Monday, November 2, 2009

October Favorites!

So it's that time again. Time to share with you my monthly favorites! October went by so fast i don't even remember what i did haha Anyway these are a few products i've been using a lot this past month. Here it goes...

1) Got2B Hair Thickener - I love this! It works to thicken, strengthen and plump hair. How i use it: after i wash my hair, i go ahead and blow dry my hair just a little then add some of the product on my hands and run it through my hair. Then i finish blow drying it more then style it like i normally would. I straighten my hair lol I notice my hair having more volume, feeling a little thicker and just given a little oomph lol

2) Biosilk Silk Therapy - I've had this for a while but haven't really used it till recently lol it's expensive and i didn't want to waste it too fast lol I use it after im done with stylin my hair. Its oily so i dont use too much on my bangs or in one spot. I flip my hair and run my fingers with the product through my hair. I use it on the tip of my hair and it really helps the split ends and to tame down my hair. Another plus is that it smells amazing

3) Urban Decay Bronzer in Baked - I have been using this every single day! It reminds me of the MAC mineral finish. It has a shimmery look and it works perfectly as a highlight. That's what i use it for. It works as a bronzer and has the pretty shimmer for my cheekbones.

4) NARS Lipgloss in Turkish Delight - I've had this for the longest time but haven't really used it much till i recently reconnected with it haha It's the perfect pink sorbet color i love it

5) NYX Trio - I've been using the third eyeshadow a lot with my smokey look to give my eyes a bit of color. The color is called Hot Pink. It's not too pale and not too dark. It's a matte pink and its gorgeous

6) Maybelline ColorSensational in Born with It - I love to match this with the NARS lipgloss. I love this lipstick, it's like my favorite store brand one. It's a perfect pale pink and i've been using it every day, it works with every look

7) Garnier Anti-Puff eye roller - This stuff really works lol I use it at night and it the morning if i know i don't get enough sleep and it really helps me to not look as tired as i am haha All i do is roll it under my eyes from one corner to the other and let it dry and in like 5-10 minutes i put on my foundation and the rest of my makeup. Once im done with that, my puffiness is gone! Love it!

8) Cocoa Butter Lip Balm - I've talked about this before and it's been my favorite lip balm ever. It makes my skin so soft and it lasts on my lips for a while. It's very cheap and i've been using it all day everyday

9) ULTA Eyeshadow in Gunmetal - these eyeshadow have amazing pigmentation and color pay-off they just leave a lot of fall-out. You have to pat it on the lid and not so much brush it. I love this specific color though. It's perfect for fall. It's a bit shimmery but not too light. It's the perfect shade for my eyes.


  1. hiiiii dawl!
    very niiiice things :)

    so does this comment notification thing workk ??


    im in lOVE with bioSILk.
    my hair would be nuts without it .!

    oh and I really need to get me some NYX I have none of that makeup but always hear great reviews lol

  2. OH EM GEEEE IT WORKSSSS!!!! HAHA! i got an email notification haha i feel so accomplished haha

    i highly recommend NYX they have awesome can get em cheap at if u dont know about it check it out =)

  3. yay it worked then. Awesome. I totally just put in my email address woohoo.


    yes yes I need to order some, I don't think they carry NYX here. im totally going to check out that website.

    thanks hun :]

    & now lets keep in touch because we are so cool because NOW we know when we have comments