Thursday, July 29, 2010

TUTORIAL: How i do my eyebrows!

I've been getting a long of questions on how i do and what i use for my eyebrows. This is one of those posts where im going to feel very naked showing you my eyebrows but im willing to sacrifice lol. My eyebrows are naturally very annoying lol! I've always had thick eyebrows until highschool, when i let my mother pluck them for me....big mistake!... they were good for a while but then they developed a mind of their own and had no shape whatsoever. It takes too long to let them re-grow and re-start the shape, so in the mean time i try to shape them up on my own.

My natural eyebrows
They're not too sparse and not too full either, but very uneven. The reason for that is because my right one has thin blonde hairs so it makes it look bolder and a lot lighter than my left one..(that's how close i've examined them lol!). They're thin because of overplucking and weird shaped because of how im growing them back, they have no definite shape on their own.

Keeping up with my eyebrowsI bought Ardell stencils from my local drugstore. They're the plastic sheet with various shapes of eyebrows. I didn't follow the stencil exactly but i used it as a guideline to at least make my eyebrows even. I don't use this anymore because i know what shape i want. Any little hairs that grow below or above the shape i have i pluck. Since my hairs aren't short, i use eyebrow scissors to cut them a little bit, giving my eyebrows a more tamed look.

What i use
I never used powder to fill in my eyebrows. I have tried the Maybelline Define-a-brow and i really loved it. It filled in my eyebrows perfectly and made them look natural. The downfall about it was that it would finish too fast, so i stopped buying it. I mentioned in various posts about what i use at the moment to fill them in and shape them.And that is the Wet'n'Wild brow/eye liner pencil in Dark Brown. The pencil has a waxy feel to it so it keeps my eyebrows in place and doesn't smudge. I love that especially now that its so hot outside. To apply, i use an angled brush, i don't use the pencil directly because its too dark, and with a brush i can control the intensity.

How i do my eyebrows

I start off where my eyebrow starts, by the bridge of my nose, mark a curved line and draw it along the top, following your shape.
Once i get to the arch, i make sure to curve it to actually create that arch, then continue to draw the eyebrow and finish it.
Then i go back when the eyebrow starts and draw along the bottom, working in a curve upwards until the arch, then bring it back down.
I basically create an outline of my eyebrow, then go back and fill in whatever is left in between.
I always go with a spoolie and brush the eyebrow in the direction it grows, to make it look neat and nice.
Then i draw the other one, and make sure they're even.

Optional step: You can use a clear mascara to tame your eyebrows and keep them in place.
Advice: Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins.... make them look even and similar, so don't get frustrated if they're not identical.


  1. You've got a wonderful blog with really great reviews and ideas. I'm so glad I found it :)

  2. @HauteMuslimah - Aw thank you im glad you like it =)

    @theTreat in treating yourself - Thanks =)

  3. I love your eyebrows! Thanks for the tutorial, i've always thought that your eyebrows are amazing :)

  4. i think your eyebrows are okay if they are undone, they look so natural

  5. @neekeexoxo - aw thanks =)

    @Lillus - i appreciate that =) i do them differently like all the time haha