Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lets talk about the BeneFit

So i stopped by Sephora the other day. I didn't get to buy anything exciting except a nail polish which i will post about soon. But i did get to browse around and make that mental "wish list" longer... is that even possible?!?! yes lol I stopped at the BeneFit counter and i swatched a bunch of things (concealers, lip/cheek stain and blushes). My hand looked super messy BUT i realized i don't give BeneFit cosmetics the credit they deserve. I fell in love with their blushes! The texture is very smooth, the pigmentation is great and colors are gorgeous. My favorite thing about them is the packaging. It's like a tiny box of lovelyness lol They're $28 each and it comes with a soft, natural-bristle blush brush.The two that stood out to me are CORALista and Sugarbomb. I really love them and want them.

CORALista - coral blush for a tropical flush
It's a very warm coral-pink blush and i absolutely love it. I love coral blushes, they compliment my skin tone. I like wearing pink blushes but not all work on me so this is the perfect combination!

Sugarbomb - "sugar rush flush" face powder
This one is actually a new release and its gorgeous. I love the 4 colors that get combined when you swirl the brush to get the color. The shades are peach, soft plum, shimmering pink and rose.
Have you tried any of the BeneFit blushes yet? What do you think about these?


  1. It's my first time on your blog and I love it! I'm very into coral blush right now as well.
    I think you'd like my new blog -- hope to hear from you soon :)