Monday, June 18, 2012

Favorite Hair Products

I always like to try products for my hair but there are just a few that i keep going back to and like to use a lot. I have crazy wavy frizzy natural hair so i have to take care of it and use certain things to protect it and make it look somewhat normal and avoid the whole cave woman style. I don't tend to use a ton of products but these are some that are my current everyday uses, also given the very hot muggy weather. 

Start off

So here's my list:

 When it comes to washing my hair, i like to switch up my shampoo every so often once my hair gets used to a certain type. I always seem to come around to using Tresemme shampoo and conditioner whether it's for volume, heat protector or naturals. I feel like there's always a type of shampoo for how my hair tends to feel. This is the one i'm currently using and likings a lot. I will admit that the idea of Natural organic ingredients made want to try and i really like it.
Again going with Tresemme products, a very popular one that i'm sure you may be familiar with is the heat tamer spray that protects against heat damage. Since my hair has a mind of its own, i have to keep it under control with lots of heat. I like to spray a little all over my hair but mostly focusing on the ends since they show the most damage when using hot tools. Smells flowery to me and leaves my hair soft and shinny. 
Speaking of shinny hair, i love running Got2b Glossy anti-frizz serum to make sure my hair stays in place giving the weather these days. It adds a nice shine to my hair and i always love the smell of Got2b products. You only need to use a little bit, and run it through my entire hair making sure i dont touch my roots or bangs because it is somewhat oily so it would just make my hair look dirty.
Herbal Essence hair sprays are my favorite ones to use. They don't have that terrible hair spray smell that a lot of other brands do. It's always fruity or flowery and nice and they work great without it leaving my hair dry or heavy with product. I don't always use hair spray but when i do its this one. 
Lastly the tools that i use to control my hair are both CHI products. My blowdryer is sort of falling apart at the moment. I've had it for a while now but it's a favorite of mine. Dries my hair quickly and the heat doesn't seem to make full damage. I love it.
My hair straightner i recently got and i love it. CHI never lets me down. It's a ceramic straightner, which are the best types. CHI was the brand i love because it was my first hair straightner brand that i got back in high school, so i've been loyal ever since. This one that i got has curved edges so it works great to curl your hair. 
Here's a picture of my hair using all the products mentioned. I had curled my hair using my hair straightner and used the hairspray to bring it all together.
I'm also looking into getting some hair treatments and masks to use, so ill make a post in the future when i find a few to try and talk to you about.
What are some of your favorite hair products?


  1. I love all of the Macadamia hair products, especially their deep repair masque. :)

  2. great post love the pictures you look so different in al of them !!!