Friday, January 15, 2010

NOTD - Tickle Me Ulta

( photo from Ulta)

I rediscovered another product in my collection! Don't you love when that happens lol you keep buying things and then realize you've had what you were looking for all along!!!
I purchased this the past summer and wore it i believe once lol I got it at Ulta when they had some sale. I honestly don't remember exactly lol I was in the mood the other day for something pink/purple and i decided to use this one. It's such a girly color! It's called Tickle Me, and its a pink and violet mix. It made me think that this shade belongs in a Skittles packet lol
(Photo from Google)

It goes on very smoothly and you can make a choice of wearing either one coat or two coats to deepen the color. It works either way. I used two coats and this is the third way wearing it and it still looks great. I haven't tried any other Ulta nail polishes but im contemplating on getting more.

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