Tuesday, December 15, 2009

REVIEW - Sephora Sculpting Disk

I've been wanting to try this for like ever! I finally had the chance to get it for my birthday and i was beyond excited. I got it, obviously, at Sephora for $24. I've been reading a few reviews online and a lot of people were very happy with it so i said why not. First let me mention the size of this thing! As you can tell by the pictures below it really is about the size of a DVD movie. It consists of what i call a trio powder power haha! It's basically a Matifying powder, a Blush Bronzer and a Highlighting powder. Now on to the details!...

I love the packaging. Its a round black compact disc with the Sephora logo on the front. I always have a bit a trouble getting it open because it seems stuck (lol) but once i open it im happy with what i see. You have the three powders and a large mirror makes everything very handy if you carry it in your purse.
The powders are very smooth. At first they seemed a little too powdery but you get used to it if you don't press too hard. The color itself shows up very smoothly on the face and its very easy to blend. I use the bronzer powder to contour, the matte powder to smooth out the harsh lines and the highlighting powder as a highlight. The bronzer and highlight look a bit shimmery but once you blend it on your face it gives such a nice fresh look. It's very subtle so you don't have to worry about glitter or looking too shinny.
The bronzer is just the right shade for my face to give it a bit of color. It's why i use it as a contour. The matte powder seems a bit too light but once i put it on it somehow blends in with everything else on my face. It's not a white powder, it's a yellow shade so it's perfect. The higlight powder is the nicest pink shade. It works great as a highlight and even a blush.
I am not at all bothered by the smell. It remind of baby powder lol It somehow feels very fresh, clean and feminine.
I am very happy with the product. It cuts a lot of my time getting ready by having three powders handy in this disc. After i apply my foundation i contour with the bronzer, use the middle powder to blend harsh lines, use loose powder to set the rest of my face and finally add the highlight above my cheeckbones, on the bridge of my nose and lightly on my forehead and im good to go. If i didn't have this i would have to use three different products but for the price of $24 you get a lot of product that will last you a while. =)

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  1. Hey,hon. Thank you for your comment. Yes all of max factor, I believe it's because it wasnt generating as many sales and P&G wanted to promote Covergirl more. =\