Monday, January 4, 2010

China Glaze - Wizard of ooh ahz Collection!

Let me start of by telling you, if you're not aware, that im in love with Wizard of Oz lol I stopped by Sally's Beauty Supply today and this collection caught my eye! Unfortunately i was not able to get any of the nail polishes because i didn't have enough money on me (tear). BUT! I plan to go back in the next week or so and get one or two of these that i really liked.
I read on this collection because i wanted to see peoples swatches on it, and i found out that this collection is a re-release. It was originally out back in 2001 and they decided to this again (back in i believe November), because of the 70th anniversarry of the Wizard of Oz (which i got as an amazing set for my birthday!). I'm dying to get all of them no joke lol but the ones i want to REALLY get are Good Witch? (which is a cool pink frost with tiny glitters) and The Ten Man (which is a frosty silver with tiny glitters).
Check out swatches from TEMPTALIA
What do you think of this collection?
Have you tried any of them yet?

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