Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NOTW - Easy Going

I recently got a new nail polish while at Walgreens. I really am in love with these Sinful Colors brand. For only $1.99 they're really great. I wanted a neutral color, nothing too crazy, so i picked up Easy Going which is a pale pink. I love this color! I used about three coats to get a strong color. It makes my skin look really tan and i love that (LOL!). I did not use a top coat and it's still shinny and gorgeous.
What do you think of Sinful Colors? Have you tried any?


  1. I LOVE this color! I bought a special heart glitter polish and this would look great with it. I haven't seen sinful colors being sold where I live though

  2. I've got to get this color! I'm a sucker for pale, neutral pinks. It works well with any outfit or look. I'm lovin it!

    You can't beat the price and quality of Sinful Colors...I have a few of their nail polishes!

  3. I just bought a color simular to this one, it's by Sally Henson though, I'm going to blog about it soon.

    It's such a girly color love it!

    - xx Empress

  4. @Gigi - if your interested you can actually purchase Sinful Colors online on

    @MissP - i love sinful colors for the price! great quality and so affordable. im a sucker for pale pink nail polish too! lol

    @Empress - sally hanson is great too! =)