Monday, August 16, 2010

Makeup 101 - The Eye/shadows

One of my followers requested a post dedicated to eyeshadows. I realize a lot of people, just starting out with makeup, don't know much about it. I remember when i first started out with makeup. I went on youtube, google and read various magazines to help me out. But the best thing that helped me out were beauty blogs.
So this post will be dedicated to the ones that are just starting out, especially my follower who requested this information.

First of all lets learn about the eye and a few tips about everything.
Brow bone - this is basically where your eyebrows arches. This area is a great highlight area, where it makes the eye look brighter and make your eyebrows arch seem higher. You can use light shimmery eyeshadow colors. A few i love using and recommend are Mac Vanilla, Urban Decay Virgin, Almay Ivory. Choose the best highlight that fits your skintone.

Crease - this is your eye socket. Study your eye and wherever you feel your eye socket, that's where your crease is. The colors most recommended to go in the crease are dark matte shades that will give the eye more dimension and make it look larger. Darkening the crease also gives the eye the smokey look.

Lid - this is the area from the lash line to the crease. You can put whatever color you want here. Make sure that you balance colors out. If you have glitter and shimmer on your lid, use a matte shade on your crease. If you have a matte all over the lid color, use a color with more sheen/shimmer to it.

Inner Corner - you don't have to add any color to this area. However, if you do a dramatic look and want your eyes to look more open and bright, this is the area where you add a highlight color (just like the brow bone area)

Waterline - this is a sensitive area for a lot of people. My eyes used to get watery everytime i put eyeliner on my waterline. Now im used to it. This is the area for black (white or colored) eyeliner that shapes up the eye.
Outer Corner - you can do various things in the outer corner. You can smudge eyeliner and connect it with a line that you draw below the waterline. Here's where you start out your crease color (at least that's what i do)

Lashline - this is the area where your lashes are. You can use eyeliner or smudge eyeshadow softly. When you add false lashes, you want to get the as close to the lashline as possible, AFTER you apply your eyeliner.

Makeup is all about experimenting and finding what works best for you. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. Don't copy makeup, then get frustrated if it doesn't look as good on you. It's not because you don't know how to do it, it's because you focus to much on doing it the way you see it, instead of having fun and working it with how you're shaped. I'm speaking from experience. I too copied and used to be so frustrated, until i started to experiment on my own and had fun with the looks i created.

If you have trouble with mixing colors, or confused about which colors match, try it out on your hand. Swatch two or three colors next to each other and see if they would look together on the eye.

Maybelline makes quads that are labeled, so you know which shade to apply where. This is perfect for beginners, because it makes it easy to create complicated looks in a very easy step-by-step way.

Remember on thing dolls, makeup is not permanent. You can always wash it off if you don't like it. It's all about trials and errors. Practice makes perfect too, so just have fun and enjoy the art of makeup =)

Share with me some of your tips and tricks that you learned as you were starting out with makeup, and i will feature your answers in this post =)

Welcome to the new makeup addicts! =)


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