Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday/Small Drugstore Haul!

I feel like im so late with all these posts lol So my birthday was last week, December 2nd, and i got a few goodies! Also a few days before that i got some stuff, not too many, from Walgreens.
For my birthday i got some presents from my family and some things i got for myself with money i got. Here's a picture of everything i got...
From my mom i got the Wizard of Oz gift set. This to me was the most exciting gift because this movie means a lot to me. It used to be my grandfathers favorite movie and i used to watch it with him all the time. He passed away a few years ago and the clear memories i have of him from when i was a child are about this movie, so it means the world to me. The gift set itself is amazing! It has the dvd with 4 discs including the movie, commentaries and all sorts of documented things. A booklet about the movie and the actors AND (my favorite) a gorgeous watch! (i will take pictures of it and update this post)

Next i got a brush set that i wanted for soooooo long from Costco. It's only $19.99 and the quality of the brushes is amazing for the price! I'll be doing a separate post about these and go into more detail with lots of pictures and my personal review and opinion on it (ok FTC?)

Next i got the new Juicy Couture perfume Couture Couture. I LOVE this! It smells amazing i absolutely love it. It lasts a really long time and the set included a jar of the lotion which smell just like the perfume and a shower gel which i use in the shower. so i smell like this ALL the time haha

Then i went to sephora and mac and of course got some makeup. From sephora i got a Sephora Sculpting Disc because i've been wanting this for like the longest time ever! I didnt even realize it had so much product till i opened it haha its really great im glad i got it. it was only $24 and im saying "only" because for the price you get a lot of product and its great quality. Sephora also gave me the free birthday set that they give out which includes the 3 tiny glosses. Loved these so thank you Sephora! At mac i got a lipstick, Creme D'Nude, finally! I've been lusting for the perfect nude lipstick and i finally got it! I also asked them for a sample of the studio fix foundation because im trying to find my color. i got it in NC37. I dont know if im a big fan of these Studio Fix foundations lol or maybe its just the color i dont know lol

And finally, from my daddy i got a starbucks gift card lol he knows im obsessed with Starbucks and didnt know what else to get me that was just from him, so he got me this. Love it!
Now for the things i got from Walgreens
I got two nailpolishes and tweezers. lol Doesn't sound much but i really needed new colors and new tweezers because i lost mine and it was an emergency to get new ones lol The nailpolishes i got i really love. They're called Sinful Colors Professional and they're only $1.99! For the price they're really good i like them. I got a pink/coral one that reminded me of barbie colors (LOL!) in Beautiful Girl and a glittery clear one, Opal Glitter, because i thought it was gorgeous. I could wear it by itself or over the Beautiful Girl one. I might get some more of these soon. Now for the tweezers they had a good sale for $4.99 and i thought why not get it now. It's by Revlon and they're the diamond grip tweezers that came with a little pouch. I honestly do not know why they call it the diamond grip tweezers but they're really good. They grab the hair and pull it out directly without hurting me by pulling the skin or missing hairs that are hard to get lol Plus the little pouch is so cute and handy if i want to put it in my purse i can easily do that so i love it.
That's all for my presents/haul. =)


  1. eeeek, I've been lusting over the brush set!
    I just don't have a costo membership card :( I need to find a way to purchase it.... hmmm

    can't wait for the review!!!

  2. they actually have them online but they're alot more expensive... its worth getting a card lol

    ill write the review soon =)