Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thoughts: Mac To The Beach collection

So the collection came out today online. I was going to place my order last night at midnight but i completely forgot and when i woke up this morning i just jumped on my computer to check it out. As i expected, the Marine Life highlight powder was Sold Out! I was very sad. I was going to wait until i can go to my local Mac counter and look for it but i had little hope to find it and it would've been out of my way anyway. So what i did is i went on Nordstrom.com because they sell Mac and there it was!!! I quickly grabbed my credit card and got it lol! That's the only thing i ordered from them. I already got an email that they shipped it so yay!
Then i ordered everything else that i wanted from the Mac website. I examined this collection soooo carefully because it's so tempting to get almost everything from it and i didnt want to spend too much money. So here's what i ended up getting aside from the Marine Life highlight powder...
- Refined Golden Bronzer
- Hipness Blush
- Lazy Day lipstick
- Firecracker eyeshadow
- Sweet and punchy eyeshadow

My thoughts on the rest of the products:
Sand and Sun: i heard that it doesn't have a good color pay off. I dont usually go crazy over matte eyeshadows anyway, even as a highlight. I thought its dupe-able and wasn't worth the money just for the packaging
Shimmermoss and Humid: Both of these are permanent colors. They're so gorgeous and i want them but can get them at any time. I also like to depot some of my shadows for the pro palette so it wasnt worth getting it for the package.

I was interested in getting Beachbound but just for the sheerness, to me wasn't that worth it. It wouldnt be something i would be crazy about. I like the more subtle soft shades of color, not so much of a sheen glaze type, so i thought i could pass. The other two, Thrills and Funbathing, are too dark in my opinion and im usually the light lipsticks type of gal.I also read somewhere that a great dupe for Thrills is NYX Indian Pink.

I originally wanted all of them but then i changed my mind. They're a bit too sparkly and glittery for my usual taste and i feel like they're pretty regular. Except Flurry of Fun. Its a gorgeous orange with teal glitters. I just felt like i wasn't going to use it much. I almost got Splashing which is a blue pink, but more of a pinky shade. I read that if you have English Accents from the Liberty of London collection, Splashing isnt really worth it. The packaging is really pretty though.And the other one, Easy Lounger just seemed like the typical pink gloss with glitter.

I dont use lipliners and i have the eyeliners from Urban Decay and i feel like they're good enough when i do use them. I also heard that they smudge quite easily so i didn't feel it was worth it. Loving the packaging a lot though.

Powder Blushes:
I wanted to get both of them. I was torn between the two, but then i saw a swatch of Get-Away bronze which is a mid-tone suntan and wasn't too impressed by it. It's a frost finish and i didn't feel i was going to use a bronzy blush that shimmery so i picked Hipness blush instead which is a coral color with soft pearls. Since im obsessed with corals and this was a pre-release with the Fafi collection, i had to have it.

Creme Bronzers:
I was actually excited about these since they're new release for Mac, but then i saw reviews and swatches and it had chunks of glitter?! I wouldn't even know how exactly to use the creme bronzer LOL! i like sticking with the powder form bronzers, i feel like they're more natural. What do you think about these?

Bronzing Powder:
I know both of these are permanent but i was really loving the packaging too much to not get it. I was going to get Golden at first since it doesn't seem so sparkly but i read a lot of reviews saying that Refined Golden is a gorgeous darker shade and the glitters don't show up as instense as they have it in the pan. I was also in need of a good new bronzer anyway LOL

Lustre Drops/Bronze Body Oil/Nail Laquers:
I wasn't really interested in any of these. The lustre drops i was simply curious about but its too much shimmer for me. I feel like i could find some dupes from Benefit Cosmetics or Stila. The bronze body oil i was just never going to use, and the nail laquers weren't that impressive.

130 and 131 brushes:
I'm actually not ready to spend that amount of money on brushes yet lol they look great and useful but the 131 looks a lot like my Kirkland brush that i already use for foundation and im very happy with, so i passed on these too.

That's basically all my thoughts about this collection.
I'm very excited to recieve my things and post pictures and swatches.
Have you ordered anything yet? What do you like most about this collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.


  1. I was seriously so excited for the lipsticks and lipglass but then like you kind of said, they aren't really anything special. I wanted Marine Life high light powder, but it's sold out online! I'm wondering if it will be in stores tomorrow. I only ordered two of the e/s, Sweet & Punchy and Shimmermoss.

  2. great review Amira! im on a make up ban but will check them out wen my ban is over! lol