Saturday, July 3, 2010

June Favorites!

Seriously can this year go by any faster lol! It's ridiculous. Im soooo sorry for my lack of posts i feel like im betraying my blog. I have so many posts in mind that i want to post and hopefully ill be more productive about it this month.
So with that said.... here are my few favorites of the month of June =)
1) Mac Refined Golden powder bronzer - i've been using this every single day im in love with it. I use it to contour and give my face a little umph of tan. Best part is that the chunky glitters that are so visible in the pan, don't come off as obvious once applied. It doesn't make my face orange or muddy looking. The packaging is a plus! The bronzer is however from the permanent collection.
2) Milani Liquif' Eye pencil liner - i recently bought this and its been my new HG eyeliner ever since. I absolutely love it. I just did a post about it reviewing it and showing you more pictures. Check it out HERE.
3) Ulta eyeshadow in Flirty - i got this about a year ago but ive been so addicted to it lately. Lately, i've been loving pairing it up with Smoke and Diamonds from Mac. I've done an FOTD using this. See it HERE. I originally bought this as a dupe for Urban Decay's Last Call.
4) Sephora Lip Gloss in Precious Pink - this was my last months favorite but i HAD to mention it again lol I've been pairing it up with the new lipstick, Lazy Day from To The Beach collection. Its a subtle pink with silver sparkles. It reminds me a lot of Easy Lounger that's why i've been using it with the lipstick.
5) Mac Lazy Day lipstick - i've been in love with this. I hope i can find something similar because i tried to get my hands on another one but couldn't find it anymore *sniff sniff*. I'm so happy i got my hands on it anyway, its the best. It looks amazing when i wear purple eyeshadow. Absolutely LOVE!

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