Saturday, December 5, 2009

My November Favorites!

I finally got the chance to get together all the things i used in the month of November. I have to start remembering writing down or setting aside the things i use for the month because i forget haha. Some of these things i used everyday some every now and then but either way i can say i've reunited with some lol
So lets get started...

1) Ulta Body Swirl in Cupcake - i've been absolutely addicted to this! I love how it leaves my skin super soft and it gives me this nice glow because it has soft sparkles in it. It smells very sweet so if you dont like cupcake/vanilla-ish scents then this might not be your cup of tea lol Nonetheless i've been using it every single day this past month
2) Maybelline Define-a-brow in Dark Brown - I've had this for a while but haven't really used it much because i've been filling my eyebrows with a Wet'n'wild pencil. I decided to give this one another chance and i absolutely love it. I used it everyday to fill in my brows. It goes on very softly and it lets you control the intensity of the color you want. Also because it's to small you can really get in between the hairs and control it easier.
3) Mac Honey salve - so i got this with the Honey collection that was out this past summer. I've been using it a lot as a lip treatment bc my lips get so dry and gross during the cold season and this really helps with keeping them soft and healthy. I love it i wish i had a backup =/
4) Mac On a mission blush - this again came out this past summer with the Style Warrior collection. I haven't been using it much until now because it matches with the season for me lol its a pretty shimmery mauve color and its perfect for my cheeks this season
5) Urban Decay Blush brush - i've had this for like 3 years and i love using it with the blush. it puts on just the right amount of blush and i can easily swipe it on my cheek and blend it. The brush isn't too soft or too hard. It works perfectly to blend everything softly without overdoing it or underdoing it
6) Studio35 Duo brush - this is another brush i've been using a lot. I got it for $5 dollars at Walgreens last month and i've been using it this past month like crazy. I use on side to put on my eyeshadow and because it's so small i can work with the shadow in my inner corner without any problems. The other end i used to line my eyes with eyeshadow and its great
7) NYC cover stick in Light - I got this at Ulta for $1.99. I dont use it for what im supposed to lol i used it to pale out my lips for nude lips. I have such natural pigmented lips that when i do wear lipstick, their natural color is lost bc of my lips lol so i use this to pale them out so the lipsticks work better =)
8) Strawberry Carmex - i got this at Walgreens for like a dollar something i dont remember lol this is my second one this year lol its very handy i carry it in my pocket and use it when my lips get too dry and it works wonders its my favorite
9) Beauty Rush gloss - again i've had this for a while and i've noticed Victoria Secret beauty products are becoming so famous lately i found this and fell in love...again lol I love the minty feel it has and give my lips. yum lol im really lusting victoria secret makeup now lol
10) OPI nailpolish in Lincoln Park after Dark - I used this in the beginning of the month because its such a great fall color. I would've done a swatch on how it looks on my nails but im a nail bitter and they look horrible so im trying to grow them back haha I love this color either way because its not black but its that sexy dark color that's perfect for this season


  1. Carmex comes in strawberry!!! I had no idea. I hate the original one, maybe I should try the strawberry!

    But yes, I believe all of the e/s in the UD palettes are shimmery!! That's a bummer for someone who doesn't like a lot of shimmer. They should try to incorporate some mattes as well!!!

  2. haha yea! i hate the original one too strawberry is so much better lol

    and i agree they should make some matte palettes it would make me very happy lol

  3. That body swirl looks amazing! The packaging is nice, and I absolutely LOVE sweet-scented products ^^

  4. isnt it so cute Gaby! i recommend this then u would love it =)