Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Ins and Outs...

I haven't done one of these posts in a while and it just seems appropriate since i feel like i have an entire list of things that i could talk about. So here it is...


So summers finally over and i go back to school. I'm mainly excited because i get so much closer to graduating and i cannot wait! Plus back to school means supplies yay!

I've been obsessed with pink blushes. At the beginning of summer it was all about corals, now im really loving the whole pink flushy cheeks. I find myself reaching for the pink ones more often so its so in!

I've been literally OBSESSED with anything coconut. I'm not even sure how this whole thing started to be honest lol I'm even drinking coconut smoothies LOL! My next goal is to go by Bath and Body Works and find coconut scented lotions and such.

I recently did my very first swap and its super fun! I love getting things that i can't find here and to send things that others dont have somewhere else. It's like Christmas morning when i get packages LOL!

I recently joined it and its so much fun! Even though i don't have it on my phone and i can't update it on-the-go, i try my best to be on entertains me lol

I'm lovin my hair with bangs recently. I've always parted my bangs to the left. Now i do them to the right, and i'm loving them soooooo much better. Curling my hair has also become something i love doing. I make my hair have more volume, since keeping it straight makes it look flat and limpy. Hooray for good hair days!


There was a time where all i did was go on Facebook and harvesting my crops on Farmville LOL! Now i don't feel the need or the want to be on it, it's too overrated nowadays.

I've had this time when i did my nails all pink everytime i had a chance. Now i'm really into more lavender shades and darker colors for fall. Mushroom by Barry M will be my all time favorite i can tell u that now lol!

I haven't worn jeans this summer much and i have to say it i love it so much better. It's more fashionable and comfortable to wear various pants and focus on accessories and such.

I kinda gave up on looking for a different job or working at all for the rest of the year. I have so many hard classes that im taking and if i dont focus, all the money i would be earning would go to school to re-take classes lol It's focus time!
What are some of your Ins and Outs?


  1. mmm coconut is sooo yummy smelling.

  2. Ahh coconut scent is amazing! I have started school again and it is pretty good. When do you start school? xx

  3. @Missy*Kimmy - it is! its amazing im obsessed lol

    @neekeexoxo - coconut is awesome lol aw im glad school is good for u..i just started today =)

  4. Love this post! Oh my goodness. School is soo stressful for me as well. Finally, taking AP classes and I'm literally drowning.
    xoxo Debby