Friday, July 9, 2010

Tiny Haul - Sinful Colors nail polish

So i mentioned a few posts ago how Walgreens had the Sinful Colors nail polishes were on sale for 99 cents! I didn't want to miss out and i went to go check them out. They have a bunch of new colors, which include neons, corals and pinks and dark rockstar shades. I ended up picking only two out of all the shades they had. None of them stood out to me as summer shades that i would wear right now. My nails are being a real pain too and they break but i really liked these two so i got them for the great price. The two i got are called Mint Apple and Snow Me White. I dont own anything like these two so im very happy with them.

Mint Apple is a jade green mint color with subtle gold shimmer in it. It's a gorgeous color, i really think its a must-have if you're into green nail polishes. Greens and blues usually don't really work on me so its really hard to find one of these color shades that would match me to my liking. Even though to me its a great fresh spring color, i think it works amazing for the summer too. If you can get a hold of this shade, i suggest you dont hesitate to get it.

Snow Me White is a glossy, matte pure white color. I dont own anything white and this seemed really pretty. I think it may glow in the dark from what i remember seeing haha but ill check that somehow and let you know lol. You have to be careful applying this, cuz it can get messy looking especially cuz its white. You need about two coats. Let the first coat dry, then go with the second for best results.
What other colors do you recommend from Sinful Colors?

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