Monday, January 18, 2010

Urban Decay - Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows!

If anyone knows anything new that is cooler than this please let me know lol
Alice in Wonderland has to be one of my top favorites. I've watched it too many times and i am beyond excited that the movie is coming out soon! (March 5th!)
When i saw this i thought oh my God!!!! Make-up AND Disney!
I wasn't into this whole book of shadows thing when it first came out, though i've heard good things about it. This new one though really is worth it. It feels like a collectible item, plus the colors are REALLY pretty. Here's what it comes with:

-16 eyeshadows: Underland, Alice, Oraculum, Queen, Chessur, White Rabbit, Wonderland, Curiouser, Muchness, Mushroom, Midnight Tea Party, Vorpal, Absolem, Drink Me Eat Me, Mad Hatter and Jabberwocky.
-2 travel sized 24/7 eye pencils in Zero and Flipside
-1 travel sized eyeshadow primer potion
All these are in a pull-out drawer, below a pop-up scene from the movie.
I believe its currently sold out on the Urban Decay website and it's limited edition so if you can get your hands on it i suggest you do!
What do you think of the book of shadows in general? Are you interested in getting this one?


  1. Ahhhh okay, the pop out scene is SO adorable. I wonder if you can actually find the whole book like that, it would be pretty awesome and I'd buy it for my future kids.

    I love the travel sized primer potion with it, so handy. I think a good combo Queen, Curiouser and Oraculum together, it would look really cute and match your picture with Mini on the side :)

    I wish it wasn't sold out :( It looks like sucha handy thing to have.

  2. u can make soooo many looks with it
    i wanna get it

  3. I decided not get it. All of the colors are mostly in my bos 2. The only reason I wanted it in the first place was the blue liner. I can purchase that separately though.

  4. I'm excited about this too but I saw on pursebuzz that the colours are very similar to the UD Ammo palette and how if you have don't need this one. Again, I would definitely get it if I didnt have the Ammo palette. I love Disney too!

  5. I saw this was online on UD site...and next moment they said it was gone?? I didn't understand if it was sold out or what was the issue???
    cool palette...

  6. since i don't have any of the other popular urban decay palettes i really want to get this one but it is sold out =/
    im keeping an eye open for it anyway

  7. omg I have this book and it's amazing! the colours itself are soooo magical and pigmented.
    My new ♥