Thursday, July 8, 2010

Haul - Nordstrom Rack and Mac

I went out with my mom last week and we found a Nordstrom Rack! What it is, its sort of like Tj Maxx, but with various brand name clothing at a reasonable price. They also have accessories (bags, jewelery. etc) and some cosmetics. My mom found a few clothes for herself, but i wasn't really into anything for myself that day lol. I did however pick up makeup remover and a hair spray.

I decided to get the Neutrogena Night Calming makeup remover cleansing towelettes. They actually work really well. They were about $5. Comparing them to the regular cleansing towelettes, which is in a blue packet (this is purple), i'd say its about the same. It still removes all the makeup, it leaves my skin clean and soft. The towelettes themselves seem a bit softer and they smell like flowers lol those are the only differences.

I also picked up a new hairspray that's volumizing. It's the Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder Hairspray. It retails for about $20 but i only paid $9.97 on it! It's a pretty big can so its going to last me a while. Its fast drying and gives my hair a firm hold without it looking to crunch together or dry. It smells decent, like any other hairspray lol. It makes it easy to tease the hair without ruining it by tangling it like spaghetti in a fork. Great buy!

I stopped at my local Mac. I didn't want to buy too many things because i was saving up for the new In the Groove collection, which i will have a haul post soon yay!!! Anyway, i got something ive been wanting for a looong time and that is Myth Lipstick! Officially my favorite nude lipstick ever. It's a pale muted peacy-beige. It's a satin finish, which isn't that great becaus it dries my lips really fast but the color is just amazing that the finish doesn't even matter to me at all. I know im probably late to give credit to this lipstick but its amazing!


  1. I have swatches of ALL lipsticks and Cremesheen Glasses(to be posted-editing now) on my blog, check it out & follow plz!

  2. Awesome haul. Looking forward to your In The Groove collection review.

  3. Oooh, Myth looks beautiful! Do you have any idea how it compares to Creme d'Nude? I love Creme d'Nude but sometimes it makes me look washed out. So I'm nervous that Myth might do the same?

  4. I have both and Myth makes my lips looks a lot more pale than Creme d'Nude. I would say the only difference is the finish. Myth is Satin and Creme D'nude is a cremesheen.