Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TUTORIAL: How to depott NYX Trio eyeshadow

There are a lot of tutorials on how to depott MAC eyeshadows and its basically the same tactic but used on the trio. It's very exciting that they fit in the MAC 15 palettes! So instead of having 3 or 4 different nyx trios, you can just depott them in a MAC palette and there you have them so much handy and easier to carry with you. I needed to depott this trio so i thought why not make a post out of it right lol Hope i make it easy enough to follow =)

(NOTE: This is MY way of doing it and it works, other people might have another way but this is what i use)


1) MAC 15x palette
2) NYX Trio (white/gray/black)
3) Sharp knife (be careful with it!)
4) Sticker magnets
5) Wax paper
6) My CHI hair straightner
STEP1: Poke the knife in between where there is space and SLOWLY tug it till if comes out of place. Be careful with this step i don't want to be responsible for missing fingers O_o!


STEP2: Turn on your iron, and put the wax paper on the hot plate. Fix the plastic trio with the shadows on it for about 20 seconds, depending on the heat of your iron. You can use the knife to check when the bottom is a bit melted.

CAUTION HOT! - Grab the edge of the trio carefully and turn it around. Poke each individual shadow with the knife and you should be able to push it right out because the glue melted. DO NOT touch the shadow pan! IT'S HOT!

STEP4: Let the shadow pans cool off a little bit while you get your little magnets ready. Mine were too big since they're squares so i cut the edges off. Turn the pans around and stick the magnet on the back

FINAL STEP: Add them to your palette and have fun organizing it =)