Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flower Powder and Soap!

Lily of the Valley - I've been obsessed with this smell all last month, and i thought id dedicate a post to it. I had to get another one bc my mom stole the one i had! lol I bought these at TjMaxx for about $5 (powder) and $4 (soap). Both have a distinct smell of the flower Lily of the Valley.

Taylor of London White Talcum Powder
I love using this after i shower. It removes all the moisture, and leaves the skin very soft, with an amazing floral fragrance. I love that it leaves the skin scented throughout the day, so it leaves me smelling fresh and floraly. The only thing that bugs me is that it leaves my skin white LOL! So i have to make sure that a white spot doesn't show up on the skin that is visible lol I normally put powder on my stomach, or on my legs if i dont wear a skirt or shorter pants. All in all i absolutely LOVE the fresh smell and i highly recommend checking it out at your local TjMaxx. They also have other smells available such as Rose and Lavender.

Handmade Soap in Magnolia and Lily
This is a huge soap and i absolutely love it lol I obviously use the soap but i kept the box and use it to put some of my jewelery in it LOL! Now they smell fresh and soapy i love it. The smell is very fresh and feminine. The downside is that it "melts" away pretty fast but its soooooo worth having it. It's even beautiful as a decor for those who love to collect beautiful soaps.

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