Monday, August 23, 2010

How i organize my makeup brushes!

I thought i would dedicate a post to makeup brushes. I rarely talk about brushes because i don't really spend a lot on them, since i spend too much on makeup. Having good brushes is very important. They can make makeup application a lot easier if they're good quality. If you're just starting out with makeup and don't know where to start, try to focus on getting good brushes. Drugstores have cheap sets. Or you can check out Target, they have a great variety. If you're looking for good quality and decent price, i highly recommend the EcoTools brushes, they're very good. Those are the first brushes i ever got. Other places you can get good brushes is online at either or (i plan to look into these soon). I think so far i have a pretty descent collection of brushes. Most of them are from the Kirkland set i got the past winter from Costco. If you want to see a more details see the full review HERE.

I keep all my full sized brushes in a round glass container, which is like the Sephora style brush holder. If you're familiar with the style, you know that it can have a bow tied around it. Instead of that, i just bought some butterfly stickers and added them all over the container. They're not actual stickers that peal off; i had to scratch them onto the surface so they look really nice.

Inside i have these clear beads to help hold the brushes up straight and in place. All of these i got from Michaels craft store. I think you can also find them at a Dollar Tree store if you're looking not to spend too much on things like these.

For my little mini brushes i use a smaller jar, which is from a candle lol! The candle burned out so i washed the jar (pain the butt btw) and filled it up with the small beads and its perfect for the few tiny brushes i have =)

Please excuse the dirty brushes, i really have to make time to clean them up lol
(here's how i clean my brushes)
How do you organize your brushes?
Do you recommend any specific brushes that are a MUST-HAVE for my collection?


  1. Cute storage idea! I keep my brush in a coffee mug LOL.

  2. although mines in a mug also, i prefer this sephora-esque storage idea! even hobby lobby or a fabric store may have similar beads or inexpensive little knick knacks to use for similar purposes!

  3. We seem to be into some of the same things. I just started my own blog, and I would really appreciate some suggestions or comments! I thank you in advance if you decide to check out my blog and give me some feedback.

  4. @Gaby - that works just fine! =)

    @Curves ahead makeup - thanks doll! =)

    @jetgirl - the sephora idea is super cute! its girly and ur rite you can find it cheaper

    @Lady Gabby - I will definitely take a look and comment often and if if i have suggestions ill let u know =)

    @Get Gawjus! - thanks lovely!

  5. I find the ELF brush holder does the trick, and it only costs a fiver!