Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My 15 must have items for my makeup bag for spring/summer

I never know what to carry around with me in my makeup bag, especially when spring and summer is around the corner. I usually don't mix my everyday products with what i carry with me for touch-ups. Here's my top 15 of what i consider a must have. No matter what i decided to leave out i always go back to putting these back in the makeup bag. Now that summer is coming, i have some essentials that i just have to have with me and are very handy no matter what i end up going. Here's my list
(these are in no particular order or preference)

1) Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing Baby Doll - i love carrying this around for the summer for a pop of color if i need a touch-up. Even though it's a blush, it works great as a contour/bronzer color. It's smooth and doesn't make me look dirty especially when my face gets a bit oily during the warmer days.
2) Nail Files - every girl should carry these around. They come in extremely handy if you have a small accident with your nails, and they happen to me a lot. Definitely a must have!
3) Mini Brushes - i just love my mini brushes LOL! The different sizes are for everything i need. Tiny blush brush, shadow brush and a liner brush. You should have at least one, i just went too far i think lol
4) Hair tie/bobby pins - spring/summer time means warm weather. I wear my hair down most of the time but when it gets hot i cannot stand hair in my face so i put it up or style it with some bobby pins. Super handy.
5) Revlon Lipgloss - i love these for the texture and color variety they have, they're all gorgeous. Best part: it has SPF! that's amazing to find a lipgloss with protection against the sun. Look gorgeous while protecting your lips!
6) Mini eyeshadow Lorac in Serenity - i got this as a sample at Sephora last year and i love it for the summer. It's a light bronze with shimmer, so its perfect. Any mini eyeshadow that you might have would be a must have for your makeup bag.
7) Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero - some eyeliners smudge by the end of the day and its always handy to have a small one in your makeup bag. I still had some left of this so i just put it in my makeup bag.
8) Eyebrow pencil/brush - i keep this just in case my eyebrows get messed up or i sweat and it fades away, which hasn't been a very big problem for me but i keep this with me because you never know.
9) Oral B Floss - i usually like having the spray mint things but i haven't gotten around to buying one yet so the floss works just as fine. When you're out a lot during nice weather you want to be prepared for anything so these come in handy sometimes.
10) Stila all over shimmer sample - i love this because its so multitasking. I can use it as a highlight for my cheekbones, browbone or body. It's always nice to have this and add some glow in the summer time.
11) Carmex/Blistex with SPF15 - Protecting your lips in the sun is very important. These are the ones i have with me that have SPF and they help protect my lips. It's a definite must have in your makeup bag.
12) Band-aids - you HAVE to have some of these lol if you're the one to wear uncomfy yet stylish shoes you want to be ready when your feet start to bother you - ladies we all know this happens - so be prepared
13) Perfume samples - i carry around three LOL! I have Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Chanel and Dior. They're all fresh scents and smell amazing for those summery days that are coming up. Any sample of your favorite perfume is great to carry with you in your makeup bag.
14) Hand sanitizer - i love clean hands lol! you can carry the regular hand sanitizer or you can get those mini ones form Bath and Body Works. They have various scents and are so cute to carry with you. I plan to go and grap a few soon.
14) Brush/Mirror - this completes my makeup bag collection of stuff. It's a compact with a brush and a mirror. It's a great tool to carry around because you carry two important essentials in one little compact. It's a definite must-have.

Let me know what some of your must-haves are for the spring/summer season.
For more ideas check out this website and go through the list of different products you can use and carry around in your makeup bag. It helped me figure out what's essential to carry with me while on the go. If you find it difficult to narrow down what products to take with you grab ideas from the Be in Style Fashion Blog, which makes it very simple and focuses on the important things. Enjoy!
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  1. Those little brushes are cute! :)

  2. Totally agree with you on nail files, my nails chip and break like crazy! I also love Revlon lip glosses, actually bought my first one the other day in Coral Reef, if you don't have this and if you like corals, you must check it out! Perfume samples and hand sanitizer are also musts for me, especially in gross and humid summers in Chicago lol

  3. @LipGlossGossip - Thanks! =)

    @Ebru - ooo Coral Reef sounds gorgeous i have to go check it out next time. and i agree about the weather lol! all for seasons in one week whats up with that haha