Monday, August 2, 2010

Mini Haul - Sally Hansen Natural Beauty

Recently i read a post on Miss Nattys Beauty Diary blog about this Sally Hansen Natural Beauty foundation. I always see this brand at CVS and i never stop to check it out because i dont really hear about it. I've seen it at Ulta a few days ago and it's at the clearance rack for half the price. I didn't find the color i was looking for, so i had to purchase it at CVS for $12.99- boo =( . Either way it was worth it because i love it. I got two things, the foundation in Sandy Beige and a sun glow powder bronzer in Spring.

Sally Hansen Naturaly Beauty Foundation in Sandy Beige
I followed Nattys review on this and went ahead to purchase it in the shade Sandy Beige. I was looking at Tawny Beige, but it looked too dark and more on the pink side and im more yellow undertoned. I have a sample of Mac studio fix in NC35 and my usual Revlon colorstay in Warm Golden, so im going to compare it to those two.
Pick a shade, any shade...
Finding a shade that matches my skintone is a pain the butt. Im yellow undertoned but my cheeks have a sort of rosy tint to them, so when i apply color all over my face, i need something that evens it out. I usually apply more foundation on my cheeks so it can cover it up. I know i have to invest in a concealer or color correctors but i spend too much on other stuff so i can't balance it out lol The shade in Sandy Beige has been working perfect for me. I've been wearing it for three days now and i dont think i found something that matches my skin and blends smoothly with my neckline as good as this. Mac studio fix in NC35 and my Revlon in Warm Golden had a baby and its called Sally Hansen Natural Beauty in Sandy Beige! lol
My personal review...
I think its a fabulous foundation to try out. It's very soft and creamy. It doesn't have a weird foundation smell like the Revlon does. My revlon is super runny and it wastes a lot of product when i try to dump it out. The Sally Hansen foundation is not thick, but not runny either. It blends very easily and i would say it's a medium coverage. It doesn't feel sticky or heavy on my face. I think the Revlon feels a lot more heavy than this one does. It blends beautifully and leaves the skin with a dewy look. The problem with this is the fact that i have oily skin, so i have to blot my face once or twice througout the day. I think this is a perfect foundation for fall and winter, not least for me. I really hope they dont discontinue it and i will definitely be visiting another Ulta to find some backups and hopefully find my shade this time.
- Has a pump ... AMAZING!!!
- Soft and creamy
- Doesn't smell like foundation
- Good coverage, definitely buildable
- Blends heavenly
- Feels lighter than other foundations
- Looks natural

- Might not cover all imperfections
- A little oily for oily skin types
- Limited range of colors

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Sun Glow Powder Bronzer
There are two shades of these bronzers, one is Summer and the other is Spring, the one i got. First of all the packaging got to me lol It was $12.99 at CVS. I wanted to get Summer, since it is summer, but i have enough bronzers and i wanted to try something different that gave a slight pink glow to my face, instead of just bronze.
Sucker for cute packaging...
It comes in a fancy looking compact, that opens up to reveal a gorgeously divided powder bronzer. There are three different shades of color. One is a bronzer with golden sparkles, which reminds me of Macs Refined Golden bronzer (which i love!). The little bit of pink, which is the shape of petals of a sunflower, is a pale pink that has a sort of satiny feel to it. The middle of the sunflower shape is a more matte bronzer. The quality is super soft and goes on smoothly. It gives my cheeks a nice soft bronzy glow with a hint of flushy pink. The compact also opens up and includes a mirror and came with a little thin angled brush, which i probably wont use lol but its cute anyway. I really do like this and im glad i got it.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty products can be purchased
online at, and

Have you tried any Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Products?


  1. Sounds great! I wonder where I can buy this in the UK from

  2. Hmm try your local drugstore, they might carry it

  3. I wear the shade Golden beige in Revlons colorstay would Sandy Beige be too dark for me you think?

  4. Sandy Beige is darker than Golden Beige...I have both and SB look a lot darker...Email me if u want some swatches of both next to each other