Wednesday, August 25, 2010

HAUL - Target and Office Depot

I went to Target today to just look around and see what new things they have. They usually have great bargains and i LOVE a good bargain LOL! I had to get new makeup removers...again, since both my mom and i use them lol they have them on sale now for $4.47 so it was super worth it.

I found AMAZING deals.
First thing i went for was a new shampoo and conditioner. I found these on a savings rack and they're basically sets of shampoo that came with a hairspray and a conditioner that came with a mousse. Each was $3.99! I was super excited. The shampoo and conditioner are Herbal Essences Moisturizing that smells amazing - orchid and coconut milk. My hair has been super dry lately and this always helps out. The mousse and hair spray have a lily bliss fragrance.

Then i spotted this great deal from Rimmel London. They had the Stay Matte pressed powder in a deal of Buy one Get one. I always wanted to try this powder out and heard a lot of good things about it. I got it in the shade Sandstorm and it works great. I love the quality, and how it makes my skin super soft and doesn't even look like i have powder on. It is matte so it has the tendency to look too dry if you have dry skin, or if u don't use a highlight (which i do) then it looks a little drying. It says its shine control, but i have oily skin and by the end of the day my T-zone does still get shiny. I love the quality though. It's not powdery, so it's not messy if you use a brush. The one thing im not a big fan of is the packaging. It feels tacky and awkward LOL. All in all though im happy about it.

I had to pick up a few things before school starts on Monday. I got a white-out because i always use this LOL, this super cute tiny stapler and this set of marker pens that i heard about by watching DulceCandy87s' "What's in my school bag?" video, and i REALLY liked them. I always take notes in colored pens so i can organize myself easier, and me being super artsy, i fell in love with these lol

I absolutely LOVE shopping for supplies and i get anything cute i can get my hands on LOL. Hence this super cute pink stapler, which i absolutely love! School starts Monday so i'm ready to go =)
Do you find good deals at Target?
Are you obsessed with school supplies as much as i am?


  1. no never not like that my target never gives one free whaaa=(

  2. We don't have a target in the UK, boo! We never have deals like buy one make up item and get another one free. If we did, they'd fly off the shelves within minutes. Haha. xx

  3. LOL okay im glad im not the only one obsessed with school supplies! love em and was gonna do a post on em. maybe i just might....

  4. @Curves ahead makeup - i rarely find deals like this so i HAD to get it lol!

    @DesignerSpray - haha thats how it is here too

    @jetgirl - school supplies make me like so happy haha i go shopping for my brothers too! lol

  5. We don't have Target here :( But Ihave tried the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, I love love the smell.People also asked me what I was using.