Sunday, February 7, 2010

Treasure Chest Series - Top 6 earrings!

So this is my jewelry box and its filled with the most random jewelry ever lol I decided to share a few that i really love. I'll be starting off with earrings. I love earrings i would buy them all if i could. My favorite kind are hoops or chandelier earrings. For every day simple one i wear studs but here are my special ones...

(click to enlarge)
1) These are my simple large hoops that work with about anything. I got them from Claire's. I call them my Kim Kardashian hoops lol
2) These are my favorite chandelier earrings i own. They're so gorgeous and work great with grays and black outfits. They sort of brighten up the look and make it look more glam. I got them from Target a long time ago.
3) I call these my Greek rings lol they remind me of Greece i dont know why exactly. I love the design and how they look on me. I forgot where i got them from.
4) These are sooo pretty. My dangly tiny hoops lol They're simple yet so complex with the favrious designs and shapes. I think i got these at Target.
5) I got these last summer from New York and Company. I have a matching scarf and skirt. They dont really go with anything but i love them for the summer or anything blue/gree.
6) These to be honest i wore once in my life lol at my highschool prom! But i love them they're so gorgeous. I got them at a boutique in NY, where i also got my dress.
Do you have any favorite earrings?

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