Saturday, November 14, 2009

How i organize my scarves

As i was cleaning my closet last night i realized i have too many scarves for my own good lol I had them all on hangers and i figured i would get so annoyed finding one, especially now that the weather is going to get colder. Soooo i found this hanger type thing in my garage and had the perfect plan for it lol i hung it behind my door in my room and put up all my scarves on it. It looks great, its practical and i have more room in closet now =) .I love finding ways to organize my things, it makes everything so much easier. How do you keep your things organized?


  1. supppperrr cute. I have a lot of scarves too - but def. NOT this much.. haaa. love them.

    I have one of those hanger thingiiies for all my necklaces because WOW I have sooooo muchhh :]

  2. hanger thingies r too practical for words haha

    i never realized i had so many scarves till i did this haha thnks tho =)

  3. The organization looks pretty neat....well, Organized...:)