Saturday, January 9, 2010

Update + Small Haul

Hello my beautiful readers!
Just wanted to do a quick update and just babble for a bit lol
If you don't know already, Monday (1/11/10) i start school again! Last time i was in school it was last spring semester. I've had some personal issues and decided to take some times off for myself so i did. Now that i'm good to go, im going back! I'm kind of excited and some people don't get that haha But really i am. I want to be able to be productive and get my life moving by studying hard to get a degree already. I don't have much time left (im a junior) and i would love to be done with all of it.
With that said, i can also announce i've been going shopping for a bit to get some things. About two days ago i got some clothes (which i will do a post on tomorrow or the day after), two things for sally's and a planner! In this post i'm going to show you my sally's haul and my adorable planner lol!
Moving on...
I got these pair of lashes, because the ones i have are too long or too old. I decided to get the Wispies and im soooooo glad i did. They look extremely natural and it's exactly what i need. They're not TOO long but not short either. They're perfect i think these are my favorite lashes out there.
I also got this tiny clear lipgloss lol it was by the counter for 99 cents and i just grabbed it. I realized i own no clear gloss! Is that even possible? lol I have no simple clear gloss O_o . But now i do and its easy to carry with me yay
I went with my friend and brother today at barnes and noble just for this haha I needed a new planner now that school is starting and im one of those people that has to be organized or else i loose my mind lol sooooo a planner is very necesarry. They're having 50% off deals now and i decided to pick this one. How cute is it?!?!?! It comes with four sections (Days, Notes, Important Dates, Address Book, a little pouch with 3 tiny post-its and a tiny pen, and a sticker page). I am 22 years old and im going back to college... with a Disney princess planner lol I officially am the coolest chick on the block haha
That's it for now =)


  1. that planner is adorable! i bet it makes you smile every time you look at it!
    those eyelashes look stunning.

    good luck with school & i'm sure you'll study hard and do brilliantly x

  2. The lashes you got look almost like my favorite lashes, Ardell Demi #120. Those are the only ones I wear and they're wispies too! The only place that sells that specific style is Ulta. I may need to check out Sally's...

    Good luck with school hun!

  3. thanks ladies!
    the planner does make my day better lol

    Sally's has a great selection of lashes i recommend checking it out

  4. Those lashes are seriously the best I've ever seen! I'd wear those every day if applying falsies wasn't such a major pain in the behind! LOL!

    Your planner is too cute! I am a HUGE Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty fan. Good luck with school!