Monday, February 22, 2010

Cleaning makeup way

I decided to clean my brushes today and thought, why not make a post about it. Here's my way of cleaning the brushes. I know a lot of people have various ways to do it using special brush cleaner and whatnot but this is what works for me. I learned how to do this by watching videos on Youtube and i forgot which one specifically but you can find them.
Here's what you need:
Baby Shampoo (any will do)
Olive Oil (yep)
Paper Towel
Your dirty brushes (of course)
These are the dirty brushes i decided to clean today. I didn't do all of them in case i was in need of a brush. Once these dry, i will work on the others. I don't have too many brushes that needed to be cleaned anyway.

Step 1:
Pour some olive oil on a folded paper towel and smudge the brush in the olive oil. This really helps get the color out (as you can see by the nasty eyeshadow dirt lol). It also leaves your brushes really soft that's why i love using it.
Step 2:
After you feel you removed the makeup from the brush, go ahead and pour a little baby shampoo on your palm and run the brush through it. Once you washed the brush hair go ahead and rinse it with lukewarm water (not hot and not cold)
Step 3:
Make sure you lay them flat on a towel or whatever works for you. This is to avoid letting the water drip into the brush handle and damaging it.

Look at all the dirt from all the brushes!!!

That's basically all i do. I haven't really thought of investing in a brush cleaner yet. For now this is what works for me.
What are some of your methods?


  1. This is such a great technique... I normally use my makeup-dissolving facial cleanser and work it slowly through my brushes, then rinse well. Not exactly fancy, but it does the job... My favorite Dior brushes get slightly better treatment, though -- might try this for those!
    xxoo Josie

  2. I've never thought of using olive oil.... Good idea! I'm definitely going to try it now :)

  3. @Josie - that's a good way.. i never thought of using facial cleanser i might use that next time lol

    @Mischievous Mack - im glad! ur gonna love your soft brushes after it =)

  4. Never thought of using Olive Oil. I simply just use a shampoo to clean mine. lol