Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Online CCO?

Yes you read it right... ONLINE CCO! If you don't know a cco is a Cosmetic Company Outlet which sells makeup that is cheaper than the regular price in the store. Some items are limited edition or discontinued and if you're lucky, you would find it a cco. So i discovered this online one that has amazing things with amazing prices! I want to place an order soon for either my birthday or christmas hah
You can go on thi website:
They have top brand names like MAC, Urban Decay, Smashbox and Stila, which are a few of my favorites! They have a great variety of brushes, lipsticks and glosses that im dying to get. Im always down for a good bargain =) . Have you heard about this?


  1. dudeeee, no way ... are those FAKE ?? lol

    i checked it out, i want everything, some are reg. MAC prices, but some are SOOO CHEAP its weird lol...

    i have never heard of this siiiteee ??

    i wonder if they really are REAL.


  2. omg i was wondering that too! haha ill try not to go too crazy when i order so i can see haha

  3. ha yes please! well i was youtubing it , and TONSSSS of people had the greatest reviews on the, and DID say they are ALL ATHENTIC. you should check out the youtbue videos, i watched a million and was impressed. lol

  4. hmmmmm now i really want them haha

  5. yes yes yessss meeeeeee tooooooooooooooooo.



  6. Is this legit? If it really is authentic I'm going to be going crazy... lol

  7. ive done some research and it is lol im scared to look more into it bc i cant use my credit card for another 2 or 3 weeks im going crazy haha

  8. i think it IS LEGIT !!!

    I showed my mom too lol since she works @ Lancome, she was like whattt, those look totally real. and now she wants to buy a lot also! lol

  9. haha omg i wanna try and let u know but if anyone tries it first pls let me know