Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My little project

So this past week i've been working on this little project of mine. My dad brought me home this old lookin shelf that he wanted to throw out. At first i didn't want it because it looked so old and beat up i thought it was gross lol But i took it in anyway. I went to Home Depot and got some white paint and painted it. I then screwed some hooks on the bottom so i can hang things off it. Finally i decided to personlize it to match my room so i added a bunch of scratch on stickers that i got from Michaels. The hard part was actually installing it on my wall by myself but after a little effort i did it lol i was super proud of myself and i love how it looks! On top i have my flower and an egg box and i hung some necklaces and a dream catcher thingy that i've had for like ever. Hooray for my cute little project!


  1. that is soooo cute. I NEED shelves in my room BAD. I've been meaning to go to home depot or Lowe's to get some :] lol. thats adorabllle. Me likey! I lovee how you get to hang your necklaces also!
    Good job :]

  2. thanks sweetness =) its very practical and gives the room a more girly feel to it (if thats even possible since i have pink walls haha)