now lol If you haven't read the books you NEED to! They're are amazing with so much more detail that you could not possibly fit in a movie. It will make it so much better though i promise lol Have you seen it yet? Team Edward or Team Jacob and his hot abs haha!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

FOTD - Green Day =)

This is my look for today =) .I thought i should use the green trio i got from NYX and i really like the color pay-off. The colors are very pigmented and to my fall-out! hah either i developed a really good method overnite or these shadows are really good lol I used all three colors from the trio. I used Spring Leaf all over the lid and up to the brow bone. Then i went in with Lime Green on the lid and finally went in with Green Tea on the crease. Hope you like it =)

Revlon Colorstay foundation in 220 Medium Beige
JANE blush in Blushing Baby Doll
Urban Decay bronzer in Baked
NYC Translucent Powder

MAC Paint in Bare Canvas
NYX Trio TS08 - Spring Leaf, Lime Green, Green Tea
NYX Black eyeshadow - a little on the outer corner to darken the green
L'oreal black liner - smudged a bit on my uper lashline and on my waterline
Mac Zoom lash mascara
Andrea Modlash falsies - 21 Black

NARS Turkish Delight

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Online CCO?

Yes you read it right... ONLINE CCO! If you don't know a cco is a Cosmetic Company Outlet which sells makeup that is cheaper than the regular price in the store. Some items are limited edition or discontinued and if you're lucky, you would find it a cco. So i discovered this online one that has amazing things with amazing prices! I want to place an order soon for either my birthday or christmas hah
You can go on thi website:
They have top brand names like MAC, Urban Decay, Smashbox and Stila, which are a few of my favorites! They have a great variety of brushes, lipsticks and glosses that im dying to get. Im always down for a good bargain =) . Have you heard about this?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

FOTD - Smokey Blue

This was my look for today. I felt like wearing something blue on my eyes lol Enjoy =)


Revlon Colorstay foundation in 220 Medium Beige
JANE blush in Blushing Baby Doll
Urban Decay bronzer in Baked
NYC Translucent Powder

Mac Paint in Bare Canvas
120 palette - shimmery black (on the half of the lid coming from the outer corner)
ULTA eyeshadow in Gunmetal (on the other half of the lid from the inner corner)
ULTA eyeshadow in Mosaic (crease, blending harsh lines)
120 palette - white shadow as highlight under brow bone
L'oreal Intense liquid liner (waterline)
Mac Zoom Lash mascara

Maybelline colorstay lipstick - Born with it
NARS Turkish Delight

How i organize my scarves

As i was cleaning my closet last night i realized i have too many scarves for my own good lol I had them all on hangers and i figured i would get so annoyed finding one, especially now that the weather is going to get colder. Soooo i found this hanger type thing in my garage and had the perfect plan for it lol i hung it behind my door in my room and put up all my scarves on it. It looks great, its practical and i have more room in closet now =) .I love finding ways to organize my things, it makes everything so much easier. How do you keep your things organized?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

FOTD + My baking goodies!

Today was a simple day. I had to go help out my dad at his work so i wore sweatpants, sweatshirt and a baseball hat haha! Of course today would be a weird day in Chicago and be like 75 degrees so i was dying in that sweatshirt but nonetheless my makeup survived lol
What do you think of my Yankee pride? New Yorker at heart forever =P

Revlon Colorstay foundation in 220 Medium Beige
JANE blush in Blushing Baby Doll
Urban Decay bronzer in Baked
NYC Translucent Powder

Mac Paint in Bare Canvas
ULTA eyeshadow in Cocoa Bean (all over the lid)
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Stray Dog (in crease)
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Flip side (below my lower lashline)
NYX eyeshadow in Black (outher V and blend with the browns and half way below the lower lashline)
MAC Vanilla (highlight)
L'oreal intense eyeliner
Mac Zoom Lash Mascara
Ardell Falsies

MAC Cherish Lipstick
NARS Turkish Delight



Later tonight i baked muffins! Blueberry muffins =) They're so easy to make and they're ready in like half hour i love it. I baked them from scratch using a recipe i found online haha I didn't make them from the box so i feel acomplished lol They came out super delicious and sooooo good all fresh and warm with milk YUMM! Im very proud of myself =) Enjoy pics


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My little project

So this past week i've been working on this little project of mine. My dad brought me home this old lookin shelf that he wanted to throw out. At first i didn't want it because it looked so old and beat up i thought it was gross lol But i took it in anyway. I went to Home Depot and got some white paint and painted it. I then screwed some hooks on the bottom so i can hang things off it. Finally i decided to personlize it to match my room so i added a bunch of scratch on stickers that i got from Michaels. The hard part was actually installing it on my wall by myself but after a little effort i did it lol i was super proud of myself and i love how it looks! On top i have my flower and an egg box and i hung some necklaces and a dream catcher thingy that i've had for like ever. Hooray for my cute little project!

Monday, November 2, 2009

October Favorites!

So it's that time again. Time to share with you my monthly favorites! October went by so fast i don't even remember what i did haha Anyway these are a few products i've been using a lot this past month. Here it goes...

1) Got2B Hair Thickener - I love this! It works to thicken, strengthen and plump hair. How i use it: after i wash my hair, i go ahead and blow dry my hair just a little then add some of the product on my hands and run it through my hair. Then i finish blow drying it more then style it like i normally would. I straighten my hair lol I notice my hair having more volume, feeling a little thicker and just given a little oomph lol

2) Biosilk Silk Therapy - I've had this for a while but haven't really used it till recently lol it's expensive and i didn't want to waste it too fast lol I use it after im done with stylin my hair. Its oily so i dont use too much on my bangs or in one spot. I flip my hair and run my fingers with the product through my hair. I use it on the tip of my hair and it really helps the split ends and to tame down my hair. Another plus is that it smells amazing

3) Urban Decay Bronzer in Baked - I have been using this every single day! It reminds me of the MAC mineral finish. It has a shimmery look and it works perfectly as a highlight. That's what i use it for. It works as a bronzer and has the pretty shimmer for my cheekbones.

4) NARS Lipgloss in Turkish Delight - I've had this for the longest time but haven't really used it much till i recently reconnected with it haha It's the perfect pink sorbet color i love it

5) NYX Trio - I've been using the third eyeshadow a lot with my smokey look to give my eyes a bit of color. The color is called Hot Pink. It's not too pale and not too dark. It's a matte pink and its gorgeous

6) Maybelline ColorSensational in Born with It - I love to match this with the NARS lipgloss. I love this lipstick, it's like my favorite store brand one. It's a perfect pale pink and i've been using it every day, it works with every look

7) Garnier Anti-Puff eye roller - This stuff really works lol I use it at night and it the morning if i know i don't get enough sleep and it really helps me to not look as tired as i am haha All i do is roll it under my eyes from one corner to the other and let it dry and in like 5-10 minutes i put on my foundation and the rest of my makeup. Once im done with that, my puffiness is gone! Love it!

8) Cocoa Butter Lip Balm - I've talked about this before and it's been my favorite lip balm ever. It makes my skin so soft and it lasts on my lips for a while. It's very cheap and i've been using it all day everyday

9) ULTA Eyeshadow in Gunmetal - these eyeshadow have amazing pigmentation and color pay-off they just leave a lot of fall-out. You have to pat it on the lid and not so much brush it. I love this specific color though. It's perfect for fall. It's a bit shimmery but not too light. It's the perfect shade for my eyes.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Halloween [WARNING!-Picture Heavy]

Hey everyone! Hope all of you had a fun Halloween this year. Mine was pretty laid back. Spent time with my brothers at home watching scary movies all night! We got dressed up and just ate candy while getting scared haha. We ended up watching Sleepy Hallow, Sweeny Todd and The Mummy! Thanks to the daylight savings nonsense we got to stay up and enjoy our movies =) .Now on to my costume! I honestly didn't think i was going to dress up at all but the night before i had an idea to use what i have, do some crazy makeup and hair and be someone else other than myself lol Sooooooooooooooooooooo.... i decided to be Lydia from Beetlejuice! haha. I googled some pictures of her and i did the hair like she has it..or at least attempted lol the makeup i tried combining the cartoon one with the movie, but also keeping it pale yet pretty. I used a very light foundtion that i have from Physicians Formula (i dont know why i have it so light lol). The color is called Classic Ivory and i honestly do not know why i own such a light foundation but it worked perfectly lol. I also used two purples from my 120 palette and some black. I threw on some falsies from Ardell. I forgot the number lol Also for the cheeks to contour them i used a gray shadow from a NYX trio and mixed with the lighter purple that i used on my eyes. I paled out my lips with NYC cover stick and added a bit of purple shadow under my bottom lip to make my lips stand out a bit. That's basically it =). With the hair i used a lot of boby pins and wax for the bangs. That's about it =) I had a lovely photobooth photoshoot on my computer haha so enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions or comments leave them below =)