Monday, July 5, 2010

Review - Neutrogena Sensitive Moisturizer

I was very sad to part with my Biore Dual moisturizer, but it had to finish someday right? lol! I'm having a hard time finding it again so i dont know if it was a limited edition thing or my Walgreens has lost its groove. (if you know this info, let me know thank you). Nonetheless, i decided to try something new. Since im so hooked on Neutrogena products and i really think they're all amazing, i thought why not try this one out. Two words ladies... HATE ...IT. I've tried it out for about three days and it was the worst thing i ever experienced with my face and makeup.
"So Amira, why do you hate it, what's wrong with it?"... Ill tell you..
- First of all, it made my skin feel very greasy, even though it says it's oil-free
- It actually broke me out the second day, and it encouraged my redness on my face to stand out more
- I tried mixing it with the foundation, the application on my face was a nightmare. My foundation looked spoty on my face and somewhat blotchy.
- Then i tried applying it first, let it dry and then apply my foundation. Same result. My face looked cakey, felt heavy and looked like i was wearing pounds of makeup.
- I thought maybe my skincare routine was being a pain, but as i was wearing just the foundation, without any moisturizer, it worked great with no problems.

What it is...
"Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin is clinically proven to provide gentle yet effective moisturization for softer, smoother skin.
Effective moisturization. Lightweight, non-greasy, water-based lotion effectively eliminates dryness without leaving skin greasy or shiny.
Ideal for sensitive skin. Lightweight, ultra gentle and irritant-free moisturizer especially formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Won't clog pores
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance- free
  • Alcohol - free
Directions: Use 1 pump and apply all over face and neck. Use morning and night, alone or under makeup."
Sounds great right? Well it's not and i dont know why this didn't work for me at all. It was a nightmare in a tube. It did exactly the opposite of what it says LOL
Wrap-up of this review:
- It has a pump, that's always nice
- Doesn't have a nasty smell
- Lockable pump, great for traveling

- Terrible to mix with foundation
- Makes foundation go on cakey
- Feels greasy
- Silicone- like texture on the face
- Can make your skin break out
- Not as fit for oily-skin as i expected
Keep in mind dolls that this is just my experience with it and my opinion on this product. I purchased it with my own money from Walgreens, if anyone is wondering. If you use it, and it works for you, then major kudos lol! This is my personal review after testing the product...major fail... sorry Neutrogena.


  1. SO glad I read your post I was actually thinking of trying this product, now I think I'll try the
    Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Facial Cleanser in Pink Grapefruit.
    Hopefully that will have better results


  2. omg finally someone has the same opinion!!! i hate that freaking moisturizer. i use it as leg lotion now

  3. @Emmy7921 - I was curious of trying that cleanser too. I might pick it up next time, it looks pretty good. But don't get this moisturizer, its terrible lol

    @Christina BarbieLuvsMac - im so glad you agree! It makes me feel better to know im not the only one lol

  4. You can find the Biore moisturizer at Shipping rates and the lack of codes/promotions is annoying, but if you're looking for hard to find items it's a great site and I find it's better to spend the money on shipping than buying other inferior products that ruin your skin =)