Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swap Haul- UK Goodies! (Pic Heavy!)

So i recently did a swap with a gorgeous follower of mine, Sonia. She sent me so many awesome goodies i was very excited. All these products cannot be found in the US, unfortunately. Barry M, Gosh and Sleek makeup. I absolutely love every single thing i got and cannot wait to be able to use them all. So lets get started on each product and what i think of them.

She sent me this really nice quad. I actually really love the colors and the quality. There's a sticker on the name so i dont know what its called but it says Q35, i just don't have the name of it. The colors are very nice and can work all together or just in pairs. The quality of the shadow is very soft, not too pigmented but buildable. There's a combination of satiny and semi-matte finish. It also comes with a double ended sponge applicator.

Also from Gosh, she sent me two nail polishes which im really loving. One color is 086-Rose, which is a nice creamy pale pink with a sort of sheen to it. It's going to be perfect for the holidays. The other color is 63-Sunset and i REALLY love this one. It's a nice orange sheen and i couldn't help but think Halloween lol!

I got a blush from Sleek Makeup. It's so cute! The packaging is so small and adorable and perfect to carry with you. It has a mirror too. The shade is in Pixie Pink 936. It's a gorgeous hot pink with a matte finish. Even tough it looks almost scary in the pan, it comes off very soft with a light hand. However, it is buildable if you desire a more dramatic cheek color. I think these are definitely worth checking out in other colors the quality is amazing.

I saved the best for last! She sent me four nailpolishes (Mushroom, Strawberry, Pink Flamingo, Berry), two lipsticks (129 Palest Lavender,101 Marshmallow), two lipglosses (12 Strawberry Milkshake,4 Pastel Pink), seven dazzel dusts and two glitter dusts.

I'm abolutely in LOVE with the nailpolishes. I can't wait to fix up my nails and wear them LOL! Mushroom is the darkest out of all of them and perfect for fall. Berry is a gorgeous lavender and i've been looking for a nice lavender and i finally have it lol. Strawberry is a gorgeous pale pink and it's just my type of shade, girly and gorgeous. Pink Flamingo is absolutely beautiful. It's a coral pink that basically has summer time written all over it lol I think this will be the shade i will make much use of for the rest of the summer.

The lipsticks are amazing yet different from each other. Marshmallow is VERY pale. Like the most nude lipstick i have in my collection. Im talking concealer nude. It seems a bit dry so you have to moisturize very welll beforehand. I definitely love the paleness to it though. Palest Lavender is a gorgeous color. It looks purple in the tube, but when applied it comes off as a soft pinky lavender. The consistency is extremely soft and moisturizing. It's super creamy so it might have the tendency to break easily or melt. It reminds me of the lustre finishes from Mac.

I love the lipglosses. Strawberry Milkshake is a creamy gloss with subtle sheen to it and it really smells like strawberries! Pastel Pink is more opaque than the other gloss, with more subtle shimmer which reflects blue/silver. This one smells like cotton candy! I love the consistency of both glosses. Very creamy, very soft and looks gorgeous.

These dazzle dusts are probably my most favorite. Im absolutely in love with the quality and pigmentation of all the shades she sent me. All the colors are gorgeous. They have a lot of sheen and shimmer to them. I haven't used them yet on my eyes but just by swatching them i can tell they're very easy to work with and to blend. Also the two glitters i got i didn't swatch because they're just basic glitter in two different shades, though they're both soft glitters, not hard chunky messy ones.

So this concludes my amazing swap haul. Thank you soooooo much Sonia for all these goodies, i absolutely love all of them and cannot wait to try them out. All of these makeup companies from the UK are amazing and worth getting your hands on if you have the chance. I will definitely be looking forward to trying out more from all Gosh, Barry M and Sleek.
Thoughts or recomendations?


  1. Great swap! Love all of the products you recieved! :)
    xoxo Debby

  2. Wow, great swap. There is a whole lot of shimmer going on there in the eyeshadows...

  3. That`s a huge swap! You got such pretty colours...I should look into gosh products

  4. Recently I've become rather obsessed with Barry M products because of their amazing colour range :L But I've never tried the dazzle dusts because I thought the colours weren't very wearable and would be too bright, but that no.3 looks really pretty! =) Great haul!

  5. @Debby - thank u im very excited about them! =)

    @Mehak - LOL! Yes there is indeed a lot of shimmer... i personally love it lol

    @Zerin - She sent me so many things rite!? lol I recommend looking into them they're really good

    @Mila - The dazzle dusts are very bright and bold but if you're the type to experiment with color then they're really great.

  6. those are some great goodies! We wana see looks with them please :)

  7. @Get Gawjus! - thanks! i will definitely work on some looks ASAP! =)

    @Curves ahead makeup - thanks doll!

  8. Wow you got such great items in this swap! I'm loving the sleek blush...I've had my eye on them forever. The UK has such great drugstore items.

  9. @Obsessed.Makeup.Addict - They really do! I wish they had some in the US too. I definitely want more Sleek stuff in the future, so gorgeous

  10. omg i really want sleek palletee! :)

  11. @ipehishere - i want more sleek stuff too! lol