Friday, August 20, 2010

Hair routine!

A lot of you were asking me and messaging me about my hair, so i thought i would talk about what i do and the products i use to tame this mess on my head LOL. My routine always changes, so this post is what im using at the moment depending on my mood and that of my hairs.

This is the one step that never ever stays the same. Whenever i finish a shampoo bottle, i go buy another one...literally a different one every single time lol The one im using at the moment (which is about to finish!) is Dove...BTW im fully aware that the shampoo and conditioner are for different things but that's how i wanted them lol. I've been loving Dove shampoo for about a year and a half or so. They have sooooo many different types of Dove and i can say i've tried almost every single one. You can find the one that fits your type of hair best. The shampoo im currently using is for Intensive Repair, because i use hot tools to style my hair and it damages it. I feel that Dove REALLY helps it out. The conditioner is for Volume Boost to give my hair a little umph...doesn't really work that well but oh well, it smell nice lol

Comb from Sallys Beauty Supply
I keep this in the shower to brush my hair when i apply the conditioner. It spreads it evenly throughout the hair and smoothes it out so you can brush it easier later on. (I make sure to just brush from the top of my head, down. I avoid adding conditioner on my bangs because it leaves it oily and gross)

Leave-in Conditioner
Sometimes if im in a hurry and don't bother with conditioner in the shower, i have this handy leave-in conditioner that detangles my messy hair. The one i like using it by Aussie - Hair Insurance. I just spray it all over my hair before i brush it, and it makes it a lot easier, instead of bulling the hair out of my head.

To style my hair i use different products depending on how my hair is after i blowdry it, or how the weather is outside. My natural hair is very wavy and frizzy...picture Tina Turner LOL! These are all the products i use, depending whether i want to keep my hair naturally curly/wavy, straighten it or style some curls.

Got2B - Wavy Hair
I can't believe i almost have the whole set of this Smooth Operator thing lol! I use these when it's not so humid outside and i can leave my hair out and about because it makes it look really nice. Before i blowdry my hair i use the Smoothing Luxury Mousse so it tames down the hair while drying it. Then i apply the Smoothing Lustre Lotion which is like a cream that keeps the hair together. It looks wet when u apply it but then it dries and leave the hair looking shinny and smooth. Sometimes i use the Smoothing Hairspray when i want to just wrap up the hair after using so many things lol It's not a sticky hairspray so it just adds help to keep the hair tamed. All of these products btw smell AMAZING. It's that that regular product smell, its very fresh and it lasts like all day. If you don't like hair smell to follow you all day then maybe you have to skip this.

Garnier Fructis
I use this when my hair has a good non-frizzy day. I smooth it out with this Anti-Frizz serum, that is leave-in. It's a bit oily so make sure you don't touch bangs, if you have any, or anywhere that you don't want it to look too oily. This serum smooths the hair and protects it so it won't get frizzy. It smells really nice too. I always spray the hair with hairspray and i love using this Sleek and Shine spray with the serum. The spray isn't sticky so it won't leave your hair dry or crunchy hard.

Got2B - Straight Hair
Can you tell im like obsessed with Got2B stuff lol For when i straighten my hair i use either one of these things, not both. The Crazy Sleek Hot Smooth Flat Iron & Blow-Dry Lotion is like a thermal protection that protects the hair against the heat of the styling products. It doesn't really make my hair feel any different but it just protects it and makes it look less dry. The Styl-Tini Double Shot 24 hour hair thickner is my favorite product. I apply it on damp hair before i blow dry my hair. It gives my hair some volume so when i straighten it, it doesn't have that limpy look to it, since my hair tends to do that even though it is pretty thick.

Big Sexy Hair Tease
I use this when im in the mood to tease my hair. I think i've talked about these before and how i love using them to give my hair a more pumped look. I grab some hair from the crown of my head, spray some hairspray on the roots of that chunk of hair, then tease it with the brush. The spray dries fast, and is sticky so it basically freezes the hair the way i style it. I do this only once in awhile, not every time because it teasing tends to damage the hair.

That's basically all the products i use. I know it seems like a lot but i don't use them ALL at the same time lol I kinda like my hair because there's so many things i can do with it and all these products help me achieve the look im going for.

These are the only hair tools that i use and i absolutely love them. I would love to try some other ones but for now im happy with these
These are other shampoos/conditioners that i've tried and go back to from time to time

These are some of the products that are on my wishlist at the moment
What are some your favorite hair products?


  1. Hey lovely.. you soooo need to try the bb creme de coco mask it is honestly AMAZING!.. xx

  2. i read sooo much about it im wanting it so bad! lol